Affordable 5th Gen 4Runner Floor Mats from 3D MAXpider – Full Review

3D MAXpider All-Weather KAGU Rubber Floor Mats Review for 5th Gen 4Runner + 3rd-Row Seat

3D MAXpider All-Weather KAGU Rubber Floor Mats Review for 5th Gen 4Runner + 3rd-Row Seat

There is no shortage of all-weather floor mats for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

When it comes to advertisement, you’d more likely than not have seen companies like Husky and WeatherTech glamorize their products. I don’t have any experience with those branded floor mats but for my 5th Gen, I had the OEM All Weather mats for about 6 years until I decided they were not doing their job. The fitment was great but they were not covering enough.

They were basically the same size as the carpeted ones which means the rest of your floor WILL get dirty. I hated having to clean out my truck after a trip in the snow because dirt and mud would stain beyond the edge of those floor mats. I didn’t want the super rubberized look from Husky and WeatherTech either and I needed floor mats for the 3rd-row seats as well.

Luckily, I stumbled upon these 3D MAXspider more than two years ago and couldn’t be any happier.

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What is MAXpider?

3D MAXpider All-Weather KAGU Rubber Floor Mats Review for 5th Gen 4Runner + 3rd-Row Seat

Unlike solid rubber floor mats from the usual companies, these ones made by 3D MAXpider are quite unique. Rather than being composed of a solid piece of rubber, these floor mats consist of three different layers of material. The surface (top) layer has a cool looking weave pattern that helps with grip and retains debris. The middle layer is made of foam. The bottom layer looks like Velcro which helps keep the floor mats stay in place.

Along with the three-layered materials, these floor mats are raised along the edge to help retain the dirt you drag in with your shoes. The driver side floor mat has two holes to lock it in place for safety reasons. The rear (middle) row floor mat is one long piece that also covers the driveshaft hump.

Essentially these floor mats are covering almost all crucial areas. What I like about 3D is that they also have a floor mat for people with the 3rd-row option. For some reason, Toyota does not make this floor mat and many companies did not bother to invest in it.

3D versus OEM

3D MAXpider All-Weather KAGU Rubber Floor Mats Review for 5th Gen 4Runner + 3rd-Row Seat

Compared to the OEM All-Weather floor mats, the difference with the 3D Maxpider is night and day.

The 3D feels lighter but appears more rugged. That isn’t to say the OEM ones weren’t durable, they lasted over 6 years until I sold them. One big complaint about the OEM floor mats is that they don’t stay in place. Other than the driver side floor mat which is locked in place, the front and rear passenger floor mats tend to slide all over the place. With the 3D Maxpider, the issue isn’t as significant. Those Velcro bottom did help with grip and keep them in place.

A second knock on the OEM floor mats is the tiny lip around the edge, or the lack thereof did not help keep the mud from drifting off to the side. What’s the point of having all-weather floor mats when your floor carpet will get dirty as well?

A third knock on the OEM floor mats is the size of the mats. They’re identical to the stock carpeted floor mats so they fit well for aesthetic but not very functional.


3D MAXpider All-Weather KAGU Rubber Floor Mats Review for 5th Gen 4Runner + 3rd-Row Seat

Okay, enough with the negatives of the OEM floor mats.

What I like about the 3D Maxpider are opposite the things I’ve mentioned above about the OEM. After a long wild and fun trip and adding a fresh layer of mud or snow both inside and outside of my 4Runner, cleaning the inside no longer feels like an inconvenience. I simply remove the 3D floor mats and give them a fresh spray with the pressure washer. Sometimes the stain is stubborn so they need a little scrubbing. That’s about all there is to clean them. Since they cover the floor from edge to edge and to the door sill, I rarely had to do extra cleaning with the carpet.

We all want to have fun when we’re going on adventures, unfortunately, there is cleaning afterward. With these 3D Maxpider, cleaning is at a minimum so more time to thoroughly clean the exterior.

Final Thoughts

3D MAXpider All-Weather KAGU Rubber Floor Mats Review for 5th Gen 4Runner + 3rd-Row Seat

If I must point out a con about the 3D Maxpider, that will be I wish the 3rd-row floor mat would have a bit more weight so they don’t move and lift as easily.

Luckily though, those seats aren’t used as often, and am glad there’s a floor mat there to protect the carpet. I’ve had these floor mats for over two years and been happy with them since day one. It doesn’t have the rubber smell like other floor mats either. They’ve helped keep my floor stain free.

They’re so good my siblings have them in their 10th gen Civic and 2nd gen Tundra.

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2 years ago

I’m sorry, the OEM floor mats lasted great for 6 years until you “sold them!?” Who bought your beat up old mats!?

2 years ago

Hello I’ve just received these mats for a Cts. Wanted more of a sleek look for a cadillac. My question is are these mats durable ? Is there any foot wear through ?

2 years ago
Reply to  Julianna

I had a drivers mat wear through while under warranty and they replaced both
front mats. Replacements are gang strong for four years now. Clean up greatt

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