7 New Products From SEMA for the 5th Gen 4Runner

SEMA New Products - 2019 - Yakima Overland Roof Rack

New and Awesome Products Found at SEMA for Your 4Runner

Walking around the SEMA Show, there were a number of different products on display that would suit the 4Runner very well.

Some of them are specifically designed for our 4Runners, and others would be a great accessory add-on. Come check out what was at the show!

1. Alpha Rex Performance LED Headlights

SEMA New Products - 2019 - REX Headlights

These hot off the press headlights were finished just in time for SEMA according to the representative I talked to at the show.

They feature full LED integration, with projectors for both low and high beams. They have a sequential turn signal and cross back DRL combination LEDs. They’re DOT certified and fully road legal with a plug and play harness. They will be released soon, so keep an eye on their social media page for the latest information!

I heard YotaMafia.com will be offering these lights soon. You may want to check their site out for more information.

2. Dometic CFX3 Fridges

Dometic CFX3 Fridges

A long trusted brand in the fridge and travel industry, Dometic is coming out with a refreshed line of portable fridges dubbed the CFX3. These new units will replace the CFX line and offer some new and updated features based on new technology and customer feedback.

Dometic CFX3 Fridges

They have integrated a new user interface in the form of a digital display that shows all of the fridge’s vital information along with other features like a real-time energy draw readout and a USB port.

They’ve upgraded some of the hardware components to be more durable and efficient as well based on customer feedback of the previous line.

Dometic CFX3 Fridges

With all of the modifications and additions to the new CFX3, we can’t wait to get our hands on one. Look for more on these new fridges soon as they aim for an early 2020 release.

3. RedArc Electronics Battery Management

SEMA New Products - 2019 - REDARC Power Manager

RedArc Electronics a 40 year strong Australian based company was at the show displaying their battery management units.

The BCDC charger (shown above) is a charging controller for multiple batteries in the vehicle. The batteries can be different types and it works to keep them optimally charged based on the battery’s charging preferences.

It’s a set and forget device, working either inside or outside the vehicle to get the job done. It also will accept solar input as it has a built-in MPPT solar regulator.

SEMA New Products - 2019 - REDARC Power Manager

The larger Manager30 is a behemoth of a power unit, with the capability to manage complex power systems. Like the BCDC, it has the capability to charge and manage multiple batteries of a different type to keep your vehicle charged. It also includes an interactive display that shows input and output data as well as calculations for estimated battery life based on current demands.

This is the most integrated battery charger that I have seen and is packed with awesome features. Head over to the RedArc website to figure out which power management solution is best for your build.

4. Baja Designs LP4 and S1 Auxiliary Lights

SEMA New Products - 2019 - BajaDesigns LP6 - LP4 - LP9 Series

The smallest in the LP line of forward-facing lights, the LP4 is the newest addition to the family.

It features four forward-facing main LEDs and a couple of side facing peripheral LEDs for an excellent field of vision.

With a total lumen output of 8,750, this small light packs a serious punch.

SEMA New Products - 2019 - BajaDesigns LP6 - LP4 - LP9 Series

It also features Baja Design’s signature amber backlighting, like the LP6 and LP9 and the same cast aluminum housing. It also retains U-Service capabilities, allowing the customer to perform lens changes, and maintenance with ease.

SEMA New Products - 2019 - BajaDesigns LP6 - LP4 - LP9 Series

Baja Designs introduced the S1 LED light as a smaller version of the popular S2. It is primarily designed for area, and near-field lighting and is perfectly designed for a roof rack or rear bumper application.

It comes in a variety of lens colors and patterns, even a flush mount option for an integrated install. Even being a single LED, it pumps out just over 2,300 lumens for some awesome lighting possibilities!

5. Switch-Pros RCR-Force 12

SEMA New Products - 2019 - Swsitch-Pros 12-Circuit Switch Panel

To power your new lights, the folks at Switch-Pros have updated their very popular eight-circuit SP9100 to a twelve switch variant that boasts a bunch of new features.

They’ve increased the unit’s power threshold to a total of 150A, including four (4) high output leads for high demand accessories.

A fully programmable interface allows for a number of custom features like adjustable brightness, strobe/flashing modes, and multiple master switches that can control multiple outputs with one button.

SEMA New Products - 2019 - Swsitch-Pros 12-Circuit Switch Panel

They’ve also integrated the ability to have high and low output from one button, which is a requirement for some auxiliary lighting such as the Baja Designs LP series. The weather-sealed power unit looks the same as the SP9100 model, but larger and with an additional plug for the four (4) high output leads.

This easy to install module is one of the best options on the market for auxiliary power management and will be available in 2020.

Check out their product page for more information about the RCR-Force12.

6. Yakima LockNLoad Platform Rack

SEMA New Products - Yakima LockNLoad Platform Rack

Cargo giant Yakima has entered the platform rack market with the LockNLoad series modular roof rack system. Shown on a brand new 2020 4Runner at the show, the rack has an aluminum construction with a number of slots for accessory configuration. Designed in the Outback for durability and strength, the LockNLoad is made to handle your load on the toughest roads.

Connection to the 4Runner’s roof is simple as it uses the factory load bars for a seamless installation without any modification to the vehicle.

You can even leave the stock load bars in place. You can also order a longer version for more space that sticks out about halfway over the front doors.

This is a great option for someone who wants to keep their vehicle as stock as possible while adding valuable storage space up top. Unloaded, this rack would take less than 10 minutes to remove from the vehicle.

On this mini version of the rack, you can see a number of the additional accessory mounts that Yakima offers. Lightbars, jerry cans, and even a hi-lift mount, this rack has a lot of capability. It even has optional side rails to make getting around the rack easier.

Available now, the LockNLoad makes it simple to add a full-size rack to the 4Runner. Check out the Yakima website to configure your rack!

7. Rubicon Expedition Products Hitch Tent Rack System

A roof top tent is a common accessory for the avid overlander. But it will also eat up precious roof space on top of the vehicle.

To solve this, Rubicon Expedition Products have come up with a concept that puts your roof top tent out back, freeing up roof space and making the whole tent a non-permanent installation.

They designed the hitch mechanism as well as the whole leg supported platform in-house out of a mostly aluminum design. The main hitch insert and hinging bar are steel for long term strength and reliability.

When hinged down, the tent can be removed from the vehicle and set up on the ground using fold-out support legs. This frees up the 4Runner to be a trail rig while the family hangs out in camp.

This product won’t be the end-all solution for everyone, but for some, it just might be the best thing since sliced bread. Head over to the Rubicon Expedition Products website for the low-down on their low-down rooftop tent solutions.

Final Thoughts?

We hope you have enjoyed some of the best new or awesome 4Runner friendly products from SEMA 2019. It’s always exciting to see both new and seasoned companies producing great innovative products for everything we like to do with or to our 4Runners.

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4 years ago

Nice write up. Just a comment on the hitch tent platform. Looks nice but just know that the price mentioned is JUST for the platform and does NOT include any type of tent.

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