Color Matched TRD Pro Grille with Black “TOYOTA” Letters from TSO

Color Matched TRD Pro Grille on 5th Gen 4Runner

Introducing the All-New Trail Standard Offroad (TSO) Color Matched TRD Pro Grille on 5th Gen 4Runner

The TRD Pro Grille is nothing new, however today we’re looking at one of the newest updates to the TRD Pro Grille we’ve ever seen.

We’re all familiar with the aftermarket TRD Pro Grille mod as it’s been around for the last six years. You can get this grille from China on the cheap, and many third-party Instagram brands sell the living daylights out of these things. Everyone is, for the most part, selling the same pro grille… except for TSO (Trail Standard Offroad). TSO was actually the first company to offer the blank grille garnish. Then they released the white color-matched garnish and they continue to bring the newest products out.

The Pro Grille is a super popular mod, and for good reason, they make every stock 4Runner look freaking badass. I’m a big fan of the TRD Pro Grille. Today we’re color matching our MGM (metal gray metallic) 4Runner, Jade, with a brand new Trail Standard Off-road color-matched TRD Pro Grille. They currently have MGM, Silver, and White in stock ready to ship.

Find it online: 

  • Color Matched TRD Pro Grille (MGM & Silver): Discontinued for now
  • Color Matched TRD Pro Grille (White): Check Price
  • Satin Black with “4Runner” or “Trail” Letters: Check Price

At the time of this post, they are offering a limited-time Black Friday sale.

Trail Standard Off-Road (TSO)

Trail Standard Off-Road (TSO)

No stranger to the brand, we actually installed the TSO blank grille a few years ago on our white 4Runner.

Trail Standard Off-Road (TSO) has been a leader in the aftermarket pro grille market for a little over 5 years now and they continue to innovate. They were the original aftermarket pro grille alternative with options all made in the USA. Since then TSO has branched out into retrofitting grilles with the “4RUNNER” letters and the “TRAIL” letters.

They even offer a white color-matched grille along with their all-new low-profile winch bumper; the “Incog” that can be outfitted with a high-clearance addition. They still offer the incredibly popular “TOYOTA” letters but now are offering them in black.

Black TOYOTA Letters

Color Matched TRD Pro Grille from TSO - Review & Overview

WOW – the black letters are a pretty sick look.

As soon as I saw the TSO black letters for the pro grille, I wanted a set. Since 2015 when the first TRD Pro 4Runner came out, all that was really available were the silver letters but now TSO has them in black. I wonder what’s next… white, cav blue, army green… the possibilities are endless. Really stoked with the outcome on the MGM. You can see the letters contrast on the MGM in just about all lights but at night in the dark, it does start to blend in a bit.

Color Matched Options

Color Matched Grille Options

Secondary to the all-new black letters, TSO just brought color-matched grille garnishes to the 4Runner. Pictured here is the MGM (metal gray metallic) paint on my 4Runner with a grille varnish to match. You can’t tell a difference between the two, they are spot-on in terms of color match.

Letter Options

Color Matched Letter Options from TSO

Trail Standard Off-Road (TSO) offers the “TOYOTA”, “4RUNNER”, and “TRAIL” letters for their color-matched grilles. They also offer each letter combination in silver or black. If you really wanted to get creative, you could opt for a “TRAIL4R” letter combination. That would be rad. Although TSO doesn’t list it on their site, if you reach out, they might be able to hook you up.

Final Thoughts

Color Matched TRD Pro Grille on 5th Gen 4Runner

This MGM color-matched grille with black letters came out extremely well. Impressive TSO, thanks for hooking us up.

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Patrick Lawrence
Patrick Lawrence
2 years ago

I found similar when i purchased and made the swap out for the Pro grill…on my all white SR5…i loved that it not only made me ‘Pro’ looking, but the all black lettering gave me a small piece of uniqueness. I guess now i will have to share…

2 years ago

Looks great! Something different in a sea of black pro grills

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