5th Gen 4Runner Sliding Cargo Tray Swap – Install & Parts List

Cargo Tray Swap into 5th Gen 4Runner - How To Guide

5th Gen 4Runner SR5 Cargo Tray Install – Complete Sliding Cargo Tray Swap

The sliding rear cargo tray for the 4Runner wasn’t something I ever thought I would need let alone want, but here I am using it all the time.

Now there was nothing wrong with the cargo area in the 4Runner at all, it’s plenty spacious and does the job well, but the cargo slide tray does have its perks. Saving my back by using the slideout tray is one of the main perks. Having to jump inside the cargo area to grab something can be a pain sometimes. Having a slide tray allows you to pull out the tray and easily access heavy items. Yes, it works for sitting on as well. And yes, it works for other creature comforts like setting up snack plates while hanging out by the lake and river.

We love the slide tray now and can’t imagine a world where we wouldn’t use it.

Where to find a sliding cargo tray?

If your 4Runner did not come with a sliding tray then you have a couple of options. While you can contact Toyota and buy a tray directly from them, it’s easier and way more cost-effective to find one on Marketplace or from another 4Runner owner looking to get rid of theirs. I see them listed for around $300 – $500 on there and if you source all the parts on your own, they can be upwards of $2,000 with all the included hardware from Toyota. I actually picked this one up from Brenan @Trail4R in exchange for this post because he was getting a new drawer system and had no use for the slide tray any longer. I would recommend finding one on Craiglist, Facebook marketplace, or just hitting a lot of guys up on Instagram.


  • It makes pulling things out of the back easier
  • Built-in storage box is perfect for storing gear out of sight
  • Great for sitting on when you have no chairs
  • Great for setting up snack plates
  • Great for lake and summer days!
  • Holds up to 440lbs
  • OEM quality


  • Takes up 4-5″ of room off the ground
  • OE parts are expensive from the dealership

Parts Overview for Cargo Slide Tray (if you don’t have one): 

  • Undertray carpet liner
  • Sliding rail sub-assembly
  • Horizontal storage box and cargo tie-downs
  • Cargo tie-down brackets (2x)
  • Sliding tray
  • Carpet liner (1x)
  • Carpeted access covers (2x)
  • All mounting hardware

Part Numbers: 

  • Rail assembly 58400-3501
  • Tray assembly 58410-35020-c2
  • Bottom carpet assembly 58570-35160-c1
  • Anchor assembly (×2) 64722-35010-c0
  • Tray cover left 58704-35010-c2
  • Tray cover right 58703-35010-c2
  • Floor cover box 58480-35041-c2
  • Slide bracket left 58457-35010
  • Slide bracket right 58456-35010
  • Total OEM Toyota Cargo Slide Tray Cost: $1300-$1500

Install Overview

5th Gen 4Runner SR5 Sliding Rear Cargo Tray Installation

Tools & Materials

Step 1. Remove Cargo Tie-Downs

5th Gen 4Runner Stock Rear Tie-Down Points

First, we are going to remove your old factory cargo liner. Start by removing the cargo tie-downs closest to the rear seats. There is an access cover you will flip up (flat head screwdriver or pry tools will do the trick) and access and remove the bolts. Once you have both screws and sides removed the entire panel will pop off and be able to be removed.

Step 2. Remove Trim Piece and Weather Stripping

5th Gen 4Runner Rear Trim Piece Removal

Now make your way to the weatherstripping at the back of the hatch.  Gently remove the weatherstripping from around the plastic trim piece holding your carpet down. Mine was dirty and sticky so this would be a great time to wipe it down and clean it.

Once the weatherstripping is removed grab yourself a flathead and start popping out the plastic rivets that are holding your plastic trim piece down.  These pop out super easily and don’t require much force.  I found out that you do not need to remove the plastic trim piece from the back,  just pry it out enough to be able to unclip the carpeted liner (use the flathead to assist).

Step 3. Remove the Old Floor Liner

5th Gen 4Runner Floor Liner Removal

Remove the carpet and carpet pad because now you are done with this entire removal step. Now that you have your carpeted liner out and you are looking at bare metal, you might as well take a minute and vacuum this thing. Mine was very dirty and to be honest I’m quite ashamed at how much debris was attached to my liner because I generally find myself to be a clean person.

Step 4. Install New Floor Liner

5th Gen 4Runner Sliding Rear Cargo Tray Floor Liner Install

Let’s start by putting in our new floor liner. The sliding cargo tray floor liner has a raised ‘U shape’ in the middle of the floor. This step is fairly easy and should only take a few minutes. The new liner plops right down into place and only requires a little bit of maneuvering to get it to sit under the sides by the wheel wells.

Next, clip it back under the plastic trim piece (where you unclipped the old liner), pop the rivets back into place and you are good to go.  Carefully put the weatherstripping back into place and make sure it is secure as it is prone to tearing.

Step 5. Install New Tie-Down Brackets

5th Gen 4Runner Sliding Rear Bracket Install

Next, we will go back to where we removed the rear tie-downs and replace the bracket bolted to the floor.  Your old brackets will not work and the new ones will be much larger and have a piece that will come off the side.  Make sure the long angled side points away from the center of the 4Runner and the arrow is pointing towards the front of your Runner. The new brackets will fit in the same spot the old ones did but are directional.  Your natural instinct tells you to complete this step and install the entire new top cargo box, but don’t do that quite yet.

Step 6. Install Track Rails

5th Gen 4Runner Sliding Rear Cargo Tray Sliding Rails Install

Now is time to assemble the slide assembly. I like to make sure everything fits before I start to put in bolts and tighten so bear with me here. The two long heavy slides will go on either side of the upside-down U-liner. Make sure to place them with the locking edge side out. (you will know what mean just by looking at it).

Next lay the long track piece with the rollers at the base by the rear of the assembly. There is only one way this fits and you will know it when the holes line up together. Lastly, there is a long thin metal bar that will go at the top of the assembly and this is going to slide over and attach with 2 nuts on either side (4 in total).  Once I tightened these down I started to start bolting everything back down. Do it in this order and I assure you everything will line up perfectly. 2 bolts attach the top to the floor and then 2 bolts on either side at the bottom attach the rolling portion to the long sliding rail assembly.

Step 7. Drill Hole for Slide Assembly

5th Gen 4Runner Sliding Rear Cargo Drill Installation

This is the part where I second-guessed myself!  In order for the sliding assembly to attach to the 4Runner at the bottom, you have to drill. Now not all 4Runners are made the same but apparently, they all have a threaded hole in the same spot and we are going to find it. Seriously tho, there is a threaded hold hidden under the floor pan and the only thing in your way is a pesky thin metal sheet.

If everything previously is lined up (which it is) you will have the exact spot where to drill. If you have a step-up drill bit… good for you because you’re going to use it. At this point, a step-up drill bit is worth every penny you have paid for it; if not, then you are going to use a 3/4″ drill bit and slowly step your way from a pilot hole to a 10mm hole.

Seriously… don’t rush this. It will not take long to get through the thin sheet metal of the floor pan and you don’t want to strip the threads because you rushed it.

Celebrate this accomplishment by putting in the final 2 bolts and knowing your sliding cargo tray assembly is secured like no other.

Step 8. Install Rear Storage Box

5th Gen 4Runner Sliding Rear Cargo Tray Stock Storage Box

At this point, I then went back and installed the rest of the top cargo box. Remember the bolts holding down the old tie-downs previously?  You are going to use them again right now. Put the cargo box on and the two bolts will line up and secure everything together.

The cargo box ends up overlapping 2 spots on the cargo tray slide assembly that would otherwise not fit snugly if you had installed the cargo box before this step. I know this because I was eager earlier in the install and had to remove it when I found out I messed up. This probably is one of my favorite parts of the whole thing, to be honest. It’s a super nice spot to put your jumper cables or some tie-downs. Do your own thing with it but extra storage is always appreciated.

Step 9. Install Cargo Tray

5th Gen 4Runner SR5 Sliding Rear Cargo Tray Install

Lastly, slide your cargo tray onto the sliding assembly. It is attached by 2 bolts on either side and locks that bad boy into place. Before I secured them I made sure that the locking portion of the tray worked and engaged and disengaged the whole thing. Once I made sure I didn’t mess up, I tightened everything down. There are 2 black carpeted covers that fit over the assembly (mine didn’t come with those so I used a cargo tray liner to cover them)… and you’re done!

Final Thoughts

SR5 4Runner Sliding Rear Cargo Tray

In conclusion, I absolutely love this thing. It’s not a mod I had originally planned on doing but I’m glad I did it. Would I have bought one from Toyota a paid a fortune to get it? Absolutely not. But would I buy a used one for cheap? You bet.

Toyota states the cargo tray can hold up to 440 pounds while it’s extended. I weigh about 200 pounds and put all my weight on the end of it and so far there are no issues whatsoever. The sliding cargo tray is going to be perfect for spending days at the lake, or just hanging out on the trail.

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9 months ago

Do you have the part numbers for the mat covering the tray? Is it not a separate part?

1 year ago

I would love one! But where do I find one? Just pray to find one on eBay or offer up?

1 year ago

Thanks for the handy write up! I just successfully installed a tray in my 22` TRD Pro. I had no luck on finding a used setup so I ordered from a dealer and wanted to note in your parts list you will need the 4 screws to attach the slide to the body and then 6 screws to attach the tray to the slide. Those part numbers are:

  • 91672F1025 (x4)
  • 9011908C79 (x 6)

Again, thanks for the write-up!

1 year ago

Nice writeup Brian. I swapped mine out on my ’18 a few years ago after buying from another forum member within a reasonable distance. Install is simple with a tutorial like yours.

I love mine, and use it for my Nomad Kitchen. However, one of the drawbacks of the tray is that it does not come with any integrated tie-down points. I added four to mine at each side corner by drilling through the tray and installing U-bolts with fender washers. It’s not pretty, but it works!

In addition to the small under-floor cargo box in front of the tray, there is also space underneath it to keep some tools. I found a cheap Harbor Freight socket/tool set that holds everything in place and fits just right when opened flat.

nomad in paradise 3 (2).jpg
1 year ago

Hello. I have 2022 TRD OFF ROAD PREMIUM and notice that my slide cargo tray is making some noise especially when its bumpy, any suggestions on what to do on the noise?

1 year ago

I have two T-shaped brackets welded into the cargo area floor of my 2016. I’m still trying to figure out why someone welded them in. I was hoping this was the answer but it doesnt look like it. Any ideas??

1 year ago

I would love to have one but I can’t find any used

1 year ago

Can you go from the sliding tray to a normal cargo area? I dont like my tray and hardly use it, i would much prefer a regular trunk. Any parts you might recommend or sites to look at?

6 months ago
Reply to  Nikki

Did you get rid of your sliding cargo deck?

Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen
11 months ago
Reply to  Nikki

I have normal cargo for you if you need.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nikki

Would you want to sell yours?

Tarik Khan
Tarik Khan
1 year ago

Hi, can I put this sliding cargo deck on my 4runner 2021 TRD PRO?

J Money
J Money
1 year ago
Reply to  Tarik Khan

Yes, you can. The parts are available through your Toyota Dealership but typically run about $3000 without installation.

David Ullmann
David Ullmann
1 year ago

Awesome instructions. It took me about an hour.

Steven Mason
Steven Mason
1 year ago

Hi Brian, thanks for the post It was great. I’m living in Canada, I bought a Toyota 4 runner 2018. Try to get Toyota to install a cargo pull-out bed for me they don’t do it in Canada. Brian any suggestions on where I can look the purchase one of these, thanks.

Riverside Yankee
Riverside Yankee
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Mason

Are you saying that none of the 4runners sold in canada came with the slide out cargo tray? I live in SoCal and was able to find one on Offerup pretty easily. Check that out or whatever secondhand goods app you have up there e.g., Craiglist, etc. Good luck

Scott Hannah
Scott Hannah
1 year ago
  • How deep is the built-in storage box? And you say this under the Con “Takes up 4-5″ of room off the ground” so the tray is up higher than the original floor that you stared out with?
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