Feature Friday: 8 Dash Mount Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner

5th Gen 4Runner With Expedition Essentials Dash Mount w/USB A Charger & Tackform Mount for Cell Phone

8 Unique Dash Mount Setups: Keep Your Tech & Gear Organized

This Week’s Topic: Dash Mount Setups 

We’re back with a brand new Feature Friday! Last week, we took a look at different camp kitchen setups. This week, we are taking a step back from the camping theme to focus on dash mounts!

We all know that getting to camp is one of the best feelings in the world. After all the time spent getting organized, prepared, and driving to the spot, you can finally stop and relax. Before you can head out, though, there’s the small matter of logistics. In this fast-paced world, technology has become an integral part of our lives, even when we’re seeking solace in the mountains.

Phones, tablets, and radios now commonly help guide and connect us with others. Our camping checklist has now expanded to include these essential gadgets and more. The challenge, however, lies in keeping all of these devices organized, easily accessible, and safely secured while on the move.

Dash mount setups not only declutter your vehicle’s interior but also ensure that your tech arsenal is within arm’s reach. With a dash mount, you can bid farewell to the chaos of loose cables and devices falling through the seat cracks.

Let’s look at how fellow 4Runner owners choose to get their technology organized!

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Note: The builds listed below are in no particular order

1. Scott Hausler – (@magnetictrail_t4r)

5th Gen 4Runner With ICS Fab Dash Mount & Quad Lock MAG Wireless Charging Head & iPad Mount

Dash Mount Setup 

  • ICS Fab 5th Gen 4Runner Dash Mount
  • Quad Lock MAG Wireless Charging Head Paired w/ RAM Mounts Diamond Ball Base, Medium Arm
  • Tackform iPad Mount w/ AMPS Drill Base Mount, 7″ Modular Arm, 20mm Ball System
  • Expedition Essentials CB Mic/Handheld Radio Clip Bracket
  • GoPro Mount w/ RAM Mounts Diamond Ball Base, Short Arm

Tell Us About Your Setup

I chose the ICS Fab dash mount for its customizable platform. The top of the dash mount is covered with slots and the accessories I put up there can be mounted in many different configurations. Other companies just had a set amount of holes on the face that you could attach accessories to. That doesn’t leave much space to fit a variety of accessories. The dash mount also comes with a 4.8 amp dual USB charging port.

On my dash mount, I have my Midland MXT275 radio for easy communication and a GoPro to record my trips. Next, I have a Quad Lock MAG wireless charging phone mount to hold my iPhone. Finally, I mounted an iPad Pro on the Tackform mount and use it for navigation.

The ICS Fab dash mount holds up great on the trails. Everything is solidly mounted and nothing ever falls or even rattles. I made this upgrade to keep everything easily viewable, quickly accessible, and organized. When I first started my 4Runner build, everything was scattered across the center console and rolling around. Now, everything is mounted and out of the way.

2. Sean Migone – (@mig_rnr)

5th Gen 4Runner with ICS Fab Dash Mount w/ Dual USB, Rago Fabrication Center Console MOLLE Panel w/ Bridge Plate & Garmin Overland GPS

Dash Mount Setup 

  • ICS Fab Dash Mount w/ Dual USB
  • Rago Fabrication Center Console MOLLE Panel w/ Bridge Plate
  • RAM Mounts X-Grip

Tell Us About Your Setup

I did a lot of research before I decided on the ICS Fab dash mount. ICS Fab has a great reputation and looks OEM in my 4Runner. The added USB ports allow me to connect my GPS and inReach to power, so they are always at full charge. It’s super strong and doesn’t rattle or bounce around on any trails.

Attached to the dash mount are the RAM Mounts. RAM Mounts have been the industry leader in mounting equipment such as GPS, iPads, laptops, or anything else you may need. I’ve never had any issues with them rattling or coming loose. We use RAM Mounts in the fire department, and if you want something truly tested, give it to a bunch of firemen because I can tell you we break things on a consistent basis.

The RAGO Fabrication MOLLE Panel allows me to mount even more equipment, including my GMRS radio. These upgrades are some of the first ones I ever did, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’ve seen lots of trail time and look great as well.

3. Anthony Bower – (@project_poor_runner)

5th Gen 4Runner with Expedition Essentials Powered Dash Mount & Garmin GPS Unit

Dash Mount Setup 

  • Expedition Essentials Powered Dash Mount
  • RAM Ball (RAM-283U)
  • Garmin Tread Overland Edition Magnetic Powered Mount
  • RAM Mounts A Short Arm (RAP-B-201U)
  • RAM Mounts X-Grip Large Phone Mount
  • Magnetic Mic Mount For Radio

Tell Us About Your Setup

I was searching for a way to securely mount and power my Garmin Tread Overland Edition GPS and cell phone while on the trail in a manner that would not block my line of sight. The Expedition Essentials Powered Dash Mount fits the bill perfectly.

You can order this mount with either two USB-A or USB-C power ports; which tap into the cigarette lighter 12V port. Or, you can do what I did and run power from your switch (I have a VoSwitch UV100). This way, the power is disconnected when the ignition is turned off and comes on automatically when you start the vehicle.

The Expedition Essentials dash mount allows you to mount your devices on top or in front. This makes it super versatile and puts your devices easily within reach for both the driver and the passenger.

The dash mount is extremely solid and secured to the radio with 3M VHB tape and screws. It’s so secure, I often film content with my cellphone in the RAM X-Grip. Alternatively, you could also mount a GoPro to it.

4. Bryan Peterson – (@justcruisintrails)

5th Gen 4Runner with Lab Ops Gear Dash Mount V2 and RAM Mounts Ball Bases - B Size 1" Ball

Dash Mount Setup 

  • LabOps Gear Dash Mount V2
  • RAM Mounts Ball Bases – B Size 1″ Ball
  • RAM Mounts X-Grip
  • RAM Mounts iPad Cradle

Tell Us About Your Setup

This solution is very easy to install and requires no drilling. In fact, it is the only no-drill solution that we could find. It replaces the plastic piece in the dash under the clock and provides two more USB outlets by tapping into the 12V cigarette wiring.

We mount a full-sized iPad, iPhone, and/or ZOLEO device on it. We just finished a 400-mile off-road trip in the Arizona Strip and had zero issues. This mount performed flawlessly.

5. John Winchester – (@j_c_dubya)

5th Gen 4Runner with Expedition Essentials Dash Mount w/USB A Charger and RAM Mounts

Dash Mount Setup 

  • Expedition Essentials Dash Mount w/USB A Charger
  • RAM Mounts
  • Garmin Mount For inReach Mini 2
  • Tackform Mount For Phone
  • iBOLT Mount For Tablet

Tell Us About Your Setup

Initially, I was looking for one of the more sleek or discreet dash mounts. However, I realized they probably couldn’t handle the tablet’s weight. This led me to Expedition Essentials; I really liked the integrated charger on their mount and how the wires are hidden.

For my mounts, I went with RAM Mounts. RAM makes a good product that was readily available and integrated with all of the accessory mounts.

For long trips or going out into “the woods,” we run a Garmin inReach Mini 2 to share our position and communicate with family as well as safety. Typically, I link the cellphone to a Bluetooth OBD II module to monitor vehicle data (coolant temp, trans temp, battery voltage). On the tablet, we run GAIA GPS/Google Maps.

This setup has zero issues on the trails, including a 5700-mile trip out West to Moab and doing White Rim in Canyonlands. It’s great to have all this info on hand when exploring.

6. Joshua Carpentier – (@woofrnr)

5th Gen 4Runner with LabOps Gear Dash Mount & Cell Phone Mount

Dash Mount Setup 

  • LabOps Gear Dash Mount
  • RAM Mounts Ball Adapter (B size, x3)
  • RAM Mounts Double Socket Swivel & Ratchet Arm
  • RAM Mounts Double Socket Arm (B size)
  • RAM Mounts X-Grip for 7″–8″ Tablets
  • Peak Design Ball Mount Adapter

Tell Us About Your Setup

I originally had the modular device dash mount from Rago Fabrication. While it’s a well-built mount, there were a few things I didn’t like.

First, the installation required drilling and aligning some finicky bolts. The silver clinching nuts also didn’t match the look I wanted. Since the nuts stick down quite far, cleaning under it was like a game of “Which knuckle loses skin this time?” (Answer: every knuckle, every time). Plus, I’m not one of those people who mount enough devices to run an air-traffic control tower from my 4Runner. I wanted something clean and simple. Enter the dash mount from LabOps Gear.

The low-profile LapObs Gear dash mount looks like an OEM part – not some aftermarket monstrosity. Install is easy (no drilling, hooray!) and it works with RAM Mounts. It’s not as sturdy as other dash mounts and isn’t designed for holding your laptop. However, it works perfectly fine with your phone, small tablets, and adventure cameras.

I mount my phone using a RAM double-socket swivel ratchet arm and Peak Design Ball Mount Adapter. It doesn’t just magnetize the phone to the arm, it locks it in. On longer adventures, we like having videos playing or different map apps. So, I mount my iPad mini on the passenger side with a RAM X-Grip. On scenic drives, I mount a GoPro in the middle using a RAM short arm and GoPro Camera Mount Adapter.

Unfortunately for us 2010 -2014 owners, we can’t power the USB socket on the top like newer models. That has something to do with how the wiring is in earlier models, so don’t blame LabOps. I’m not looking to run lots of devices, so it’s nothing a cigarette lighter fast charger and cable management can’t solve.

If you’re after a simple, clean-looking mount, get the LabOps Gear dash mount (your knuckles will thank you).

7. Mike Ung – (@overland_trail_enthusiasts)

5th Gen 4Runner with ICS Fab Dash Mount with Dual USB Charging Ports and SnapOn Magnetic Ball Phone Mount

Dash Mount Setup 

  • ICS Fab Dash Mount w/ Dual USB Charging Ports
  • RAM Mounts Cell Phone Mount
  • SnapOn Magnetic Ball Phone Mount

Tell Us About Your Setup

I went with the ICS dash mount because it’s versatile in mounting many phone holders, devices, and mounts. It’s also low profile, which doesn’t block the rig’s clock and head unit. Also, dual USB charging ports make charging the devices a breeze.

I went with RAM Mounts phone holders because of how sturdy they are. Instead of using the clamp that came with them, I went with the SnapOn magnetic cell phone holders. This way, I can throw my cell phone on it and remove it quickly. This also comes in handy when I have passengers in my truck, as they are easily able to throw their phones on too.

8. Lance Elarmo – (@4rxplre)

5th Gen 4Runner with Rago Fabrication Modular Dash Mount

Dash Mount Setup 

  • Rago Fabrication Modular Dash Mount
  • RAM Mounts X Grip
  • RAM Mount 111-U B Short Hand
  • RAM Mount Medium Electronic Mount

Tell Us About Your Setup

My setup works great for our lifestyle! I only trust RAM Mounts to hold multiple devices such as radar, phones, and navigation. We added the Escort Radar detector because we sometimes go a little over the speed limit. All of our equipment is mounted on Rago Fabrication’s center console and dash mounts.

Final Thoughts

5th Gen 4Runner Dash Mount Setups- Build Inspiration

That wraps up this week’s Feature Friday!

With dash mount setups, you’ll keep all your gear in perfect harmony and unlock a new level of convenience and accessibility. 

Next week, we’ll be diving into some more gear that is crucial for any recovery situation, recovery boards. If you have any recovery boards mounted to your 4Runner, submit your setup at the link above!

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1 year ago

I have the same ICS Fab mount in my 4Runner; absolutely love how solid of a mount it really is. #1 shot is exactly how I have mine set up with the exception of the Ipad which is the next addition to mine. Glad to see what it would look like. I mounted my phone mount and plan to mount the Ram arm for the Ipad under the shelf though. Keeps the arms lower and field of view just a tad clearer in the center windshield. Also, that frees up space on top for smaller items to mount i.e. GoPro mounts.=)

1 year ago
Reply to  Mark

I also have an ICS Fab mount and love it. I have a Ram iPhone clamp and have the arm mounted underneath the deck for the same reasons you cite. I think it’s a great solution. I plan on adding more crap later on. Overall, I’m very pleased with the purchase of this mount and have no regrets.

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