2023 4Runner Trim Levels: Which Toyota 4Runner Model Is Right For You?

4Runner Trim Levels: 5th Gen 4Runner 40th Anniversary Barcelona Red

2023 4Runner Trim Levels: An Overview Of Each Trim Level Available To Help Determine Which Might Suit You Best

Are you in the market for a brand new 4Runner this year but not sure which trim level best fits your needs?

With eight total trim levels, there’s pretty much a 4Runner for everyone’s specific needs. From a family hauler to an off-road warrior, every 4Runner offers rock-solid reliability that will get you to your destination every time.

We’ll be breaking down each of the 4Runner trim levels available for 2023 by their key features, available colors, and everything in between. Plus, we’ll give you our two cents on which trim might be right for you based on its unique characteristics.

Powertrain Configurations

4Runner Trim Levels: 2023 4Runner TRD Pro Solar Octane

While many different trim levels are available for the 2023 4Runner, the powertrain remains the same across each trim level.

All trims will continue to have the infamous 4.0L V6 engine.

The SR5 and TRD Sport models can be had with only 2WD and part-time 4WD as an upgrade option.

All other trim levels except the Limited come standard with part-time 4WD. The Limited comes standard with a full-time 4WD system.


SR5 4Runner Classic Silver Metallic

Starting Price: $39,055 (2WD)

Key Features:

  • Smart Key System w/ Push Button Start
  • Toyota Safety Sense
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Part-time 4WD as an upgrade option

The SR5 is perfect for those looking to test out the core capabilities of a 4Runner without paying the hefty price tag of the TRD trim levels.

You can pick from 5 exterior colors: Barcelona Red Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Ice Cap, and Nautical Blue Metallic. This year, Toyota upgraded the SR5 packaging options to include running boards, a third-row seat option, a sliding cargo tray, and navigation. This trim also has an available Premium Audio package.

The base model is quite overlooked by many people because it lacks all the fancy features. Yes, features are nice, but if you’re looking to daily drive, off-road, overland, or explore the great outdoors the base model does check most boxes.

The 4Runner is known for its insane resale value, body-on-frame build, bulletproof 1GR-FE V6 engine, large interior space, rugged design, and super capable off-road performance out of the box. No, it doesn’t come with 35″ tires off the lot, crawl control, TRD Pro shocks, TRD skid plates, KDSS, a cool TOYOTA grille, blacked-out wheels, or anything else that makes a 4Runner stand out. Well, guess what, you can add most of those features after you bring your base SR5 home. Just go browse our Feature Friday posts on the site and you will find that most of those builds are in fact SR5s or SR5 Premiums.

The whole point here is that you can make an SR5 your own and at the core, is already one heck of a platform to start with. After a few modifications, you can easily turn an SR5 into your dream overland rig or an OEM+ style build like a TRD Pro.

The main downside in buying an SR5 base is that you cannon add X-REAS, or KDSS later. Virtually every other modification is attainable (TRD Grille, TRD Skids, TRD Badges, heat seater mods, electronic seat mods, wheels, etc.). Keep that in mind when browsing other models below.

TRD Sport

2023 TRD Sport Lunar Rock

Starting Price: $42,415 (2WD)

Key Features:

  • 20-in Split 6-spoke Alloy Wheels
  • SofTex Seats w/ TRD Stitching
  • X-REAS Sport Enhancement Suspension
  • Part-time 4WD as an upgrade option

The TRD Sport trim gives the 4Runner a much sportier look. It comes standard with 20-inch wheels, a color-matched hood scoop, and the Toyota X-REAS suspension found in the Limited trim.

Unlike the SR5, your only option for the interior is the very popular Toyota SofTex. This material is similar to leather but much more durable to withstand whatever you can throw at them. The available exterior colors include those of the SR5 but also add Classic Silver Metalic, Lunar Rock, and Lime Rush. With the TRD Sport, you also get TRD badging on the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

With this trim level, you can have automatic running boards and a Panoramic View Monitor. The latter is a valuable feature that allows you to see in front, behind, either side, and a bird’s eye view of the truck to ensure that you don’t hit anything, especially out on the trails.

If you like the look of the Limited trim but not the price tag and are willing to sacrifice a few of the luxuries, the TRD Sport can be an excellent option for you.

SR5 Premium

2023 SR5 Premium Nautical Blue

Starting Price: $42,615 (2WD)

Key Features:

  • Blind Spot Monitor w/ Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Heated Side Mirrors w/ Turn Signal Indicators
  • Heated Front Seats
  • 8-Way Power Adjustable Driver Seat w/ Lumbar Support
  • 4-Way Power Adjustable Passenger Seat
  • HomeLink Universal Garage Transceiver
  • Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
  • Navigation Included
  • Part-time 4WD as an upgrade option

Think of the SR5 Premium as a deluxe SR5. For about $3,000 more, you can choose between tan or black SofTex interiors and the added option of the Classic Silver Metalic exterior paint color.

Similar to the TRD Sport, you will have the option to add the Panoramic View Monitor as well as a Power Moon Roof.

I have a 2021 4Runner SR5 Premium and love it. With the extra money I saved from not buying a higher-end TRD trim, I could build it exactly how I wanted with aftermarket parts. I have similar capabilities to any of the TRD trims and even some of the luxuries of the Limited trim. If you don’t need the factory-locking rear differential or KDSS, the SR5 Premium is an excellent option.

TRD Off-Road

2023 TRD Off Road Magnetic Gray Metallic

Starting Price: $43,400 (4WD)

Key Features:

  • 17-in Machined Alloy Wheels
  • Red-Stitched TRD Logo Headrests
  • Crawl Control, Muli-Terrain Select, Locking Rear Differential
  • KDSS (Optional)

The TRD Off-Road (labeled the Trail Edition from 2014-2016) is the first trim in the 4Runner lineup that has a locking rear differential standard and KDSS (marked optional, however, is considered standard).

Because it comes with a locking rear differential, it’s more capable off-road than the SR5, and TRD Sport trim levels. This feature isn’t always necessary for off-roading, but it’s another very important tool that can be used if you ever get into a sticky situation.

And, because the TRD Off-Road has Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), it’s also more capable on-road as well. KDSS, much like XREAS, is designed to reduce the Toyota 4Runner’s notorious body roll, nose dive, and general poor on-road handling.

The TRD Off-Road is likely one of the most sought-after 4Runner trims on the market because it offers a rear locking diff and KDSS.

For color options, you’re looking at the same options as the TRD Sport, and a black cloth interior is standard.

This model comes standard with Toyota’s Multi-Terrain Select, which features Rock, Rock/Dirt, Mogul, Loose Rock, or Mud & Sand modes. You also get the Crawl Control system standard on this trim (which very few people actually use off-road). This is essentially off-road cruise control that can apply power or braking to each wheel individually. It can be used at speeds between 1 and 5 mph. Some say that this is especially helpful if you are stuck on a challenging obstacle while off-roading but the people that have this would say they use their rear locking differential more often. 

This KDSS suspension system offers better comfort and control in both off-road and on-road conditions.

The TRD Off-Road is a win-win for everyone!

TRD Off-Road Premium

2023 TRD Off Road Premium Barcelona Red

Starting Price: $45,980 (4WD)

Key Features:

  • SofTex Seats
  • Heated Side Mirrors w/ Turn Signal Indicators
  • Crawl Control & Multi-Terrain Select

The TRD Off-Road Premium includes all of the off-road tech and features of the non-premium model and adds some luxury appointments, such as SofTex seats.

Exterior color choices are the same as the TRD Sport and standard Off-Road trim levels. Similar to the SR5 Premium, this trim level also comes standard with heated side mirrors, turn signal indicators, navigation, and TRD interior badging. You can also add a Power Moonroof, KDSS, and the Panoramic View Monitor.

40th Anniversary Special Edition

4Runner Trim Levels: 2023 40th Anniversary Special Edition 4Runner Ice Cap

Starting Price: $47,120 (4WD)

Key Features:

  • 17-in Bronze Alloy Wheels
  • Toyota Heritage Color-Keyed Front Grille
  • Limited Production Badging
  • Heritage Stripes

The 40th Anniversary Special Edition is exclusive for the 2023 model year. To celebrate 40 years of the 4Runner, Toyota has released this special edition based on the SR5 Premium trim level and will only produce 4,040 units.

The 40th Anniversary Special Edition is a modern take on Toyota’s original branding. It sports the heritage yellow, orange, and red stripes made famous by Ivan “Ironman” Stewart during his Toyota truck racing career. The 40th Anniversary Special Edition will also come standard with bronze accents throughout the truck, including the wheels, the stitching on the seats, and interior and exterior badging.

This trim is limited to Barcelona Red Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, or Ice Cap exterior colors but will come with a color-matched heritage front grille. Since this is a special edition trim level, no upgrades or packages are available.

If you want a 4Runner that stands out straight off the showroom floor, this is an excellent option for you (if you can find one).


4Runner Trim Levels: 2023 4Runner Limited Black

Starting Price: $48,790 (4WD)

Key Features:

  • 20-in Split 6-Spoke Alloy Wheels
  • Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Perforated Leather-Trimmed Seats
  • Full-Time 4WD
  • X-REAS Suspension

If you’re looking for a 4Runner with all the bells and whistles, the Limited is the trim for you!

The Limited comes standard with modern luxuries that you would expect from its Lexus cousins. You also get the Panoramic View Monitor, front and rear parking sensors, JBL speaker system, and auto on-and-off headlights.

Since this trim is fully loaded, the only available option is a third-row and automatic running boards.

There are three genuine leather options for the interior upholstery: Black, Sand Beige, and Redwood. Each of these upholstery options will dictate the available exterior color options.


2023 TRD Pro Solar Octane

Starting Price: $54,020

Key Features:

  • 17-in Matte-Black Flow-Formed TRD Alloy Wheels
  • TRD-Stamped Aluminum Front Skid Plate
  • TRD Fox High-Performance Shocks & TRD-Tuned Front Springs

Finally, we have the TRD Pro trim, the best of the best in terms of off-road capability straight from the factory. This trim is the ultimate off-roader because you can pick it up from the dealership and be out in the mountains on the same day.

Think of the TRD Pro as a combination of the TRD Off-Road Premium and Limited trims. You will get all the comfort and luxury of the Limited while having all the off-road features and tech of the TRD-Off Road Premium. However, with the TRD Pro, you will get the popular TRD Pro heritage front grille, TRD-stamped aluminum skid plates, and the TRD Pro roof rack.

This trim level will also come standard with upgraded Fox suspension, and the locking rear differential found in the TRD Off-Road trim levels. Unlike the TRD Off-Road Premium, however, you also get the dual-zone automatic climate control only available in the Limited trim.

As an added plus, the TRD Pro always features an exclusive Toyota color for a given year. This year, that color is Solar Octane (for an additional $425). Else, you can pick from Ice Cap, Magnetic Gray Metallic, and Midnight Black Metallic.

Final Thoughts

4Runner Trim Levels: 2022 TRD Pro Lime Rush

If you are new to the off-roading scene and want to build the truck of your dreams that can also fit all of your family members, the SR5 line will work best. With its lower price point, optional third-row seating, and very similar setup to some of the TRD models, you’ll find that the SR5 is often more than capable.

If you are looking for an off-road-ready truck that doesn’t need many modifications, the TRD Off-Road and Pro trims might be the better option. Both trim levels need little to no upgrades and can handle nearly anything you throw at them.

If you are looking for something more refined and on-road focused, we suggest the TRD Sport, Limited, or even the TRD Off-Road because it has KDSS. The core features like X-REAS suspension will perform noticeably better on the pavement.

Whether you are in the market for a reliable family truck or are looking for your next overlander, there’s a 4Runner trim level for you!

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Gail Frohnert
Gail Frohnert
6 months ago

The SR5 also comes in Classic Silver – in fact your illustration shoes this and that is the model and color I chose. But wish I saw this article before choosing – probably would have picked the SR5 Premium, but am still enjoying my basic SR5. It drives smoother than I expected.

Last edited 6 months ago by Gail Frohnert
John Wallet
John Wallet
1 year ago

I went with the Off Road Premium because it was $10k cheaper than the pro and I knew I wanted to install my own suspension package and other upgrades. Also, I wanted Super White and I didn’t need to get a Pro to get that color.

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