The Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid For The 5th Gen (2014+) 4Runner

Cali Raised LED Fuel Tank Skid Plate

Upgrade Your Gas Tank Protection With The Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid For The 5th Gen 4Runner – Install & Overview

A gas tank skid and what it protects is self-explanatory. The factory one is made of thin, stamped 1/8″ sheet metal that provides adequate protection against small branches and the like. If you frequently subject your rig to boulders or large ruts, however, you may want to consider something more robust. Even with aluminum being a softer metal than steel, the Cali Raised LED 1/4″ steel or aluminum gas tank skid provides better protection than the factory one.

From an aesthetics standpoint, I like the clean lines of this gas tank skid. It flows seamlessly with the transfer case skid plate that sits just a few inches in front. I also really like that the skid plate and attachment brackets are separate. This is extremely helpful if you need to drop your gas tank skid down for whatever reason, as you’ll see in the factory skid plate removal steps below.


  • Steel: 37.9lbs
  • Aluminum: 16lbs

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  • Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid Plate (aluminum or steel): Check Price


    4Runner Factory Fuel Skid Plate

    Tools Needed

    • 12mm & 13mm socket
    • 12mm & 13mm wrench
    • 3/16 Allen-key

    Recommended Tools

    • 12mm & 13mm Pivoting & ratcheting wrenches
    • 10″ Socket extension
    • Breaker bar
    • Floor jack

    I highly suggest getting the recommended tools listed above, they will make the installation infinitely easier. For the skid plate straps, set aside the three factory bolts as they’ll be reused.

    Install Video

    Step 1. Remove Factory Gas Tank Skid Plate

    How To Remove 4Runner Factory Fuel Tank Skid Plate

    The first bolt to remove is located on the inside front strap, locate the strap and follow it all up to the bolt. Space here is tight, and you’ll need to reach up and over the driveshaft with a 12mm wrench, A pivoting, ratcheting wrench makes this much easier.

    4Runner Factory Fuel Tank Skid Plate Strap

    The second bolt is located at the inside rear strap above the driveshaft. This bolt is pretty high up, I recommend using a breaker bar with a 10″ extension and 12mm socket to easily break it loose. Alternatively, you can stick your arm all the way up there with a regular 12mm socket.

    4Runner Fuel Tank Skid Plate Strap

    There is a third bolt located by the rear sway bar link on the outside. You do not want to remove the one on the tank strap. Instead, you want to remove the one behind it, towards the rear coil.

    4Runner Factory Fuel Tank Skid Plate Removal

    Finally, there are three bolts on the outside driver’s side of the frame. These bolts will not be reused.

    Step 2. Install Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid Plate Brackets

    5th Gen 4Runner Cali Raised LED Fuel Tank Skid Plate

    There are three brackets in total, pictured above are their relative positions on the undercarriage.

    Cali Raised LED Fuel Tank Skid Plate Bracket 2

    For the rear outside mount, there is a bracket with an M fastener that will mount on the inside of the skid. Use a factory bolt to install the top of the bracket into the body.

    Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid Plate Bracket 3

    The rear inside mounting bracket will install with the larger half to the body and the smaller half to the top of the skid plate.

    Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid Plate Bracket

    The final mount will install with the 90-degree portion on the bottom and the sloping portion up top, pointing towards you.

    Step 3. Install Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid Plate

    Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid Plate For 5th Gen $Runner

    Note: A second set of hands or a floor jack is recommended for an easier installation.

    First, loosely install the three supplied 13mm bolts on the frame.

    Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid

    Next, install the three provided 3/16 Allen-head bolts through the skid plate into the brackets. You should be able to see the bracket threads through the skid plate holes.

    Step 4. Finalize Skid Plate Position

    Cali Raised LED Gas Tank Skid Plate Install

    Once the gas tank skid plate is in position, tighten all six mounting bolts. Also, tighten the three smaller bolts that attach the mounting brackets to the skid plate if you haven’t already done so.

    Final Thoughts

    4Runner Aftermarket Fuel Tank Skid Plate

    I think an aftermarket gas tank skid is crucial if you plan to do any moderate to difficult off-roading. Or, if you just want the peace of mind of more robust protection. Protecting your gas tank is just as important as the other underside because if you puncture it, you won’t be getting very far.

    I like that the Cali Raised LED gas tank skid has plenty of drainage holes so that water can’t pool up. That’s a very likely situation living in the rainy PNW.

    Installation was pretty quick and simple, but I’d like to reiterate how much a floor jack will help, especially if you’re installing it solo. The fit and finish are top-notch, so be sure to take a look at this skid if you’re in the market for one.

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    1 year ago

    I was looking at this skid plate, it looks good but I’m not sure about all those holes. I understand your point about draining but I think they will also “catch” on rocks a lot. I think a mostly smooth surface is better for a skid so that you can “slide” over obstacles.
    What’s your experience with this so far?

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