Lock’er Down EXXtreme Console Safe – Install and Review on 5th Gen 4Runner

Locker Down Console Safe

Lock’er Down Exxtreme Console Safe (Keypad Entry Safe) – An in-depth review and install

If you are anything like me you are hesitant to leave guns, valuables, or anything that is hard to replace in your vehicle unattended.

Going to the beach and leaving my wallet in a bag while I surf is more stressful for me than looking out for sharks.

Or picking my kids up from school and needing to leave my handgun in the glove compartment while I go on school property.

Although the likelihood of your car being broken into on any given day is fairly low, the thought of “what if?” is always there.

The Overview: Lock’er Down EXXtreme Console

I was looking for a secure way to keep my valuables safe and to potentially even keep a firearm in my vehicle for road trips and other extended outings without having to worry about it.

Finding a safe to fit in your vehicle is easy. Finding a cheap one that fits your vehicle specifically is hard, finding a well made safe that is customizable and almost bulletproof seemed next to impossible.

I tried a trunk safe before and was totally disappointed with its function and had to return it. The lock wouldn’t even open with the key override and I only ever got into the safe once.

Finding the Lock’er Down Safe Company

Eventually, I stumbled across the Locker Down website and after watching a few reviews online and reading about them across various mediums I decided to bite the bullet and give them a try.

I will tell you upfront that I would not classify these as cheap, they are made in Texas by Texans, which brings the price up significantly over a cheap Chinese version.

However, so far, I would say that the quality is actually much higher than I expected. I opted for the EXXtreme Console, the biggest differentiator between this version and the standard that I could find was that the openings are completely sealed by the top door and the inside of the door is reinforced.

They also offer a cheaper version without the keypad entry. You will save just under $50 going withe the non-keypad entry lock box.

The standard console safe is advertised as being unable to be opened from the outside, even with pry bars, but the EXXtreme version can hardly even fit a piece of paper underneath the lid when it’s closed.

The box it came in was a standard cardboard box, but they have 2 pieces of foam that appear to have been custom-formed for this particular safe and shipping box combo.

There is no way your safe should show any wear and tear when you get it.

There was also a handwritten note on my receipt that welcomed me to the Locker Down family.

Welcome to the Lock’er Down Family

Locker Down Console Safe

While I wouldn’t pay more for a handwritten note, it was a nice gesture and made me feel like they really cared about their product.

The version that I got has the upgraded touchpad lock.

This was an extra $150, but I now don’t have to worry about losing the key, or trying to fumble with a combo lock.

Imagine my embarrassment if I were to ever become involved in a rolling gun battle and couldn’t access my key because it was attached to my key chain that’s in the ignition.

EXXtreme Console Safe Install

Locker Down Console Safe

Install was a snap.

Start by removing the piece of fabric on the bottom of your console and the plastic organizer, you can discard these if you like because neither of them will be useful in the new console safe.

Using a 10mm ratcheting socket wrench you remove the 2 bolts at the bottom of your console.

I couldn’t remove the washers on the OEM bolts so it may be necessary to have a couple of extra washers on standby as the Locker Down console safe did not come with any washers.

Set Your Console Safe Code

Locker Down Console Safe

Make sure to set up your code on your safe already if you have the electronic lock and open your safe.

You can drop your safe in, but the easiest and least painful way to get it into your console is to hold it by the open door and underneath the lip in the front to lower it in.

Attach 2 Longer Bolts To Console Base

Locker Down Console Safe

Install the 2 longer bolts provided with the safe into the holes at the base of the console.

These bolts are much longer and appear much more sturdy than the OEM bolts.

Place the new rubberized padding that came with the safe on the floor and you are done with the install.

Total time, even for those who are not mechanically inclined is 10 minutes or less. The only other piece that will need attention is if your armrest has the tissue and pen holder still installed. The tissue holder will prevent the armrest from completely closing, so this will need to be removed.

The easiest way to remove this is to push up and pull out from the bottom.

There are 3 plastic tabs that snap into place, so by removing these, you will be able to lift the top 2 tabs right out.

Discard your tissue holder and get a handkerchief, it’s much more efficient anyway.

Super Strong Neodymium Magnets

Locker Down Console Safe

The Locker Down unit features a cutout around the 12-volt plug so you can still use it to charge your devices should you choose to.

I also purchased a pair of gun magnets to hold any pistols I will be traveling with.

These come branded from Locker Down and feature a 3M adhesive strip on the back. Even without the adhesive, they seem to have just the right amount of magnetism to hold to the side of the safe and not come out with the firearm when I draw it.

However, in the future, I may stick them down just for additional security.

The magnets are rated to hold-ups to 35 lbs, and so far every handgun that I have put on them has stayed in place through the ride with no sliding or shifting.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them the best I can.

Take care and happy travels.

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2 years ago

This is a great product. Tough. Durable. Great Quality. Their customer service is TOP NOTCH. The only gripe I have if you can call it that is I wish the buttons lit up when I press in my combination on the keypad. Kind of difficult to see at night. But other than that, I would recommend for anybody who wants to keep things protected in their car

4 years ago

This is a great representation of the product, Peter! Shortly after this was published, I bought my 4Runner, and this mod was one of the first things that I did for the same reasons that you described. The buying experience with Lock’er Down was very positive, and I did get the optional 10ga door upgrade. The install was a snap, the hardest part was getting the factory tissue holder detached. This safe will hold 2 handguns with extra mags, as well as other smaller items like a knife or pepper spray in a secure, hidden environment. Although my safe came with a magnet, you had a great idea to opt for the additional magnet that will make it easier to store two handguns (one on either side) or makes for a handy place to store a valet key.

Kyle W
Kyle W
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

10ga door upgrade? were did you find this? I only saw the lock upgrade? appreciate the help in advance. kyle

3 years ago
Reply to  Kyle W

Hi Kyle! This wasn’t on the website, but an upgrade that they offered at the time of purchase over the phone.

Mr. Ed
5 years ago

Thank you Peter for this excellent find and review! I’ve always been concerned about securing valuables/firearm in my 4R when the need arises. I just settled and figured I couldn’t install an easy access, drawer style safe due to the tight opening under the driver seat. This safe is perfect and I’m definitely in after visiting the lock’er down website!
Bonus: I just found out they’re located here in San Antonio, Tx.!!!

Thanks again,

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