LASFit Interior LED Bulbs: Cargo Trunk + Map Lights

LASFit White LEDs for Cargo Trunk and Map Light Bulbs – Install & Review for 5th Gen 4Runner

One of the latest things to update on my 4Runner is the interior lights. I really don’t know why I waited so long. After replacing a few bulbs, I can say this is an update that everyone needs to make.

I chose to go with LASFit based on their price and the quality of their other products and am not disappointed.

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Install Overview

Updating the interior lighting can be done a little at a time. I highly recommend looking at where you would most benefit from an update and order those bulbs first. I chose to start with the cargo and map lights since this is where I noticed the stock bulbs were most deficient.

Replacing the stock bulbs is a simple task. I can not recommend a plastic pry tool set enough. The one above is cheap and has multiple tools for any application.

Cargo Lights

To remove the cargo light assembly, insert your pry tool on the right side. There is a metal clip that can be pressed inwards, toward the assembly and then pried outward.

Both the driver’s and passenger’s side assemblies have metal clips on the right side.

There are four clips holding the clear plastic cover on the housing. You can see the top right in the photo with the other three on each corner.

From this stage, you can either remove the front cover or remove the assembly completely. I found it was easier to remove the assembly and work carefully on the plastic cover.

Install the new bulbs with the chips facing outward as shown. Now you will just reverse the steps to reinstall the assembly.

Map Lights

The map lights sit just underneath the push buttons. Insert your pry tool into the small gap in the front of the plastic cover and pry outward.

I used Brenan’s tape trick to remove the stock map lights. Feel free to reference that article if you haven’t removed the factory bulbs before.

Installing the new bulbs is as easy as pushing them into the slot. I did have to put a little bit of pressure onto the bulb to make sure that it was seated all the way.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these lights really change the visibility inside your vehicle. I cannot believe that Toyota continues to sell new vehicles with such subpar lighting.

Even in the light of day, you can see a significant enhancement.

The cargo lights were significantly brighter. When camping and fishing, I found myself using a headlamp a lot of the time before. These enabled me to see everything while saving precious batteries in the portable lights.

My only negative to these lights is the 6000k temperature of the map light. My wife isn’t a fan of the color and refers to it as ” hospital white”. If LASfit could offer bulbs in a 5000k option, I would find that a little easier on the eyes. This is, of course, a personal preference and by no means a deal-breaker.

If you are looking to update your interior lights, I would definitely check out LASFit. Their prices are superb and I find that the output is a good balance of bright, without being blinding.

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Andy Strubberg Jr
Andy Strubberg Jr
3 days ago

Would you recommend lasfit high and low beam bulbs ?

8 months ago

Does this kit include the two tailgate lights as shown in the photo?

Gage Gordon
Gage Gordon
8 months ago
Reply to  Dillon

Hey Dillon, you will order the bulbs in pairs. So for the cargo area you will need to order 1 pack of the 31mm (L-31) bulbs.

8 months ago
Reply to  Gage Gordon

I ordered one of each T-10 and L-31. Do I need to order two of one of them to replace all the lights inside?

Gage Gordon
Gage Gordon
8 months ago
Reply to  Dillon

What you have ordered will replace the map lights and the cargo lights like mentioned in this post. If you want to replace the rest of the interior lights (the door lights and the dome light) you will need two more packs (4 total) of the T-10 and one more pack of the L-31.

Brenan has a write up with all the bulbs that are needed to replace all the interior lights of you want to check it out.

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