Portable Draft Beer System – TrailKeg Review

TrailKeg Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer Drinkers

Pressurized Beer Growler for Explorers & Craft Beer Drinkers

Carbonated, Fresh, Craft Beer on Tap offered by the Trail Keg – Full Review and Overview

I have a confession to make. I. Love. Beer. Not in a creepy old man, AA traversing kind of way.

More of an appreciation for the hops in the can or in this case, under the tap.

My appreciation for beer goes beyond the flavors, the brand, the artwork and the wide selection of choices in the craft beer aisle. Beer brings me an experience that is similar to being in the middle of nowhere. Both nature and beer give me that sense of freedom, relaxedness, and peaceful sense of being.

At the set of camp, I usually scope the surroundings, tentatively plan the evening, drop a chair and crack a beer. The feeling of sitting down after exploring a National Forest all day and opening a beer is pretty clutch. I get a sense of relief, you know, just the weight being lifted.

There is something very peaceful about that. Whether alone or with a crew, I will drink to the sounds of a National Forest any day of the week.

If you couldn’t tell already, I really like nature and… of course beer.

The only time it gets better than an ice-cold craft beer in the middle of nowhere is when that beer is draft.

Meet TrailKeg.

What is TrailKeg?

Pressurized Beer Growler - TrailKeg

Just the coolest invention EVER! I mean c’mon, a gallon of draft craft beer on the go!!

TralKeg offers a few different options:

Check out their website for more information.

TrailKeg is a pressurized beer growler made to keep your beer cold and carbonated. You can order TrailKeg as a growler alone, or you can upgrade to the full kit with a lid-package. The lid-package comes with the TrailKeg Lid, Chrome Tap, Picnic Tap, Regulator, Dip Tube, and 2x CO2 Cartridges.

You can use TrailKeg for a wide variety of uses though, not just beer. Consider uses with coffee, water, carbonated kombucha, carbonated cocktails like Mojitos/Sangria, and the list goes on.

This product was designed with multiple functions, is highly versatile, and incredibly durable made out of stainless steel. The unit features a double wall, vacuum insulated container that is built to sustain cold and hot beverages.

Notable Features:

  • Keeps beverages cold for 24 hours
  • Keeps beverages hot for 12 hours
  • Keeps beverages carbonated for up to a week
  • Stainless steel, double wall, and vacuum insulated
  • Connect to existing kegoarator
  • Use with other brand growlers

TrailKeg may have set the new standard in pressurized growler systems for today’s modern day craft beer drinkers.

You can use TrailKeg with a variety of other growlers, including Yeti and many others. If you already have a growler, check out the TrailKeg site to see if your current growler is compatible. All you would need is a Lid Package and BOOM! you have a pressurized growler system.

Take this pressurized beer growler on your next adventure exploring, wheeling, or maybe to your friends’ house. The beauty of TrailKeg is the portability and convenience factor.

I am excited to take the TrailKeg on many journeys!

Cans, Bottle or Draft Flavor?

Portable Draft Beer System - Trail Keg Review

Cans are great but it’s really hard to compete with the freshness and flavor of a good ol’ draft beer.

Draft beer is usually better than cans and bottles in my opinion but not always. Cans and bottles will always have their place.

More breweries are starting to can beer over bottling. Cans can be sealed better and less light is let in, keeping the beer “fresher” for longer. I do frequently purchase craft beers in the can whether singles or in a case.

At the end of the day, you can’t beat the flavor of a fresh draft beer with perfect foamy flavorful head. In many circles draft beer has long been declared as the best option, whether for mouthfeel, pressure control or that foamy head.

I have an Edgestar kegerator at home and fill it up quite often. Craft draft just kicks ass.

When I heard about TrailKeg, I knew I had to have one.

Wheeling/Camping with Beer?

Pressurized Growler Draft Beer System - Camping with TrailKeg

Camping with Beer… does a bear shit in the woods?

Ok seriously though, it’s a no-brainer for me to bring beer with me whenever I head out. I am open to glass bottles but it better be a good god damn bottle of beer for me to bring it.

Recently, I found about 15+ bottles of Pliny (a hard to find beer for those who don’t know) so that’s the exception. It depends on the brand of beer but 99% of the time, I stick with cans. Glass is prone to breaking, makes too much noise, takes up too much space and is awkward to pack if you don’t have a case.

Cans are usually easier. They are easy to crush and they don’t clank around as bottles do. In my experience, cans win for camping trips and wheeling but they are by no means a TrailKeg.

Packing beer in an insulated non-glass pressurized growler prevents extra trash and possible broken glass.

The TrailKeg fits about 10+ craft IPAs which is plenty for me and enough left over to share. For one or two nights, I think this is a great addition to any trip.

If the temperatures warm up, you can keep the TrailKeg cold by submerging it in a cold creek for 30-40min.

Setting Up TrailKeg

Setting up Trail Keg take less than 5 minutes once you have all your gear unpacked. The TrailKeg travels well with the pressurized sealed lid. Once you take the lid off, you are ready for action.

Attach the dip-tube to the connector under the lid. Then connect your regulator by pulling back on the collar and then snapping into place.

The tap functions the same way, pull back on the collar and snap into place.

Once everything is set-up, you can screw your CO2 into place. Screw down the CO2 cartridge until you feel resistance and then screw down quickly all the way down.

I found that adjusting the CO2 to about 6 PSI was the best pour. Depending on how much head you want, you may need to play with the CO2 (4-5 PSI is recommended).

Be careful carrying the TrailKeg around as you may bump the tap handle causing the TrailKeg to spill. If you plan on moving the TrailKeg frequently or positioning in an RTT or tent, make sure you install the tube tap  where the lever is not so sensitive.

Other Uses for the TrailKeg

  • Traditional growlers kinda suck: Going to the brewery and having one beer just doesn’t cut it sometimes. With the TrailKeg, you can get extra miles out of one fill-up. You also don’t need to drink 64oz in one sitting because the TrailKeg stays pressurized, unlike our glass growlers.
  • Spa: Going into winter, I am pretty stoked to bring the TrailKeg out to the spa. That is what I was originally thinking when I reached out to TrailKeg. Holy shit this thing is great for the spa. How many of you dread getting up from the spa and getting a fresh beer?
  • Lake Days: We live next to a lake. We love the lake. TrailKeg will definitely have its place with us on the shore.
  • Get Creative: There are probably hundreds of cool ideas for the TrailKeg. What can you use it for?

Trail Keg Review

Even though TrailKeg is on the large side, as most growlers are, it still feels compact enough to take with you on most journeys. We are looking forward to including the TrailKeg on upcoming camping and weekend trips.

After a couple weekends on the lake, and test-filling/drinking in the garage, the carbonation and flavor were on point.

I own a full-size kegerator and if you don’t get the co2 just right, your beer is flat and it’s a pain in the a$$ to pour beer after beer to get the head just right.

The Trail Keg is almost intuitive. Near perfect head and carbonation straight out of the gates.

Anyway, the thing works. Plain and simple.

If you are hesitating, don’t. I’m so glad I did.

Cheers to Trail Keg. 👊 🍻

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