VLEDS V6 Extreme Amber Turn Signal Bulb Review

VLEDS V6 Extreme Amber and OEM Toyota Amber Bulbs

Manufacturer: VLEDS MSRP: $200
Average Score
  • Build Quality 9.5
  • Fitment 9.5
  • Output Performance 9.5
  • Features 8.0
  • Value - Is it worth it? 8.0
High Quality, Brightest LED Turn Signal With Hyperflash Fix For 5th Gen 4Runner

Today, I’ll cover a comprehensive installation and review of the VLEDS V6 Extreme Amber LED Turn Signal Kit with Hyperflash Fix.

With so many options available for upgrading bulbs, it’s hard to determine which is best. However, after experiencing the VLEDS kit firsthand, it’s clear that settling for just any Amazon light bulb is not optimal solution. If you’re looking for a crazy good option that enhances the light output and looks aesthetically better, this is for you! Just look at the difference in size and quality from the OEM bulb (seen above).


V6 Extreme Amber with Hyperflash Fix Kit Disassembled

When it comes to upgrading your lighting, turning signals may not be your first thought, but let’s be honest: the stock Toyota ones aren’t the brightest. Thankfully, VLEDS has the V6 line.

I went for these because of their incredible brightness. They reach up to 1400 lumens per bulb, a whopping five times brighter than the stock ones. You’ll improve visibility on the road and add a touch of flair to your vehicle’s lighting.

This kit will also include their hyper flash module. Hyper flash is a common issue many people have when switching from stock bulbs to LEDs. You may see fast flashing or bulb-out warnings on the interior display. The module resolves this problem by adding sufficient load to the system, ensuring proper functionality.


Dewalt Impact Gun with Phillips Head Bit

Thanks to its plug-and-play design, the installation is a breeze that requires no splicing or tapping. With this setup, you can complete the installation in under 10 minutes, making it convenient and hassle-free.

Tools Required

  • Power Drill or Screw Driver
  • Philips Head
  • Electrical Tape (Optional)

1. Assemble New Bulb

Assembling VLEDS V6 Extreme Bulb

Your kit will include three components: the bulb, the base adapter, and the hyperflash fix. Before beginning, ensure all three parts are properly connected.

Additionally, I added some electrical tape to secure the connection between the hyperflash fix and the base adapter. While this step is optional, it’s worth considering if you tend to drive through a lot of water. This precaution ensures there’s less chance water intrusion in the connection. This isn’t to say the provided connection is bad, but extra insurance is never a bad thing.

VLEDS Hardware Kit

Next, take your hardware and start by fastening the screws to the light bulb. To determine the number of screws needed, remove the OEM bulb and look at the backside of the housing to count the cutouts. If you find four cutouts, use two screws; if there are three cutouts, you can use three screws.

Installing Hardware On VLEDS Bulb

We chose two screws, positioning one at the top and one at the bottom, leaving two empty holes in between. Gradually tighten the screws to ensure they are flush with the bulb, but avoid over-tightening.

Hyper Flash Fix Module From VLEDS

Finally, secure the provided 3M tape to the back.

2. Remove Fender Lining

Removing Front Bumper Shell

Accessing the bulb location is incredibly easy, and if you have a viper cut, it’ll make it even easier.

Begin by using a Philips head screwdriver to unscrew the bolts connecting your liner to the front bumper. Proceed to remove all the connectors linking the liner to the bumper.

Pull Back Fender Liner

Once the bolts are removed, grab the liner and pull it back for access.

3. Remove OEM Bulb

Removing OEM Turn Signal Bulb

Now that you have a good view of the bulb, you can pull it out. Twist it counterclockwise to release it. Then, pull out the orange bulb and set it aside.

4. Install New Bulb

Installing VLEDS V6 Extreme Turn Signal

You can insert the new bulb into the socket and reinsert it into the housing.

Reinstalling may require some gentle force, especially with the screws. The objective is to align the screws with the openings and then twist the bulb to lock it in place. Take your time, and with patience, it will fit securely.

At this point, you will want to test to make sure it works.

5. Secure Hyperflash

VLEDS Hyperflash Module

Lastly, you’ll need to mount your Hyperflash module. Please be aware that the warning label indicates that the module tends to get hot, so avoid mounting it on plastic surfaces. Instead, find a suitable spot on the frame to mount it. Ensure that no plastic or wires touch it to prevent any issues.

Once done, repeat the same steps for the other side, and your installation is complete!

Initial Impressions

VLEDS V6 Extreme Amber Bulbs vs OEM Toyota Amber Bulbs

Immediately, I was super impressed by how bright the VLEDS signal was, especially during the day. It wasn’t just a little brighter; it actually lit up more of the turning signal, making it much more noticeable to other drivers when I was signaling a turn.

I also liked how closely the amber color matched the stock bulb, giving it that factory look. As I mentioned, these bulbs are five times brighter than the stock ones, and you can see the difference. Having that extra visibility doesn’t just make driving better; it also makes the road safer for everyone.

Is It Worth it?

Boxed V6 Extreme Amber Bulbs

Let’s face it – these upgrades are pretty steep, especially considering they’re just for turning signals. At $200 (there are sales throughout the year to offset), this might not be a necessary expense for everyone.

However, if you, like me, plan on sticking with the stock headlights, investing in upgraded bulbs can make a difference. Swapping out the bulbs is remarkably easy, and you’ll save a few hundred dollars by keeping your current headlights and simply enhancing them with better bulbs. And you’ll get improved visibility with brighter bulbs, a feature that not all aftermarket headlights can offer.

Considering this, I personally believe they’re worth it. Of course, ultimately, making decisions based on what makes sense for your build is important. But I highly recommend checking out VLEDS; they offer a range of unique options that many other manufacturers don’t provide.

Final Thoughts

I’m not surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed these bulbs. After upgrading our 4Runner and Tacoma with VLEDS products, I’ve started to really like what they offer for Toyota trucks. I’m even considering adding a few more goodies from them in the future.

If you haven’t checked out their product lineup yet, I highly recommend giving them a look. While some of their products may come with a slightly higher price tag compared to competitors, the quality is truly unmatched.

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3 months ago

I’ve ran Lasfits for about 2 years. Every couple of months I have to do some roadside maintenance in my subdivision and just use my flashers for warning. No issues with my Lasfits and they are stupid bright at less cost.

3 months ago

I have to say I’m completely impressed with VLEDs line of aftermarket LEDs. I recently installed the LOW Beam VLED kit and WOW, what a huge difference than the OEM halogen bulbs. I did have issues with one of the headlight LED chips starting to smoke after the initial plug in test; maybe a fluke. I contacted Eli there and he immediately sent me replacements with a return label for the original pair. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I sent pictures just to back me up but it was hassle free from the start. I’ll be getting the HIGH beam/DRL once it’s back in stock. Well worth the added cost if the customer service is that one point and the product works as well as it does.

Konrad Chojnowski
3 months ago
Reply to  Mark

Heck yeah! They’re a great company. Did you see the new monochrome bulbs they just released? An all new update to many of their headlight and fog light bulbs. They look awesome. Might be something to look into for the high beams.

Rich N
Rich N
3 months ago

I have the LASFIT Amber 7440 7440NA WY21W CANBUS Anti Hyper Flash LED Turn Signal Light Bulb and they are a fraction of the price, and bright enough to light up the block, and they are plug and play. Worth a look.

Last edited 3 months ago by Rich N
Konrad Chojnowski
3 months ago
Reply to  Rich N

I’m sure there are cheaper choices. But I have never seen a better product in the lighting space – and there’s no shortage of options. Not saying Lasfit is bad, but they’re very disconnected from the US market and don’t have the relationship to the community that VLEDS does. Side by side, material quality is not comparable.

3 months ago

Hey Lumen mods are fun no matter the color! As a Motorcycle rider, I appreciate a clear, bright and definitive turn signal. It is both for both you as the driver and oncoming traffic. Nice job.

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