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6th Gen 4Runner Plans (2020, 2021, 2022, oh no!)

6th Gen 4Runner Plans (2020, 2021, 2022, oh no!)

When the 6th Gen 4Runner is out, we will buy one! 6th Gen 4Runner Mods for Days!

We will buy a 6th Gen 4Runner and open the blog up to 6th Gen mods. Yeah, that is how serious we are about continuing this effort in bringing something to the table that no one has ever done before.

Whether I sell my 2014 Trail 4Runner and buy a 6th Gen or I sell my girls 2016, we will definitely be buying a 6th, as soon as it comes out.

Only the forum provides an actual resource for everything 5th Gen mods and will for the 6th Gen as well. The problem with the Toyota 4Runner Forums is they lack organization.

Have you ever searched for a mod for your 4Runner on Google and then landed on a Toyota 4Runner Forum? Then you scroll through pages and pages of content trying to find the image you are looking for. Then the worst thing happens, it’s a broken image hosted no longer by photo bucket or some third party image hosting website.

I am not 100% knocking the forum but there is a something to be said about a website that is organized and has a good user experience. Broken images and dead links are a bad experience.

Trail4Runner.com is here to fill the void in the 4Runner world in providing something organized. For the 5th Gen 4Runner and we will for the 6th Gen.

If you have read our story on our about us page, then you know this is not our first experience with 4Runners. I have personally owned 4Runner’s my entire life. Since I was in high-school to today. This body on frame, minivan looking beast is all I know.

How has someone not created this yet? Seriously, a forum is all we have for resources on our 4Runner? This is ridiculous. People are rude on the Toyota 4Runner Forum. God forbid someone asks a question about lifting your 4Runner or what the biggest size tire is you can fit in your wheel well. Just send the guy a link to a better thread and close the thread!

So yes. We will keep Trail4Runner.com going until Toyota discontinues the 4Runner or does not build a 6th Gen 4Runner.

The only thing we can hope for in the 6th Gen is as much beauty that was put into the 5th Gen. If the 6th Gen 4Runner comes out and it not the most attractive 4Runner in the world, like the Fortuner, it will be our goal to make it attractive.

6th Gen 4Runner Mods

Like the 5th Gen, we will continue the blog in the direction of mods. Hopefully, we will have one of the first 6th Gen and will be able to provide some initial insight on 6th Gen mods in general.

There are hundreds of mods and 4Runner accessories available for the 5th Gen. Both on major sites like Amazon, the forum, and DIY guides on Trail4Runner.com. We hope to carry over everything from the 5th to the 6th in all facets of inspiration, mods, and general performance.

We are not going into any detail on 6th Gen predictions or 6th Gen rumors. All we are saying is that when the 6th is released, we will buy one and mod the shit out of it!

Do not worry, Trail4Runner.com is not going anywhere.

I know 90% of you don’t care. But for the 10% that do, plan on seeing some 6th gen mods the day it comes out.

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  • Jay

    I know one thing that would make me up and sell my 4runner for a 6th gen model and thats if it was a hybrid. My only gripe with the 4runner is it’s poor MPG. So in an ideal world we’d have a tough hybrid 4runner getting 40mpg.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Yeah, seriously. Having a Hybrid 6th Gen 4Runner would be awesome! The MPG is nothing to brag about at all. We are sitting at about 10mpg on our 5th gen with the 34″ tires. It is rough! If a 4Runner could push 40mpg, that would be unbelievable.
      Cheers brother!

      • Jay Hemphill

        10mpg! ouch. I have not looked at mine after suspension lift and putting on 33’s. I was at 18mpg before.

        • Brenan - Trail4R

          Yeah, the other day it was even worse. 10mpg is our average. I posted a video on instagram the other day at 7.5mpg. Seriously, going with 34″ tires has been no joke but I would not take it back. I love them!!

  • Guy

    Best Site on Net for 4runners

  • JRousey

    My wife and I are looking for a new vehicle for her to daily and the 4runner is one of top picks. However, low mpg, the interior, and knowing a redesign could be soon are what keeps us second guessing buying now. Hoping the 6th gen is more luxurious and gets better mpg. Also need to keep its off-road capabilities.

  • BO

    I have a new 5th gen with less than 7000 miles and no modifications and I am getting 19 to 20 MPG

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