YotaVerse Door Jam Clean-Up Kit for the 5th Gen 4Runner – Install & Review

YotaVerse Door Jam Clean-Up Kit Components, 5th Gen 4Runner

Tidy Up Your Door Jam With a Door Jam Clean-Up Kit From YotaVerse

Does seeing all of the exposed hardware in your 4Runner’s door jam ever annoy you? Does it especially stand out more because you have a darker paint color? If so, then you may want to consider this new kit from YotaVerse that might have you wondering why Toyota didn’t include these finishes in the first place.

This kit includes several black overlays to cover up the door latch (with two different styles to choose from), the door stop hinge, and the door locks. YotaVerse offers this kit in a 2-door or 4-door option and will help shield these components from grease, dirt and debris.

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The best part is, this “tidying” mod requires no tools to install as all of the parts adhere either with two-sided tape or, they can just snap right into place.

Step 1. Install Adhesive Door Latch Cover

5th Gen 4Runner Door Jam Latch, Prepping Area

5th Gen 4Runner Door Jam Latch YotaVerse Cover

The install process is as simple as can be; simply wipe down all hardware with the supplied alcohol wipes, peel off the adhesive backing and press the door latch cover into place. Repeat the process on the remaining doors.

Step 2. Install Door Bolt Covers

5th Gen 4Runner Door Jam Bolts, Torx, White 5th Gen 4Runner

5th Gen 4Runner Door Jam Bolts, YotaVerse Torx Covers, White 5th Gen 4Runner

Repeat the process described above by wiping down all of the bolts and surrounding areas with the supplied alcohol wipes. Once dry, peel the adhesive backing from the bolt covers and firmly press them into place. Repeat this process on the remaining two bolts and on every other door with the kit you purchased.

Step 2. Install Door Hinge Cover

5th Gen 4Runner Door Jam Hinge, White 5th Gen 4Runner

5th Gen 4Runner Door Jam Hinge Cover, YotaVerse, White 5th Gen 4Runner

There is no adhesive backing for this final piece. Simply slide the black covers over the hinge and they will snap into place. Repeat this process for the remaining doors.

Final Thoughts

I’ll admit, a door clean-up kit wasn’t one of the mods that came top of mind to me. And, no one may notice now that I’ve done it!

However, it’s oddly satisfying to know that all of the hardware is now covered and a bit more protected from the elements. On top of that, it just looks a whole heck of a lot cleaner. Leave it to Toyota to leave these basic parts uncovered because in keeping the theme with our 4Runners, less is more.

In the comments below, let me your thoughts on this door clean-up kit. Or, if you even realized that they were exposed parts in the first place.

As a final note, if I’ve now shed some light on them and it now bugs you, I sincerely apologize!

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21 days ago


Grant Black
Grant Black
21 days ago

It looks good. I prefer a more naked and exposed look as well as access to my hardware, but i can appreciate that little touches like this elevate a vehicle a bit. More luxury means a lot of little things like sound deadening, anti rattle designs, etc. I kinda view this kit as like that.

21 days ago

Lmao. No one ever thought of this because literally no one cares about their 4runner door jam hardware 🤣

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