Introducing the Step22 Hedgehog Toiletry Roll – Storage for Essentials on the Trails

Step22 Hedgehog Toiletry Roll

Trail Impressions: The Step 22 Hedgehog Toiletry Roll is a Must-Have on the Trails – Great for Solo Adventurers and Families Alike

The more things that I accumulate for my rig, the more I realize how important organization is to keeping it all clean, tidy, and accessible. One company that can really help out in this department is Step22. If you haven’t heard of them, go check out their site as soon as you get done with this article.

Step22 has all kinds of goodies from their previously covered tool roll to softboxes (stingray flat box) that help pack everything away for your next trip. Today I’ll be highlighting their Hedgehog Toiletry Roll.

This roll is their largest toiletry roll and is a great option for carrying multiple people’s toiletries for a trip. It rolls up nicely into a small bag for tucking away into small spaces and unrolls to allow access to every pocket and pouch. If you don’t have a specific toiletry bag for your trips, you should definitely give this one a look

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Step22 Hedgehog Toiletry Roll, Unrolled, Multiple Pouches and Features

A tool roll can be incredibly deceiving once it’s all cinched up. Therein lies the beauty of Step22’s Hedgehog Toiletry Roll:

  • Rolled & Cinched Up – 10.5” wide, 7” tall, 5” deep (empty but depending on how it’s filled, these might be a little bigger)
  • Unrolled – When hanging, the roll stretches out to a whopping 29”, not including the hook. The bottom pouch can open up to 12” wide, 8” tall, and 5” deep.

The Hedgehog roll features a total of seven (7) different compartments:

  • Two (2) mesh pockets
  • One (1) zippered pocket
  • One (1) open pocket
  • Two (2) removable zippered pouches
  • One (1) bottom pouch
  • One (1) integrated mirror

Pockets, Pouches & Details

Step22 Hedgehog Toiletry Roll Detachable Mesh Pockets

With all of these pockets, there is a home for almost anything that one would bring on most getaways. The majority of the bag is made from a water-repellent material that makes cleaning a breeze. The zippers have easy pull strings on them which is really helpful if you’re using this in dark or cold conditions.

What I liked most were the removable zippered pouches. They’ve allowed me to grab some of my important items quickly and securely so I could get ready without having to be right next to the vehicle. You can also take the removable pouches for a quick trip if you really want to save space. The Hedgehog gives you multiple bags in one!

There are also two different ways to hang the roll. There is an attached hook that can be used to hang the bag from a roof rack or molle panel. The other option is a strap that can be looped over almost anything that hooks back onto itself.

Initial Impressions

Step22 Hedgehog Toiletry Roll, Hanging, Unrolled, 5th Gen 4Runner, Gobi Rack, Integrated Hook

The first time I held the bag, I was really impressed with the material. Like most of Step22’s products, they use heavy-duty materials to make sure they will stand up over time. They use the same material in their toiletry bags as their tool rolls. I also know I can trust the pouches to keep any liquids contained when something inevitably spills.

The design of the roll allows for a lot of items to be stuffed into the pockets and pouches and still stay secure once everything is closed and rolled up. I also liked the small mirror that was included. The fact that it can either be velcroed on or just tucked into a pocket was a win for me.

Step22 Hedgehog Toiletry Roll Detachable Mesh Pouch

With my first use, I was able to load this bag up with toothbrushes for the family, toothpaste, deodorants, an eye contact case with solution, and a few simple makeup items for my wife (all with plenty of room to spare). Even with the pouches and pockets filled, I had room on another trip to add a couple of medium-sized bottles in the main pouch beside the roll. It’s a great bag for a small family and the solo traveler alike. 

Final Thoughts

Step22 Hedgehog Toiletry Roll, Unrolled, Integrated Hanging Hook, 5th Gen 4Runner Tailgate

Step22 really knocked it out of the park with this bag. I know it’s just a toiletry bag but it carries some very essential things. They’ve built it to be super durable, easy to clean, and easy to use. Its design allows the roll to hold a whole host of items while still keeping things organized and separated. That also helps to alleviate the risk of something spilling and getting all over everything else in your bag. The removable pouches are a great feature as I was able to pull them off to use for a solo trip and save on space.

I really love the versatility of the Hedgehog Toiletry roll. It was clearly built with adventurers in mind!

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