Trail 4Runner on Old Latrobe Road 4X4 Trail

South Shingle – Old Latrobe Road 4X4 Trail

Trail 4Runner - South Shingle 4x4 Trail Sacramento

An Easy and Fun 4X4 Trail in Sacramento Near El Dorado Hills, CA

If you are looking for an easy 4×4 trail in Sacramento (foothills of Sacramento), then head out to the old south shingle road to the Old Latrobe Road. The trail goes from Latrobe Road to Rancho Murieta and has everything to offer a novice 4×4 enthusiast or even the more experienced 4×4 enthusiast. If you head down this trail, you can eventually get to Deer Creek Preserve or Deer Creek Hills or Deer Creek Hills Preserve.

Deer Creek Hills’ 4,060 acres of rolling grasslands and oak woodland preserves the heritage of working ranches and provides endless opportunities for public recreation. The oaks and grasslands also provide habitat for approximately 170 species of birds, 105 mammal species, 58 amphibians and reptiles, and an estimated 5,000 kinds of insects. Read More Here

Depending on which location you start, from Latrobe Road or Stonehouse Road, you will see some pretty cool terrain. There is everything from creek and water crossings to more advanced sections that you can crawl over.

Stock trucks can make it through, no problem. If you have a lifted rig or a leveling kit, you are going to have an easier ride and you probably will not worry as much.

Wildlife Throughout this 4×4 Trail (Great Blue Heron)

This guy did not want to get close at all. This was shot at 200mm f2.8. I was far out. Beautiful Bird.

Great Blue Heron

A Cool Family Environment (Also, people Shooting)

There is a little bit for everyone out here for sure. We saw everything from families to people shooting shotguns.

Family 4x4 Trail Sacramento

Lake Calero (Did not make it there, well have to look harder next time)

If you are looking for Lake Calero from Old Latrobe road, there are a few entrances, but you have to look pretty hard. The entrances to Lake Calero from Old Latrobe Road are hard to see as they are faint trails off the main trail. We will have to look harder next time and point out how to get there. I have some friends that were able to get there, so we’ll have to figure it out eventually.

South Shingle Latrobe Road Water/ Creek Crossings

The water crossings and creek crossings on this trail are awesome. They are great for a beginner 4×4 enthusiast who is looking to learn the ins and outs. Or, for anyone just looking to have a good day outside.

4x4 Trail Creek Crossing Sacramento 4x4 Trail Creek Crossing Sacramento 4x4 Trail Creek Crossing Sacramento 4x4 Trail Creek Crossing Sacramento 4x4 Trail Creek Crossing Sacramento

Great, Easy little Local 4×4 Trail in Greater Sacramento, CA

All in all, this is a great little 4×4 trail if you are looking to get outside and get some fresh air. Highly recommend hitting this trail after some rain to get some water action. If not, you are going to get a super dry, dusty trail. Which, those are great days as well but who can beat a water crossing!!

Solid Shots to Finish Off the Day!

4Runner Water Creek Crossing
Trail 4Runner - South Shingle Trail

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5 years ago

I ran this today and actually stopped to talk to one of the Conversationalists/Stewards (if that is what they are called). He asked that I not go on the side… abused spots. He even warned me about puddles and such saying there will more often than not be crap thrown in from people who don’t respect others. Sure enough, one of the puddles had stuff sticking out of the water. ( too far in for me to grab since I was in work clothes).

If you’re gonna run this, do so with care. It’s a nice out and back or out and all the way around. I bet it gets damn hot so bring water. It’s a beautiful trip. As of 4/18/19 there were plenty of water crossings all no more more than 10” deep but decently wide and fun. Your review/report was spot on, thanks for sharing it with us!

Can’t wait to go back on a weekend when they have events. Sounds like they are great for families.

5 years ago

Please note that while the road is managed by Sacramento county as a historical right of way, the dirt road passes through a nature preserve. Any off road use in this area is prohibited, with the exception of Latrobe road. There is no public access to Lake Calero from Latrobe Rd. Shooting is prohibited.

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