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CTEK CTX Battery Sense Install & Review

Updated 7/9/19 /

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CTEK CTX Battery Sense Install & Review

CTEK CTX Battery Sense Install & Review On the 5th Gen 4Runner

The CTEK Battery sense allows you not only to view your battery’s real-time voltage via your smartphone but also to track the status and health of your battery.

The main design of the battery sense is to protect your battery, sending you a notification if your battery needs to be charged, most likely from sitting in the garage too long.

It’s a small, affordable, and easy to install the device, in the same ballpark for cost as other voltage displays, yet providing more data in the palm of your hand.

CTEK claims that having this unit will help prevent vehicle breakdowns, and maximize the performance of your battery.

However, I purchased this unit to help track my battery’s health after purchasing my Dometic CFX40.

So let’s give it a whirl and see what it’s all about.

Step-By-Step Install of CTEK Battery Sense

Find the Product:

Tools You’ll Need

  • Preferred Tools
  • 12mm Socket Wrench
  • Cable Ties
  • 3M Adhesive Strip (optional)
  • Note: The average install time is 15 minutes
  • TIP: A video of the install can be found here

STEP 1. Connect to the Battery Terminals

CTEK CTX Battery Sense Install & Review On the 5th Gen 4Runner: STEP 1. Connect to the Battery Terminals

Using a 12mm socket wrench, loosen the top nuts on the battery terminal connectors.

CTEK CTX Battery Sense Install & Review On the 5th Gen 4Runner: STEP 1. Connect to the Battery Terminals

Slide in the forked ends of the CTEK Battery Sense, and retighten the nuts.

STEP 2. Mount the Unit

CTEK CTX Battery Sense Install & Review On the 5th Gen 4Runner: STEP 2. Mount the Unit

Find a place to mount the sending unit of the Battery Analyzer.

Using 3M double adhesive tape, I stuck my sending unit to the second, smaller fuse box.

STEP 3. Download App & Connect

CTEK CTX Battery Sense Install & Review On the 5th Gen 4Runner: STEP 3. Download App & Connect

After you download the app, either from Google Play or the Apple Store.

Follow the on-screen instructions in the app to add the sender ID code from the physical unit its-self.

The app will synchronize via Bluetooth.


Installation of the CTEK Battery Sense was VERY straight forward and simple to install.

Synchronization via Bluetooth was a snap.

It has a nice feature that allows you to monitor the battery’s voltage from a distance (e.g. in my driveway, around camp, etc.).

I found the device a little lackluster; however, it performs quite well for the functions it’s programmed for.

Although this device has the capabilities of tracking three months of data, continuously measuring the batteries health, it can also check for voltage levels during use.

The main intent for the purchase of this device to check my batterie’s voltage while running my fridge during camping trips.

To have it monitor, or notify me if my battery drops below a critical level, and as a way to check my voltage, either proceeding or ceasing operation of my fridge.

However, I found that the Dometic CFX40 does an amazing job with its built-in battery protection functionality.

On its highest setting, it will automatically switch off at 11.8 V and restarts at 12.6 V.


The CTEK Battery Sense is a great little device, and for the price, I have no regrets with my purchase of this unit.

I found myself not using it as much as I thought I would. However, I think a unit like this would be more useful with tracking the health in a secondary dual battery set up.

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July 8, 2019 5:09 am

This battery sense is a piece of over priced shit. The latest app update does not work – not one review on the App Store is positive. Not only this, the unit is not capable of SOC measurements as it has no shunt. Don’t waste your money.

March 31, 2020 6:04 am
Reply to  David

A SOC is based on battery voltage, but that does not mean the battery is healthy without doing a load test and capacity test.

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