Freedom Ropes Recovery Rope Review

Freedom Ropes Recovery Rope Review

Meet the Double-Braided Nylon Recovery Rope by Freedom Ropes you should add to your Recovery Bag

With so many options on the market for recovery ropes and snatch straps, it’s hard to know which ones are the best.

  • Are more expensive ones better?
  • Bigger names?
  • What about the smaller business owners who may not have a huge presence in the off-road market?

Sometimes the ones who aren’t as well known are the ones to go with. Freedom Ropes happens to be one of those companies to consider when looking for recovery rope and other off-road items.

Who is Freedom Ropes?

Freedom Ropes Recovery Rope Review

Freedom Ropes is a husband and wife team located in Oceano, California.

If you’ve been to Pismo Beach and out on the sand dunes, odds are you’ve seen these ropes in action, as they are the ones who run the Jerk Pirates Off-Road Group and help recover everyone and everything from 4Runners to RV’s. They are so good that the rangers recommend posting in the Facebook group for help if you happen to be stuck.

The two of them have designed the ropes to what fits best for the application they’re used in, and do everything on their own. That means don’t expect some multi-million dollar website, a huge storefront (though they are working on opening a store in the future), or the product being pushed all over the internet as they are normal working people like the rest of us.

Find them online: 

What you can expect is a high quality, by far more superior than anything we’ve seen on the market. Not to mention if for some reason you have an issue with an order (this hasn’t happened yet to date), they’ll be there to answer questions. While some companies on the market are there to take your cash and delay on delivery and expectations, they are quite the opposite.

The Recovery Rope

Freedom Ropes Recovery Rope Review

I picked up a 1” x 30’ red and black rope from Freedom Ropes to go with the 4Runner on off-road excursions. The major thing that stood out with the rope was Freedom Ropes’ unique reflective tracer which nobody else on the market has.

As someone who backpacks I’m quite familiar with the reflective tracers, as I make sure all of my guy lines have them. That way in the middle of the night someone can spot it, whether it be by moonlight or a headlamp. Preventing damage to my tent, as well as them falling either on me or hurting themselves.

I immediately locked in on that with the Freedom Ropes. The main reason they went with a reflective tracer, was because out on the sand dunes when trying to make recoveries, they would have people walking over, as well as driving over the rope because they couldn’t see it in the dark.

With the tracers built into the rope, headlights and flashlights easily help illuminate the rope, not only helping it be found easier if somewhat buried in the sand but also to prevent people from causing possible damage to the rope.

Compared to other ropes on the market, such as the popular Bubba Rope, the Freedom Ropes 30’ is only not rated nearly 5,000lbs breaking strength stronger, but it is also double braided nylon rope. The rope by Freedom Ropes also allows up to 30% of stretch.

All the aside, the main thing that stood out to me with Freedom Ropes is that they are made here in the United States, and are a small business. As a small business owner myself, I try to keep my money in those same types of places. Knowing this goes towards people who are out wheeling their vehicles while helping those who get stuck on the beach for free, is a huge deal. One day that could be you or I out there stuck and they’d help, no questions asked, no payment expected.

Additionally, their products are fairly priced. While a lot of ropes on the market that have similar breaking strengths go for over $250, their ropes sit at $220. It’s hard to beat that price for a local, small business California company.

Tested and Proven!

During one of the winter, the river runs here in town so we took the Freedom Rope out with us to test. Even when aired down, with lockers, the soft sand of the dry river bed can eat up just about anyone, and as always it did. The Freedom Rope was used multiple times on different vehicles, and like clockwork, it worked every time.

A friend who used the rope was highly impressed, said when he went to yank someone out he couldn’t even feel it, just noticed they were behind him after a few seconds of moving forward.

Unlike straps where you feel the yank, and ultimately cause stress on not only the strap and vehicle components, the Freedom Rope spreads that “yank” out, helping save stress on items from breaking, not to mention the rope itself which can become a projectile once snapped.

Do you need a Recovery rope?

Freedom Ropes Recovery Rope Review

There are always opinions on what items you should carry when off-roading. Do you need Maxtrax? Do you need a winch? Lockers? Etc? Well. What happens when all of those fail?

And you need a good ol’ fashioned tug? You need a rope. Not to mention it can come in handy when you run out of winch line.

But what about when a buddy is stuck? Maybe a tree is blocking the way? And you don’t have a winch? Well, you can use the rope to help get both things out of the way.

Or if you happen to be solo and need someone to help you out. Not everyone carries rope, but if you have it with you, you at least can provide the tools to hopefully get you out.

Of course, there are situations where a rope may not work either, but those are extreme cases. At the end of the day, a rope is one of the things you should always carry with you, whether you are someone who enjoys the mounts, the mud, or the beach.

I happen to use my rope most when pulling trees off of the trail after strong winds have hit the mountains. This has happened numerous times, so don’t be surprised if you happen to use it more moving things out of the way, than actually for recovering purposes.

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2 years ago

You say freedom rope is usa made and is stronger the Bubba Rope how did they test that I would like to know

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