Helicopter Into Big Sur Post Ranch Inn

Taking a Helicopter Into Big Sur – Post Ranch Inn

Post Ranch Inn - Restaurant/Pool/Spa at Sunset


Because Highway 1 was closed, we were forced into taking a Helicopter Into Big Sur – Post Ranch Inn. Rough life right. We initially reached out to Post Ranch Inn for a little birthday adventure but soon realized that the only way to Big Sur after the Big Sur fires and mudslides was by helicopter only.

We drove down to Monterey from Sacramento and parked at Del Monte Aviation in Monterey – 100 Sky Park Dr, Monterey, CA 93940. From here, we were greeted with big smiles from an associate of Post Ranch Inn. We were then poured champagne and treated to a few snack. After making an introduction to our amazing helicopter pilot, Jack, we all climbed aboard.

It was our first experience in a helicopter and we were both very impressed. We lifted off and away from over Del Monte Aviation in Monterey and were instantly introduced to stunning aerial views of Monterey, Carmel, Garrapata State Park, and down to Big Sur. The views were absolutely breathtaking.

After the fire ravaged through most of Garrapata State Park, and down to Big Sur, what we saw was miles and miles of beautiful blooming poppy flowers along the Big Sur coastal mountains. On a side note, Jeff and I were actually down here when the Big Sur Fire started on our Big Sur, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz Photoshoot.

We started to make a short descent down into the Post Ranch Inn resort and then landed. The four of us were greeted with a personal guide to the property and introduction to our private room. WOW. Taking a Helicopter into Big Sur was one of the coolest experiences of my life. If you ever have the chance to take a helicopter ride into Big Sur, Post Ranch Inn or anywhere else for that matter, just do it.

From Post Ranch Inn:

We are pleased to announce that Post Ranch Inn is now open and welcoming guests by air. Although Highway One remains closed, the spirit of Big Sur is alive and well as other Big Sur businesses including the iconic restaurant Nepenthe, the adjacent Phoenix Shop and the Hawthorne Gallery are all open as well. With Post Ranch only accessible via air, we’ve taken the experience to greater heights with our new Escape Through The Skies package, featuring a personalized helicopter shuttle experience.

Your once-in-a-lifetime journey begins at Monterey’s Del Monte Aviation with a Champagne welcome, followed by a spectacular twenty-minute helicopter ride along the Big Sur coast before landing at Post Ranch, where you’ll be whisked away to your guestroom and an unforgettable, relaxing stay.

Lifting Off from Del Monte Aviation in Monterey

As we lifted off from Del Monte Aviation, we were blessed with some epic views over Monterey, Carmel and the Pacific Ocean. The ocean was vivid and the skies were clear. It was an amazing day to experience the trek down to Big Sur through the air.

Del Monte Aviation in Monterey - 100 Sky Park Dr, Monterey, CA 93940

Helicopter Over Highway 1 – Leaving Monterey

The pictures don’t quite do it justice, but you get the point. Everywhere we looked, there were amazing views of the Pacific Coastal Cliffs’ and beautiful Ocean.

Big Sur/ Monterey Helicopter Aerial Photography

Helicopter Over Highway 1 Looking Down the Coast

About halfway down the coast, you can see Rocky Creek Bridge which is the little brother to the amazing and often photographed Bixby Creek Bridge. The views of these two bridges were amazing. I think I was so caught up in the moment, I didn’t get the best shots of the bridges. Little too late.

Big Sur/ Monterey Helicopter Aerial Photography

Helicopter Over Highway 1 & Point Sur State Historic Park

This shot was taken directly over Bixby Creek Bridge and looking straight at Point Sur State Historic Park.

Big Sur/ Monterey Helicopter Aerial Photography

Helicopter Over Point Sur State Historic Park

Need I say more.

Point Sur State Historic Park Aerial

Blooming Poppy’s after Big Sur Fire

The blooming Poppy’s after the Big Sur Fire was a true sight to see. The locals were saying that they have never seen anything like this. After the Big Sur Fire, the Poppy’s started to bloom on the entire stretch of the Coastal Big Sur. Along the Mountains, along the cliffs, and for miles, all you were able to see were Poppy’s. Truely amazing.

Poppy's on Hill after Big Sur Fire (2016-2017)

Helicopter Landing at Post Ranch Inn

Landing at Post Ranch Inn via helicopter. Wow, Wow.

Helicopter Landing at Post Ranch Inn

Post Ranch Inn – The Luxury Resort of All Resorts

This place is epic. I don’t want to give away too much. This is really one of those places that you have to experience to understand the true beauty. From the amenities to the architecture, everything was mindblowing. A fivestar experience all the way around at Post Ranch Inn.

Post Ranch Inn - Restaurant/Pool/Spa at Sunset

Post Ranch Inn – The Restaurant/ Spa &  Experience

The restaurant was amazing. The two spas were unbelievable. The people were so incredibly generous. The food was outstanding. We did not want to leave. The whole experience for a couple of nights was not cheap but well worth it. If you ever have a chance to take a helicopter into Big Sur or Post Ranch Inn, just pull the trigger, you wont regret it.

Post Ranch Inn - Restaurant/Pool/Spa at Sunset

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7 years ago

Wow, amazing journey to big sur!! The photos are beautiful and inspires me to head back to big sur for our next celebration. We love post ranch and the magic that is hidden in big sur, there is truly no other place like it. The helicopter ride is such a bonus! Looks like you had an amazing adventure. Thanks for the gorgeous photos! I would love to see the photos of the restaurant!

Jeffrey Bowdoin
7 years ago

Wow some epic shots; it looks like you guys had an unforgettable experience! You should do a follow up post to show more about what the post ranch inn has to offer. It would be interesting to see some shots inside the resort, the pools, food etc. I’ve always wanted to stay there, looks like one of the best places to stay in California.

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