Agency 6 Billet Universal Roof Rack Grab Handles

Agency 6 Universal Billet Grab Handles

Agency 6 Universal Aluminum Billet Grab Handles for Roof Racks & Much More

Give yourself something to grab onto with these Agency 6 billet grab handles. They offer a universal fitment for just about any roof rack out there and many other applications as well. The first thing that comes to mind for me would be your roof rack, but you can mount them anywhere you need a handle.

If you are looking to add some increased functionality to your roof rack, consider a set of these Agency 6 handles.

Powder-coated billet aluminum and available in two finish colors; black and red, these handles are a solid add-on for guys accessing gear from the top of their 4Runner. On top of the increased safety functionality, the handles provide an added tactical look to the 4Runner as well. There is plenty of room to fit your hand through and strong enough to support the average guy and some.

To sum it up, they provide a safer more stable solution for accessing gear and they look great.

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Let’s jump in a see what these handles are all about!


Agency 6 Roof Rack Handles - Packaging

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The Agency 6 billet grab handles come pre-packed in bubble wrap to ensure the billet does not get scratched. They include all the hardware; handles, bolts, nuts, and washers along with a sticker and thank you note for ordering.

At first glance, the A6 handles are nothing short of flawless. These grab handles are well designed, and well thought out in terms of a universal roof rack handle and with 1/4″ bolt openings, you can probably find a slot or opening somewhere on your rack.

If you are familiar with Agency 6, then you already know they make stunning products. Everything from their adventure mini shovel and the Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper to their recovery products is all made right here in the USA. Each product is engineered and manufactured to withstand some serious abuse.

Why Grab Handles?

Agency 6 Roof Rack Handles - Why on Rack?

Having grab handles on your roof rack makes accessing your gear on top of the roof rack much easier. This is much safer when you go to access something from your roof rack and have something to grab onto. Instead of grabbing on to the edge of a sharp CNC cut roof rack side rail, you can now feel a little more comfortable pulling yourself up to the top of the rack.

It is common to slip while trying to grab small corners and awkward points on roof racks just to pull yourself up. I have experienced this quite a few times on multiple types of roof racks over the years. Stepping on narrow rock sliders and worn down sidewalls/shoulders of tires can lead to a super sketchy situation.

If you are often reaching for recovery gear, shovels, storage boxes on top of your roof rack, having a safe point to pull yourself up on is extremely important, especially when in a recovery situation on rough terrain and off-camber slopes.

Types of Grab Handles

Types of Grab Handles

There are many types of grab handles, including paracord, kayak, hard-plastic, and these high-quality billet grab handles pictured here. Some roof racks also come with handles built-in. Some of those brands include the high-end upTOP Overland roof rack and the Sherpa roof rack to name a couple.

Whatever you decide on, any grab handle is better than no grab handle. But keep in mind, there are few things to consider.

The billet is likely going to be the most expensive option but it will also last much longer than a set of paracord or kayak grab handles that are typically made of softer materials, not to mention stronger. The billet option is going to be much stronger than a kayak or paracord handle, by far.


Universal Grab Handles for Truck Roof Rack

These Agency 6 universal billet grab handles are not just for roof racks alone. You can mount these handles anywhere you want. Consider throwing one on the back of your roof rack to access your rooftop tent a little more efficiently, or on a molle panel inside your truck, or just anything that needs a handle or mounting point.

If you have these handles on the side of your rack they can act as a mounting point as seen above. With a set of kayak handles or paracord handles, on the other hand, it’s not really going to be safe mounting point. Ratchet strapping to these would not be a good idea. The billet handles are great because you can attach an S hook off to one side and still utilize the functionality of a handle at the same time. Dual-purpose handles for sure.

I can also see these being used as a point to hang stuff from. When I go camping, I like to hang my lantern from something; a tree branch or to the edge whatever is around me. These handles offer a point to hang random items from as well like lanterns, camp lights, water bags, etc.


You can install these in any way you would like but it really depends on the type of rack you are running. We’re running a Pro6 M-Rack from KC Lights and will be mounting the billet handles directly on the side, vertically center.

In some of the photos seen here, we mounted the handles to the pre-cut slots on the side of the roof rack but moments later, we decided to mount them directly in the middle of the roof rack side rail.

If your roof rack doesn’t already have pre-drilled holes or pre-cut slots where you want them, you can simply drill your own holes in order to position the handles in the orientation you want.

Step 1. Choose Placement

Installing Handles

Start by getting a good placement for the handles. We measured the handles against the rack vertically center from top to bottom. That turned out to be about 1/4″ down from the pre-cut slots. We marked our holes with a red sharpie and drilled a couple of pilot holes.

Step 2. Drill a Pilot Hole

Installing Handles - Drill Hole

When drilling a pilot hole make sure to put something behind the roof rack rails in order to prevent the drill bit from hitting or damaging possible wires behind the roof rack rail.

We are running C-Series Scene light wiring on our Pro6 M-Rack directly on the backside of the roof rail so we didn’t want to accidentally drill into and damage these wires. Using a flat piece of metal or plastic decal tool will do the trick.

Step  3. Finish Drilling out Hole

Finish Drilling out Hole

Jump up to a 5/16″ (just larger than 1/4″) bolt and finish drilling the main hole. Apply anti-seize to the stainless steel hardware to prevent bolt and nuts from seizing up. We applied some Permatex 80078 Anti-Seize Lubricant to both nuts before we threaded them down.

Step 4. Finish Threading Hardware

Prinsu Rack Handles

Thread the supplied hardware through the holes in your roof rack and you’re all set! Clean off any excess anti-seize so you don’t look like the tin man, sit back, and admire your new grab handles.

Final thoughts

I ended up getting four of them. Two for each side of the roof rack. I am stoked with how they look on the Pro6 M-Rack, which is much like a Prinsu or any other CNC cut rack these days.

These are probably the highest quality grab handles you’re going find for the price. There are tons of options on the market as we previously mentioned like kayak grab handles and paracord grab handles but at the end of the day, these billet grab handles are going last much longer and age much better.

The A6 handles are powder coated black and they are also available in red. They are not anodized so they are not going to wear out in the sun. If you decide on the red grab handles for example, in two years they’re probably not going be pink.

If you’re looking for a solid grab handle to add to your roof rack these Agency 6 Billet grab handles are a great choice.

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