How To Reset Oil Maintenance Light On The 5th Gen 4Runner

5th Gen 4Runner w/ Camo RTT

How To Reset The Oil Maintenance Light After An Oil Change

Have you recently changed your own oil and are unsure of how to reset the “Oil Maintenance Required Soon” indicator? If you have a newer 4Runner with push button start, allow me to help!

If you have an older 5th Gen 4Runner with a traditional key ignition, be sure to check out this guide to reset the oil maintenance light

Step 1. Trip A Setup

5th Gen 4Runner - Reset Oil Maintenance Light

With your foot off the brake, push the ignition button two times, pausing a second between the pushes. This will put the 4Runner into ‘Ignition On’ mode so your accessories turn on. Your vehicle should not start.

Once you see the message on the gauge cluster read ‘ Depress brake pedal and push engine switch to start’, set your display to Trip A using the small button on the lower right corner of the gauge cluster.

Step 2. Reset Reminder

5th Gen 4Runner - Reset Oil Maintenance Light Push Button Start

Push the ignition button one time to power off the 4Runner. With your foot off the brake, hold down the trip button for two seconds. Then, push the ignition button two times, again pausing about a second between each push.

The gauge cluster should read ‘Resetting oil maintenance data”. Continue to hold the stick until the progress bar completes, which takes less than 10 seconds.

Step 3. Validate That The Oil Maintenance Light Is Gone

5th Gen 4Runner - Reset Oil Maintenance Light - Keyless Start

To make sure that the maintenance light has been reset, press the ignition button once without your foot on the brake. After a few seconds, start up your 4Runner. Confirm you no longer see the ‘Oil Maintenance Required Soon’ message on the gauge cluster.

If you still do, repeat the process above and make sure your foot is never on the brake until after you’ve reset the oil light and that you are on Trip A when you initially power off the vehicle.

Need More Help?

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