Body Mount Relocation on 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner – Install & Overview

Body Mount Chop & Relocation Service in Sacramento

Body Mount Relocation, and Cab Mount Relocation Service in Sacramento: Performed on a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

Quick Note on Terminology: You will often hear the term “Cab Mount Relocation” and “Body Mount Relocation” used interchangeably. However, the correct reference is “Cab Mount Relocation” for a truck, like the Tacoma, and “Body Mount Relocation” for an SUV, like the 4Runner. 

Why Relocate Your Body Mounts?

When you increase your tire size, you’re eventually going to chop your body mounts in order for bigger tires to clear in the wheel well. Body mount chops (BMCs) are great for tires ranging from 33″ tires all the way up to 34″ tires and sometimes a deep body mount chop has been known to clear 35″ tires.

I ran 35-inch tires on one of our previous 4Runners with a body mount chop and only slightly rubbed on the body mounts from time to time at full wheel lock. We have covered numerous topics on body mount chops, clearing bigger tires, and trimming fenders for 35″ tires, but today we’re talking about relocating our body mounts with custom-made brackets by a well-known fabrication shop out here where I am from in Northern California; Stellar Built.

Who is Stellar Built?

Body Mount Chop & Relocation Service in Sacramento

Steller Built is a shop that specializes in suspension installs, armor installs, wheel and tire mount and balance services along with off-road alignments, custom fabrication, bumper design and build services, and much more.

Stellar Built started out as a custom fabrication shop specializing in design and build services for Toyota and Lexus armor; more specifically the Land Cruiser, GX470/460, 4Runners, and Tacomas. Today, Stellar Built specializes in off-road and overland part sales and installation services in Northern California. Some of their customers even travel from Southern California because of the high-quality work they provide.

Although they still specialize in custom one-off fabrication services, it’s not part of their main service lineup. One of the main services Stellar Built provides is some of the more common services like body mount chops (BMCs) and body mount relocation (BMRs) services. Before we jump into Stellar Builts BMC and BMR services, let’s look at the DIY option first.

DIY Body Mount Chops vs. Professional

Body Mount Chop & Relocation Service in Sacramento

I have chopped my own body mounts on a couple of 4Runners and cab mounts on my Tacoma.

It’s simple if you have the right tools but can be time-consuming if you don’t. If you have a plasma cutter and a lift, that’s going to be your fastest option for cutting your body mounts. If you have a plasma cutter and know how to weld, by all means, cut your mounts off, weld some plates on, and call it a day.

Cutting Body Mounts with Grinder

But, let’s say you don’t have a plasma cutter and you don’t know how to weld (most of us here aren’t experts), but you just mounted new tires and you really want to stop them from rubbing on your body mounts. Well, you can cut off your body mounts with a grinder in order to stop that dreaded rubbing and take your truck down to a place at a later point to finish the job.

If you only have a grinder, it can be done at home in your garage. Yes, it’s easy, but it does take time. Because cutting discs are typically 4″ to 6″, you can only make small cuts (2″ – 3″) before the grinder disc mounting nut hits the body mount.

This causes you to make lots of small cuts to the body mounts from awkward angles until the desired amount has been cut out and is removed. And then once your mounts are cut off, you still need to weld plates on. So just because you can cut the plates off, it doesn’t mean the job is finished.

At Home or Professional? 

When you compare the time it takes you to cut your own mounts with a grinder vs. having a professional do it (somewhere around $200), it’s almost worth it to just take your truck to a shop in the first place. And yes, to a shop like Stellar Built in Sacramento.

Yes, this is a plug for Stellar Built. Yes, we got the hook up for writing this post. Yes, they do good work. Yes, there are other shops that might do work like this. The only other shop I have been to that performs this service is RSG Off-Road, which is located in Lakewood Colorado. I know another shop in the PNW does work like this as well; Technique Vehicle Outfitters.

Stellar Builts BMC and BMR Services

Body Mount Relocation Kit on 5th Gen 4Runner

I have been taking my 4Runners and Tacomas into Stellar Built shop for almost 5 years now. Actually, back in 2018, we had Stellar Built build us a custom roof rack, very similar to a Gobi rack except it was incredibly custom and very tailored for my build, my needs, and the lightbar that I was running at the time. Before that, we had Stellar Built provide a BMC back in 2017. The point is, Stellar Built has well over a decade of experience in custom fabrication and building off-road trucks. You’re in good hands with something as simple as a body mount chop or a body mount relocation.

Body Mount Chops

For body mount chops, the process is very simple. Stellar Built designs and CNC cuts all of their BMC plates in-house. For a body mount chop, they cut the ends of the body mounts off and weld one of their CNC cut plates back on. The cost is around $250 parts + labor (don’t quote me on that).

Body Mount Relocations

For body mount relocation services, the process is a lot more involved.

Relocating body mounts is exactly as it sounds; you’re literally cutting off your body mounts and relocating them behind the firewall. We will outline the step-by-step process below. Stellar Built also CNC cuts all of their body mount relocation kits in-house. They use all grade-8 hardware and Energy Suspension Bushings which are known as some of the best bushings you can buy for BMRs. The cost of a BMR is about $250 and the labor is additional. You will need to call for a quote on labor. Tell them @Trail4R referred you and they might give you a discount on the labor. 

Body Mount Relocation Process

Body Mount Relocation Process - Step by Step

While we are at Stellar Built getting our body mounts relocated, we thought we would show you guys what the process looks like. You start by cutting off the entire body mount that’s welded to the frame rail. Then you weld on a new mounting plate (reinforced backing plate). Then you finally weld on the actual body mount relocation bracket. Finally, you clean it up and install the hardware. Toque to spec and you’re good to go.

Step 1. Unbolt Body Mount Nut from Bolt

Unbolt Body Mount Nut from Bolt

You can see in the photo above where my 35-inch tires have been rubbing on the firewall and the body mounts even after our body mount chop.

To begin the install process, simply remove the nut that is on the body mount bolt. Refer to Step 3 as you will need to hold the body mount bolt in place while you undo the body mount nut.

Step 2. Remove Bushings

Remove Bushings

Once the bolt is free, you should be able to slide the inner bushing right out.

Step 3. Pull Bolt Through Floor

Pull Bolt Through Floor

In order to free the body mount bolt from the body mount housing, you will need to lift your carpet up from your floorboard (and anything else that’s in the way). You can see in the photo above, I have sound deadening on the floor and we needed to pull that back as well.

Step 4. Plasma Cutter or Grinder?

Plasma Cutter or Grinder - Remove Body Mounts

You can use whatever tool you want to cut the actual body mounts off. Sam (employee at Stellar Built), used a plasma cutter to cut off our body mounts on the 4Runner. However, Adam (another employee at Stellar), used a grinder for removing the cab mounts on the Tacoma. You can use whichever tool you are most comfortable with.

Most of Body Mount Removed

Here’s a photo after most of the body mount has been removed.

Step 5. Body Mounts Off – Start Cleaning

Body Mounts Off - Start Cleaning

Once the majority of the body mount has been removed, you can continue cutting off any leftover metal on the frame rail with a grinder and then finally clean it up with a pad disc. Clean as much surface area as needed in order to weld the backing plate on to the frame rail.

Step 6. CNC Cut Plates

Body Mount Relocation Kit on 5th Gen 4Runner

Stellar Built cuts all of their body mount relocation kits and body mount chop kits in-house and then pairs them with bushings from Energy Suspension.

One of the biggest differences in this kit versus some of the other kits on the market is that Stellar Built has two slots on their backing plate which allows for more surface welds on the frame rail. This weld is similar to that of a rosette. So, these rosette-like slots offer more strength from the backing plate to the frame rail which ultimately will strengthen the body mount overall.

Step 7. Welding Body Mounts

Body Mount Relocation Process - Step by Step

After the body mounts are freshly cut from the plasma cutter, they will then be welded together.

Body Mount Chop & Relocation Service in Sacramento

Here is a look at the final kit before it gets installed.

Step 8. Set Backing Plate in Place

Set Backing Plate in Place

Once your frame rail is clean, and all parts are ready to be installed, you can tack weld the first corner of the backing plate in place. Before you tack on the backing plate, reinstall the energy suspension bushings onto the body mount relocation in order to identify the exact location of where the body mount will sit in relation to the backing plate and frame rail.

Step 9. Finish Tac Welding All Corners

Finish Tac Welding all Corners

Once you have the location of the body mounts set, continue to tack weld the body mount chop plate to the frame rail.

Step 10. Remove Body Mounts & Finish Welding Plate

Remove Body Mounts & Finish Welding Backing Plate

Once your frame rail plate has been tacked into place, remove your body mounts and continue welding the entire plate to the frame rail and to the rosette slots. There is a hole in the frame rail – that’s where you see no welds in the rosette slot on the right.

Step 11. Weld Mounts

Return The Backing Plate & Weld Mounts

Once the plate is finally welded to the frame rail, re-install the body mount and bushings again in order to mark your next tack spot. Tack weld the body mount bracket in place and then remove the body mount and bushings in order to finally weld the entire mount onto the backing plate.

Step 12. Paint & Bushings

Paint & Bushings

You should pretty much be wrapped up at this point. The only thing left to do is paint the body mounts and your frame rail and then reinstall your bushings and body mount bolt through the floorboard.

Final Thoughts

Imogene Pass 5th Gen 4Runner

It’s important to come back in a week or two and check the body mount nut and bolt to ensure neither one of them has moved. We decided to relocate our body mounts before a long trip out to Utah and Colorado and I am glad we did; about 2 straight weeks, we were wheeling pretty hard, stuffing tires, and turning full lock on tight switchbacks through the iconic Black Bear Pass trail.

Big shout to the whole team at Stellar Built for providing this body mount relocation on our 4Runner.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the write up.

I’ve been looking at this and comparing it to other articles, mostly done on Tacomas. The other write ups included steps to suspend the body and move a wire loom on the driver’s side. Is the 4Runner different in that the install is done in situ like that?

Thanks for the article.


2 years ago

i compared the original mount to the final photo. How much clearance do you gain?

2 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

I see what you’re saying. I was thinking it could be expressed someting like ‘the front side of the new mount is 2″ further to the back of the vehicle’ I guess wheel clearance is really an art and comes down to a combination of the factors you mentioned.

Jeremy Chambers
Jeremy Chambers
2 years ago

excellent write up. We have a basic body mount chop done and on 35’s and about to do the more rounded body mount chop kit here soon.

Steven Duart
Steven Duart
2 years ago

Does Stellar Built sell this kit? I just went over to their website and didn’t see it for sale. Lmk.

2 years ago
Reply to  Steven Duart

Same here. I’m on the east coast and would like to get this setup.

Chris in Milwaukee
Chris in Milwaukee
2 years ago

That is fantastic! Appreciate you sharing the experience.

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