Seventy2 Survival System Review

The Seventy2 Survival System Back Pack Review

Seventy2 Survival System Back Pack Review

What is inside the Seventy2 Survival System and was it worth it? Full Review and Overview

The product review I am doing this time is for the Seventy2 Survival System. Many of you may have seen ads for this backpack on Instagram or online when searching for survival gear.

They were also featured on Shark Tank. I found this backpack as I was building my survival kit to leave in my 4Runner and decided to purchase it to give it a try.

Originally, I was deciding to build my own backpack with misc. items that I feel would be essential on a camping or hiking emergency. When I saw the Seventy2 Survival System, it had almost all the items I felt I would need neatly organized in one place. Rather than to just toss a bunch of stuff in a grab bag, this was easier since everything is clearly labeled and placed.

A brief disclaimer, I am not paid by Uncharted Supply Co which is the makers of this backpack. I am simply stating my opinions of it after purchasing. I have also not had the chance to actually use the backpack in an emergency situation (luckily), so I cannot attest to how the pack will actually handle in a survival situation.

What really caught my eye with this backpack is the backpack itself. The back-pack shell is waterproof and airtight, and can be used as a floatation device in case of a water emergency. I also like the straps of the bag itself.


  • Made of durable and waterproof 600D tarpaulin.
  • 11 lb. total carry weight with insert
  • 48L storage inside shell
  • Dimensions: 25”x 16” x 8”

What’s Inside?

Backpack Overview - What's Inside

Inside the back-pack, you will find a nicely labeled insert. The insert contains all the items that was listed in the supply sheet. I personally liked how things are labeled in pockets, the last thing I want during an emergency situation is trying to find my gear and not knowing where it was placed! The insert is clipped together by 4 clips, and folds open. As you can see in the pictures below, all the items you need are in sealed pockets with labels of the items.


I will be showing the items and its quality. I feel that not all the items are of “high” grade, but given the weight of the whole back, I guess it would be understandable.

Flash Light Pouch

Flash Light Pouch

Inside this pouch, it includes a waterproof flashlight, a multi-tool, and some matches. The flashlight is adequate, you can switch modes between flashing and continuous beam. The multi-tool isn’t a Swiss knife but contains most of the essentials you would need. The tool has mini pliers, wire snips, a small knife, file, screwdriver, bottle opener, and a carabine. For the most part, it is sufficient but I would add a pair of scissors

Electronics Pouch

Electronics Pouch

Inside this pouch, it includes a portable radio (with a flashlight) and also a USB cell phone charger which I believe is for iPhones. The radio itself can be run either on solar or by a manual crank which I thought was pretty cool. Just crank the radio a few times and you got sound!

Food Pouch

Food Pouch

This isn’t a feast, there are enough rations for perhaps a day or two. What’s inside is 12 bars that are 200 calories each for a total of 2400 calories. I have not tasted it so I can’t say whether it is good or bad. It does have a shelf life of 5 years according to the packaging.

Water Bottle and Filtration Pouch

This pouch contains a water bottle and also a .1 micron water filter. The instructions say that it can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water! There is also a collapsible water bag that came with the filter. I have heard good things about the Sawyer filters but haven’t really tried drinking pond or river water. Hopefully, someone can provide a feedback for it.

Tools Pouch

Tools Pouch

This pouch contains the basic tools you may find yourself needing. A small knife, paracord, duct tape, a magnesium fire starter rod. Of the items in this pack, I found the shovel the most interesting. Although it isn’t anything heavy duty, the way it folds into a shovel/pick to a saw is very cool! It is light and saves a lot of space than a full shovel. There is 100 yards of paracord and 5 yards of duct tape which is sufficient.

Vision Pouch

Vision Pouch

This vision pouch contains some chem light, googles, and a filtration mask. The part that I found interesting is the filtration mask. I never thought of including a filtration mask in my survival gear but it would make sense if you are caught in a fire or an area where air quality is very poor. It is something interesting to have and you will never know when you will need it.

First Aid Pouch

First Aid Pouch

The first aid pouch contains sunscreen, sanitary wipes, a splint, and a simple first aid kit. My verdict on this is to get a back up first aid kid. The first aid kit included is quite basic and you can definitely have a few more items to it, especially if you are traveling with more than 1 person. The splint was a nice touch (not pictured) and was another one of those items that didn’t cross my mind.

Warmth Pouch

Warmth Pouch

This pouch contains a beanie, gloves, warm packs, mylar thermal blanket, mylar survival tent. The gloves and beanie seem warm enough and the tent will definitely help if you are out in the cold/wet weather. It definitely won’t be like a backpacking tent, but in an emergency, any shelter is better than no shelter.


All the Items in the Backpack

The price of the Seventy2 Survival Back Pack is $350. I believe I paid around $320 for it since they had a deal going. It is a hefty price and quite expensive for something that probably won’t be used in the back of my car. By no means am I a survival expert or plan to take this out into the wilderness.

This kit is mainly used as a supplemental aid kit when I take my 4Runner out to do camps and hikes. In my opinion is it worth it? Perhaps not.

You can easily build a much cheaper set with more items for half the cost. If you are looking for something that its basically a grab and go without the fuss of building your own kit, then this is for you.

In my truck, I would supplement this with another first aid kit, a heavier duty shovel, and an axe. I also added bug spray, batteries, and maybe a few more bars of food. There isn’t any anti-venom for poison so if you get bit by that reptile, you’re in trouble. That being said, the coolness factor is there.

Having a fully stocked and organized backpack when hiking that weighs less than 15lbs is nice, and the people around you will know that you have at least the basic essentials covered in an emergency.

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7 months ago

Ok I can’t tell you the truth about this kit because if I do it will not post so
yes this kit will get you through any survival situation . Doesn’t matter if your in the hottest desert 🌵 or coldest arctic zone this kit has you covered…
with no included compass 🧭 you will never be lost don’t worry.. you can just use the bag as a flotation device.. and float your ass to safety…. It’s a raging rainstorm you’ll be snug as a bug 🐜 with this kit it has no ponchos or bug spray just roll down your long sleeves and burn some green 🌲 needles trust me you will be glad 🙂 you invested hundreds of dollars 💵

no problem now knowing I’ve got this kit I can now sleep 💤 comfortably knowing that it’s bye my side

7 months ago

Hum yeah I’ve got the 72 pro I paid 6 hundred bucks .. and honestly a six hundred dollar kit and it doesn’t even come with a compass 🧭 or bug spray or a whistle or a signal mirror those are in my mind are standard stuff for any emergency or survival kit…
the 72 pro is for two people but in reality it’s not… it’s got two hats two gloves sets and two masks but I took them out and added other stuff like a compass 🧭 and bug spray and bug net and a poncho and a tarp and a saw and a tourniquet and a wool blanket and on and on and on
for six hundred dollars 💵 no it’s not worth the money but for the average joe that has no experience in survival
sure I guess it’s better than nothing…
but a kit could be put together for half the price

i mean a six hundred dollar kit and it doesn’t even have a poncho..

there are better options

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