Tactilian US Car Magnets

Tactilian US Car Magnets: Easiest Way to Add Style To Your 4Runner

Tactilian US Car Magnets: Easiest (and Cheapest!) Way to Add Style To Your 4Runner

Cars are often an expression of what someone likes, what they do, and what kind of lifestyle they have.

With 4Runners, most upgrades are functional, performance driven modifications – suspension, tires, skid plates, lights, floor mats, etc.

However, I think it is safe to say that most people who upgrade their wheels consider style. Lights, floor mats, tires, roof racks, and many other upgrades all add some style to your rig.

These can be expensive upgrades though.

Can’t you upgrade the style of your 4Runner without spending hundreds of dollars though? Yes!

An Alternative To Stickers

Tactilian US Car Magnets: Easiest Way to Add Style To Your 4Runner: An Alternative to Stickers

Stickers are probably the cheapest and easiest solution to adding a little style to your rig.

While I do have quite a few stickers on the inside of my liftgate, I don’t like to put stickers on the outside of my 4Runner. Why?

I often want to move the location of a sticker, but the problem is you can’t simply relocate a single sticker from place to place. You could try to, but ultimately the adhesion won’t be good.

Stickers can leave a residue behind when you remove them too.

Not only this, but the quality of stickers can vary drastically – meaning some will fade, peel, or crack (unless they are higher quality stickers like those found in the Trail 4Runner Store). If you buy low-quality stickers, you have to carefully remove the sticker from your car without scratching or damaging the paint.

Windows are always a popular spot to put some stickers, but the rear window on a 4Runner isn’t an optimal spot because it rolls down. The side windows are an option, but really only the driver’s side rear cargo area window because the passenger side would restrict your view of a 4Runner’s blind spot.

This said, how can you add something similar to a sticker without any of the negatives?

The answer is Tactilian US.

Tactilian US Car Magnets

Tactilian US Car Magnets: Easiest Way to Add Style To Your 4Runner: An Alternative to Stickers

Quite possibly the easiest upgrade of all time – placing a magnet on your car.

Tactilian US makes a few different products, but the two main ones I want to focus on are magnets and valve stem caps.

They offer two different magnets sizes: small (6” x 3.75”) and large (8” x 5”).

As far as the different flags they produce, the American flag is the most prominent, but they also manufacturer flag magnets of the Texas flag, California flag, Canadian flag, and Arizona flag to name a few.

Outside of the flag magnets, they produce aluminum valve stem caps with an American flag image on the outside – very cool.

About Tactilian US

Tactilian US Car Magnets: Easiest Way to Add Style To Your 4Runner: An Alternative to Stickers

I first came across some Tactilian US products by researching some flag decals for my 4Runner. Fortunately, I came across some awesome flag magnets instead of decals.

What caught my eye with Tactilian US is the owner, Tyler Knox.

Tyler is currently a full-time Law Enforcement Officer and wanted to produce a product to show support for our amazing country, military & first responders…all while maintaining a high degree of style on our vehicles, without having a “permanent” sticker.

Tyler has provided excellent email correspondence and is running one of the best customer service departments I have ever come across.

Not only this, but these products are made right here in the USA!

Last, proceeds from magnets sold support Homes For Our Troops, a company benefiting wounded Veterans. Very cool work Tyler!

So, you might be wondering, why am I writing an article on some magnets and valve stem caps? Well, I think these are two great ways to cheaply upgrade your vehicle’s aesthetics and they have a great story and cause behind them.

Let’s go through a brief discussion of what I am referring to.

Magnets vs Stickers

Tactilian US Car Magnets: Easiest Way to Add Style To Your 4Runner: Magnets vs Stickers

Stickers are awesome… but they can only be placed one time, they can leave behind a nasty residue, and some people (like myself) don’t like placing stickers on their paint job. Sometimes you want to go discrete as well, but you can’t simply remove a sticker and then put it on the next day.

With these magnets made by Tactilian US, you can not only remove the magnets as many times as you’d like, but you can change where you have the magnets positioned – weekly, daily, hourly, or every minute if you’d like! Yes, this is a huge advantage in my opinion.

I like to play with the location of the magnets.

There are so many different options. A few of my favorite options are the front doors by the side-view mirrors, the pillar right in front of the rear side windows (typically where a logo like SR5, TRD Off-Road, or TRD Pro would go, but I have mine removed), and on the rear liftgate.

You can really position these magnets wherever you’d like though.

Magnets don’t leave a mess either – no residue! So, if one day you want to rock an American flag on your car, but the next day you want to be a little more discrete, just take the magnet off until you are ready to put it back on.

Last, stickers can begin to unpeel from exposure to sun and water.

With these magnets, you don’t have this issue.

You don’t have to be careful around the magnets at a car wash either, just remove the magnets while you are spraying your car down and put them back on afterward.

Valve Stem Caps

Tactilian US Car Magnets: Easiest Way to Add Style To Your 4Runner: Valve Stem Caps

I have written an article previously on valve stem caps, and these should definitely be added to your list. These valve stem caps are made of aluminum and feel very high quality.

There isn’t much to say about these guys except they are awesome, cheap, and quickly add some style to your ride.

You could also use these on nearly anything with a standard Shrader valve – bikes, cars, lawnmowers, tractors…you name it!

The Cons

Tactilian US Car Magnets: Easiest Way to Add Style To Your 4Runner: Valve Stem Caps

There is only one con that I have for both the magnets and the valve stem caps – they are so cool that I worry they will be stolen. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will snag some easy items…such as a removable magnet or valve stem caps.

I will say I haven’t had any issues yet, and the magnet is so low profile that it almost looks like a sticker.

Other than this, these products are amazing!

Final Thoughts

Tactilian US Car Magnets: Easiest Way to Add Style To Your 4Runner: Final thoughts

If you want to add some style to your car without “permanently” placing a sticker, check out these car magnets and valve stem caps.

The magnets are removable, can be relocated, and they simply have a sleek and classy look to them.

Excellent company with some high-quality products that support a good cause. I’d highly recommend these magnets and valve stem caps to anyone!

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