Every 5th Gen 4Runner You Missed from SEMA 2019

All the 5th Gen 4Runners at SEMA 2019 – Spoiler Alert: We were underwhelmed

SEMA is the ultimate automotive show, with everything from jet turbine-powered big rigs to cars featured in Tokyo Drift.

Amongst the sea of automotive excellence, I was able to find a number of 5th Gen 4Runners throughout the show.

They were scattered in different areas of the convention center making them a bit harder to find, however, I did what I could to find as many as possible, and here’s what I found…

The Tow 4Runner

Tow Rig - 5th Gen 4Runner SEMA Build

This camping inspired 4Runner is something that could get the whole family into the backcountry in style. It featured a bunch of goodies from ICON including wheels and suspension upgrades, and armor add-ons from Victory 4×4.

Those slider/steps with built-in lighting are pretty slick. An added winch front and center will keep this modest build moving forward.

Tow Rig - 5th Gen 4Runner SEMA Build

What really made this build special, was the addition of the Schutt Industries XV-2 and all of its accessories. It is topped with a James Baroud rooftop tent, Alu-Cab Awning, and adjustable Rhino Rack.

This dirt bike toting adventure trailer would be the envy of anyone in camp, and paired with the 4Runner it makes a great weekend combination!

This set-up hits the nail on the head, keeping weight out of the 4Runner allowing it to still tackle any trail without the burden of a tent and living quarters.

The Show 4Runner

Show 4Runner - SEMA Build

This 4Runner takes a different approach as a showier build. It has a bracket-style lift, adding about 6″ of total lift which is enough to clear it’s large wheel/tire package.

This was easily the shiniest 5th Gen on the block, and while it’s all show from the outside, it’s what is underneath that will really blow…you…away…

4Runner SEMA Horns

Equipped with a full array of train horns, this 4Runner has a feature that I have never seen before on this platform.

It’s powered by a small compressor and reserve tank, and while I didn’t get a demonstration I have to imagine it’s a loud package! Let’s just hope they don’t get a flat tire.

The Blown 4Runner

Magnuson Supercharger SEMA Build

This 4Runner was hanging out in the Overland Experience section of SEMA, and was a great example of the “classic” build.

Equipped with a rooftop tent, awning, and a number of off-road armor add-ons, it’s a set-up that we would see heading out for a weekend in the forest. But the real show stopper was under the hood.

Magnuson Supercharger SEMA Build

This 4Runner’s 4.0L V6 is being boosted by a Magnuson Supercharger. BA BA BA BOOOST. At a glance, this engine bay and overall installation are super clean, and you can really tell that Magnuson took the time to make it look like it came from the factory (probably because they used to provide the TRD Superchargers for Toyota).

This is one 4Runner I would love to take for a spin!

The Fridge 4Runner

Dometic 5th Gen 4Runner SEMA Build

Dometic brought their kitted out 4Runner to SEMA this year and had it staged in the Overland Experience. It’s rocking a GFC rooftop tent (just like the one Brenan installed), and a bunch of C4 Fabrication metal all around.

It’s a very functional build and not over the top, making it a good build path for someone not wanting to bolt on too many aftermarket parts.

Dometic 5th Gen 4Runner SEMA Build

Open the C4 rear bumper swing out and hatch, you’ll find an example of Dometic’s newest fridge line, the CFX3. It’s soon to replace the current CFX line with a bunch of new refinements, and the 75-quart version shown below fits snugly in the back of the 4Runner.

We’ll cover more on this fridge in a future article.

The Aggro 4Runner

5th Gen 4Runner - SEMA Build

This 4Runner had a lot of quality aftermarket parts bolted on, transforming it into a more aggressive off-road build.

On the front, it was sporting some of Warn’s newest recovery gear below a custom carbon hood.

Cap that off with an array of Baja Designs lights for a good looking build.

The Rack’d 4Runner

Yakima Roof Rack 5th Gen 4Runner

In the main 4×4 hall, Yakima had a brand new, almost stock 4Runner in their booth showing off their new LockNLoad roof platform system.

They have their sights set on the off-road and overland markets with this new system, and it shows as they chose the tried and true 4Runner as their ideal example vehicle.

It may not have been the fanciest 4Runner there, but it was a reminder that it doesn’t take much to get out there on the weekends and enjoy the outdoors!

The Blue 4Runner

Dropstars Off-Road 5th Gen 4Runner SEMA

In the Truck Hero section of the show, this 4Runner was a good example of an “urban aggressive” build. It had a number of bolt-on parts that added some light-duty protection but was designed more for the macho look than real protection.

Side note: that Nautical Blue Metallic looked great on the showroom floor, and isn’t a common color to see on a built 4Runner.

I liked their decision to store the oversize spare on the roof versus adding a full rear bumper. However I wish they would have removed the stock spare to complete the look along with a ladder set up to get that 75+ pound wheel/tire combo down if you need it.

The Good-to-Go 4Runner

Tepui Overland Cav Blue 5th Gen 4Runner

Turn14 Distribution had a smart-looking, Cavalry Blue 4Runner in their booth.

This vehicle wasn’t available to walk around up close but it was garnished with quality add-ons, turning it into a 4Runner I would expect to see around Tahoe for a weekend of camping and mountain biking.

Tepui Overland Cav Blue 5th Gen 4Runner

The Tepui rooftop tent, and Thule bike rack make this the optimal weekend warrior, getting riders to the trailhead and beyond. And as the only one at the show in this Pro only color, it did stand out in a very rad way.

The Trail Takeaway

Those are the 5th Gen 4Runners of SEMA 2019!

I will say, this year was the year of the Jeep Gladiator, which pushed many other vehicles out of the show altogether. This didn’t leave a lot of room for the now 9-year-old 4Runner.

However, I think that in the coming years with the introduction of the 6th Generation 4Runners we will see a resurgence of our favorite SUV in the show, with all of the fancy new parts the aftermarket has to offer.

What did you think of the SEMA 4Runners?! What do you hope to see at SEMA 2020?!

Post a comment below to let us know what you think of the 4Runner’s place at the largest aftermarket show on Earth!

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2 years ago

The truck hero section shows a bull bar, anyone know what that is?

4 years ago

The truck hero section shows a hood deflector with an LED built in. anyone know about that?

4 years ago
Reply to  Max Sheehan

I couldnt find the one for the 4runner is the tacoma/tundra variants compatible with our vehicles?

Christopher Owens
Christopher Owens
4 years ago

A very eclectic collection! The idea of a trailer is growing on me…

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