BF Goodrich Ko2 A/T Tires Review

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BF Goodrich Ko2 A/T Tires (285/70R17) 4Runner BFG Ko2s

BF Goodrich Ko2 A/T Tires (285/70R17) 4Runner BFG Ko2s

5th Gen 4Runner BF Goodrich Ko2 A/T Tires (285/70R17) Complete Review and Overview

This is a review for the BF Goodrich Ko2 A/T Tires. Prior to installing these, I was running the stock Dunlop GrandTreks on my 2017 Toyota 4Runner Trd Premium. I was looking for a tire upgrade since I needed something with better tread pattern and a much stronger side wall.

This is an overview and general review of the BF Goodrich Ko2 A/T Tires, wrapped around stock tires. If you are considering an aftermarket tire, this is a good option for aftermarket all-terrain tires.

BFGoodrich Ko2 Specs

  • Max Load : 3195 lbs
  • Max Inflation: 80 psi
  • Tread Depth: 15/32″
  • Tire Weight: 58 lbs
  • Made in USA

Before and After – Dunlop GrandTreks Vs Bf Goodrich Ko2s

Before: 265/70/17 Dunlop GrandTreks on stock suspension

After: 285/70/17 Bf Goodrich Ko2s on Icon Stage 2s

Here is a picture of my stock vehicle on the 265/70/17 Dunlop GrandTreks on stock suspensions vs 285/70/17 Bf Goodrich Ko2s on Icon Stage 2s.

Thinner Side-Wall 265/70/17 Dunlops

Below is a picture of the stock Dunlop Grantreks which are 265/70/17. You can see the thinner side walls.

Thinner Side-Wall 265/70/17 Dunlops

The picture below is the newly upgraded Bf Goodrich Ko2s at 285/70/17.

BF Goodrich Ko2 A/T Tires (285/70R17) 4Runner BFG Ko2s

The first thing I did before upgrading my tires was getting a lift. There is quite a lot of information out there in regards to lifting your 4Runner vs tire size.

For smaller tires, you can get away with a small leveling kit without clearance issues. If you are looking for the biggest tire size on your 4Runner, then you should reconsider the question and automatically level up with a lift kit or leveling kit.

If you do go with a larger tire size, then you will need to read the guide on fitting bigger tires on your 4Runner.

Once I got my Icon Stage 2 Suspension Lift, I headed off to Discount Tire in Las Vegas to check out what tire options they had. I also got some advice from Brenan @Trail4Runner to see what are popular tire brands and sizes. The options I had for size were either 275/70/17, 285/70/17, 285 /75/17.

With the smaller tires, you can go with C load rating and with the bigger tires, you got E load rating with a 3 ply sidewall. The main difference between C load and E load is the tow rating and the polyester cord side wall. There is also a small weight difference between the two as well.

There are many popular tire brands such as Nitto, Toyo, Cooper, and Dunlop to name a few. I settled on the BF Goodrich due to its pricing, popularity, and availability. The Ko2s are one of the most popular all-terrain tires for the 4Runner, on-road performance, and off-road performance.

There are armies of 4Runners running the Ko2s as well so you can fall back on support if you need any. You can’t go wrong with bigger tires so I chose the biggest I could get without rubbing and a body mount chop which is 285/70/17. The 285 makes the tire flush against the fender with the extra width.

I didn’t go with 34s due to the potential of rubbing and I did not want to deal with any body modification. The Ko2s cost me around $1,000 after tax and warranty from Discount Tires.

On-Road and Off-Road Review

BF Goodrich Ko2 Tires: On-Road and Off-Road Review

The 285s were definitely a bigger tire and you can feel it both on-road and off-road. The tire weighs in at 58 pounds each and you will immediately see power loss from the line. There is also a big drop in MPG with bigger tires. I am running stock rims, sliders, and skids and my MPG is around 14.8 on average.

The larger all-terrain tires definitely gave the truck a more rugged look as opposed to the stock tires. In my opinion, Toyota should have included all-terrain tires for all of their off-road packaged vehicles. They do include options on some 4Runners with the Nittos but not all of them. All-Terrain tires should be standard on all off-road, or Pro models of the 4Runner.


The first place off-road I took to test the tires were Bitter Springs trail near Northern Las Vegas. It is a 30-mile trail with a trail rating of around 2. The larger tires mixed with my Icon shocks handled the roads effortlessly while aired down to 17 psi.

There were some smaller rock gardens on the trail as well and the Ko2s handled it perfectly. There was no rubbing on surface roads nor in full reverse. The only rubbing I had was during off road when the wheels are tucked in, but it was quite minimal. I do not do any extreme trails nor rock crawling so I could not provide a feedback under harsher conditions. Some pictures of the trail. My car is raised 2 inches with Icon Stage 2s.

Here is a picture of South Callville Bay trail:

BF Goodrich Ko2 Tires: Off-Road

Final Thoughts

I am definitely glad I went with the larger size tires due to the increase in the surface area it provides during off-roading. The road noise was minimal and not noticeable. My only issue was the power loss and gas mileage, but that is to be expected with the increase in weight and negligible when wheeling.

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  • Anthony

    Thanks for the info. I’m on the same journey as far as new wheels and tires. Not to mention a lift kit first. Your feedback is really appreciated.

  • Frank

    Thanks for the review. I have a 2017 with the stock tires and considering these as a replacement. Looks like they will do a lot better in snow than the stock tires.

    Great site by the way!

  • Mac

    My understanding is the KO2s are severe snow rated. As such, I plan to use them as snow tires here in Oregon, rather than spending $1200 on a dedicated set of snow tires and steel wheels.
    I’m planning to go with the same size as is currently on my ’17 SR5 4runner, as soon as I kill the AT20s – which have actually been better than I expected. For me, LR E is overkill, so we’ll go with LR C and get a bit better mileage

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