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Trail Impressions: Rokblokz Mud Flaps Review

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Product overview and installation of Rokblokz Rally Mud Flaps on a 5th Gen 4Runner

One of the first things that many new 4Runner owners will do when they get their rig home is remove the OEM mud flaps. Their molded design doesn’t allow them to be very flexible when off-road, their sizing doesn’t offer much functional coverage, and with the addition of larger than stock tires, they can cause rubbing when turning.

All of these negatives add up to owners wanting to opt-out and ditch them altogether. However there is an option that eliminates all of those cons, and that option comes multiple sizes and colors from Rokblokz Rally Mud Flaps.

Initial impression

Right out of the box, you’ll note the care taken in packing both the flaps and hardware into sealed bundles, including well labelend instructions, a complimentary die-cut sticker and candy.

I received both the regular size and the XL size for this comparison to let you decide which is best for your 4Runner. Looking at them side by side, you can see the size difference between the two sets.

I unpackaged both sets of 4 and overlapped the front and rear sets for a direct comparison of the regular and XL models.

The mounting points are the same, and the shape on the inside is identical. With both the front and the rear sets, the XL model adds both width and length to the outside and lower edges of the flaps.

This additional length and width of the XL’s are designed for 4Runners that are lifted and have wider than stock suspension or wheels. Rokblokz recommends that owners with OEM, or stock offset wheels opt for the regular sizing for optimum aesthetics.

For this comparison, I will install a pair of regular size flaps on the passenger side, and a pair of XL flaps on the drivers’ side.


To install the new Rokblokz flaps, start by removing the OEM flaps (if equipped). A 10mm compact wrench for all of the trim screws and a set of diagonal cutters to pry out the OEM trim clips.

Note that on the rear OEM flaps, there is a hidden bolt on the bottom side of the flap.

Flap removal summary: if the flap comes off, you got all of the screws and clips. If it doesn’t, you missed one or more.

Once the flaps are removed, go ahead and clean up the area with a damp cloth to make installation that much easier by revealing your mounting holes that should be covered in mud and dirt!

Install tip:

When reviewing the Rokblokz instructions that go over everything you need to successfully install your flaps (including great photos), they note that the best way to install their product is to turn the front wheels one way or another to accommodate the side you’re working on and to raise the back end of the vehicle or remove the rear wheels altogether to install the rear set.

I was able to come up with a “custom” tool that allowed me to install the Rokblokz without turning, lifting, or removing. A number 3 Phillips bit, a 1/4” socket and a compact wrench.

To keep the bit in the socket, I wrapped it once with masking tape to create a tight joint. With this combination, I was able to install all 4 corners without doing anything with the wheels/tires on the 4Runner. You’re welcome!

Follow the instructions provided by Rokblokz step by step, and you’ll have an easy installation of your new mud flaps.

My take: for each flap, hand thread the top and bottom screws first, then snug them up with your custom tool.

Then, take a step back to make sure your flap is straight before final tightening the top and bottom screws and installing the remaining screws.

Be sure to not over tighten the screws as they all fasten either into factory plastics or the supplied nylon clips. Nothing worse than stripping out plastic!

All in all, the installation took about 30 minutes for all four mud flaps and the instructions were very simple to follow.

The Results

Note: The 4Runner I am using for this comparison is a Trail Edition with stock wheels, 285/70R17 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLTs and a 2.5” lift. This 4Runner does not have spacers installed.

The fit and finish of both the hardware and the flaps themselves really show the pride that Rokblokz has in their products. The flaps are constructed from a flexible, proprietary material.

They won’t break under severe conditions, but they remain stiff enough to keep their shape while at freeway speeds.

No flapping in the wind with these means you won’t look like a trucker going down the road.

Add to that, because they keep shape while on the road, they’ll retain maximum debris coverage when things get dirty.

The front flaps, in both sizes, have a unique feature for more tire clearance.

They cut out a section of the flap where the body mount is located to allow for the most clearance possible for those with larger tires or wheel with a greater offset. It might not be much, but it could be just enough to keep you from rubbing while turning!

The difference between OEM and the regular / XL sizing can be summed up simply:

Wide and moar wide.

The regular size Rokblokz offer more coverage than the OEM flaps thanks to their wider, squared-off design. However even with their larger design, they still hold the body lines tight and look to match the ‘stock stance’.

If you’ve gone the wider route with larger tires, a wider suspension kit, or wheels with increased offset, the XL flaps will have you covered.

On this 4Runner, the rear XL’s don’t quite fit the build but they do show how they compare to the regular size.

The front flaps in the XL sizing actually fit this stock width 4Runner quite well with the sliders, and would add a lot more side protection when on dirt.

Now, let’s compare each side versus the OEM mud flaps, to show the differences in coverage.

RokBlokz regular mud flaps:
Rokblokz XL mud flaps:

The Trail Takeaway

Rokblokz Rally Mud Flaps has gone above and beyond to develop a functional and stylish product for the 5th gen 4Runner.

After a weekend of romping in the snow melted and muddy mountains with the wife and dog, I could easily see an improvement in overall coverage from mud along the side of the truck. This means less mud being drug into the front seats from getting in and out, less to clean up at the end of a trip, and an overall cleaner vehicle to work with. I am more than satisfied with their performance in forested conditions so far.

Whether you just want to keep the sides of your rig clean, or want to add some rally-inspired flair, Rokblokz have a product for your needs. I look forward to taking these through the paces to see what they’re made of, and how they handle real world conditions.

Available in 9 colors in both regular and XL sizing, order your set by clicking this link

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Brian Milner
Brian Milner
January 25, 2020 2:53 pm

Hi Max, Awesome writeup – Are you running spacers on your 4Runner? I’m trying to gauge if I would should go with the XL or not.

John Westin
John Westin
July 19, 2019 11:05 am

This article is super informative. Thanks Max! Those RokBlokz mud flaps sure look like they protect the truck from all sorts of crap.

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