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HIKEit Throttle Controller Install & Review for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Updated 7/9/20 /

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HIKEit X9 Throttle Response Controller Step-By-Step Install Overview and Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

HIKEit X9 Throttle Response Controller Step-By-Step Install Overview and Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner


I’ve had my eye on the Sprint Booster or Pedal Commander for a good amount of time. I just couldn’t justify the purchase at the time. Then on one of the 4Runner forums, I saw a guy that posted about the HIKEit brand and how he liked it. I went to the HIKEit website and found that it is essentially the same thing as Sprint Booster or Pedal Commander, but for a fraction of the cost. HIKEit also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty.

I was unsure about the brand and did some research. I found multiple positive reviews. and the majority of the reviewers that used the HIKEit brand were Jeep owners.

To save the extra money, I figured I would give it a shot. I placed the order for the HIKEit throttle response controller with the black faceplate.

Find it online: 

The standard faceplate is white but has options for a black, red or blue faceplate for a customized look.

What’s Inside The Box?

HIKEit X9 Throttle Response Controller Step-By-Step Install Overview and Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

The box comes with everything nicely packaged and sealed.

This includes:

  • Install instructions
  • Manual
  • Controller
  • Pedal Harness
  • Few Small Zip Ties
  • Decal
  • Key Chain
  • Black Faceplate


HIKEit has 4 modes with 1 to 9 adjustment and 2 modes with no adjustments.

  • CO – Cruise Mode 1-9
  • SP – Sport Mode 1-9
  • HI – HIKEit Racing Mode 1-9
  • EC – 4×4/Economy Mode 1-9
  • AU – Auto IQ Mode
  • OFF – Original Vehicle Mode

The AU mode and Anti Theft Throttle lock are unique to HIKEit and not available on the other brands.

From HIKEit:

HIKEit’s Auto IQ Control Mode lets the driver set and forget while the X9 learns the driver’s behaviour and selects the mode from the best of 36 mode settings based on the current driving situation. Generally, fly-by-wire pedal accelerator systems have two sensors that measure both how hard and far the pedal; the X9 tweaks these for a more enjoyable, safer and fuel saving drive.

The LED screen is blue and has an ambient light sensor. It will automatically adjust the brightness according to the surrounding light.

Step-By-Step Install

HIKEit X9 Throttle Response Controller Step-By-Step Install Overview and Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

Instructions are straight forward and just like other throttle controllers. They plug in line with the gas pedal plug. Most of my install time was spent deciding where I wanted to place the controller.

Step 1. Unplug Wire Harness

Unplug the gas pedal wire harness from the pedal (it is located just above the pedal).

Step 2. Connect Wire Hardness to HIKEit Harness

Plug the factory side of the pedal wire harness to the HIKEit harness.

Step 3. Connect HIKEit Harness To Pedal

Plug the other end of the HIKEit harness to the pedal.

Step 4. Wrap It Up

Zip tie it up and out of the way and run the controller wire up through the steering column.

Post-Install Takeaways

The controller has double-sided tape on it but you could add velcro if you wanted. The black faceplate is just a thick sticker. It is placed over the top of the standard white faceplate. I placed the faceplate on the controller before I stuck the controller to the dash.
I decided to put the controller on the left side by the factory switches. The controller wire exits the right side of the unit so it made the install cleaner being on the left side.

Once you plug in the controller set, if you unplug it, it will still store the last setting you were on. This allows you to not have to have the controller plugged in at all times. I’ve read many reviews stating once they set their controller they rarely adjust it. I am not sure about Pedal Commander but I do know Sprint Booster has this same feature.

I chose to mount the controller so I have the ability to change the settings depending on driving conditions and to adjust to who is driving.

Setting the Controller

HIKEit X9 Throttle Response Controller Step-By-Step Install Overview and Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

The controller has many settings that there is a setting for everyone’s liking. I know my wife doesn’t care for Sport mode and prefers Cruise mode. We change it to the economy mode for long road trips to try and maximize fuel efficiency.

I personally like Sport 3 for everyday driving and Economy 5 for road trips. Changing the settings is simple. There are 3 buttons. Mode, Up, and Down.

You can cycle through the modes, and then up and down change the level. The levels will save for each mode, so when I cycle from sport to economy the levels are already saved.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m really impressed with the HIKEit throttle response controller and would recommend it. It does the same as other brands but without the high price tag. Why spend more for the same result? Pedal Commander offers Bluetooth but I don’t think it’s worth spending an extra $100 to have that feature.

Comments or Questions? Leave them below!

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September 9, 2020 4:33 pm

Mine did not work , sent it back with their tracking label that was emailed me , 3 months later , many emails, no unit and no refund , you can not talk to a person , so good luck

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