Off-Road Fog Light Options 5th Gen 4Runer

Aftermarket Off-Road Fog Light Options for the 5th Gen

KC HiLiTES, Baja Designs, Rigid, Which Off-Road Fog Light is for you?

The Baja Designs (BD) Squadron-R Pros might be the brightest fog light options out there.

There are other options like the H16 bulb but in my personal opinion, the BD Squadrons are pretty high on the list. It always comes down to budget and how bright you want your lights both on and off-road.

A few of the most popular off-road light options:

  • Baja Squadrons (Pros and Sports)
  • KC HiLiTES G4s
  • Rigid Industries D-Series
  • Xenon Depot H16
  • Philips H16 Bulb
  • The Retrofit Source

The Baja Squadron Pros are the most expensive but may be overkill for most drivers. The Baja sports are about half the price and still boast impressive light output and lumens.

While the Squadrons are top of the line price, the Rigid Industries D-Series and the KC HiLiTES G4s are still pretty pricey and about the same cost as the BD Sports.

Different Options for Upgraded Fog Lights

Squadron-R Pros Fog Light Install with Bezel 4Runner

  • BD Squadron-R Sport: The sports are the lower-end model of Baja Designs but still pack a quality punch. Coming in at 1900 lumens, they will shine up to 300 feet with a wide diameter and give will you plenty of visibility at night.
  • BD Squadron-R Pros: The pros are the top-end fog lights from Baja Designs. The Squadron-R Pros pack 4900 lumens and will shine up to 500 feet with an even wider diameter than the Squadron-R Sports. These are the true off-road fog lights.
  • KC HiLiTES G4s: KC’s Gravity® G4 Toyota LED fog light system mounts directly to your the 4Runner OEM fog lamp locations. Pushing 866 raw lumens, they are a nice upgrade to the factory halogen fog bulb.
  • Rigid Industries D-Series: DOT/SAE approved. These lights are ok to run at all times (on-road and off-road) while the Squadrons are not. The Squadrons are bright and typically run on UTVs.
  • Philips H16 Bulb: If you are looking to go with an LED bulb in your factory housing, you just need an H16 bulb. We used the Philips H16 bulb but there are plenty of options out there.

Which Fog Lights are best for you?

Xenon Depot 2700K Yellow or Squadron Amber?

Xenon Depot 2700K Yellow pictured above.

It’s easy. If you want the most conservative aftermarket fog light, run with the H16 bulb.

If you want to go to the next level, I would go with BD Sports or the KC G4s.

Exactly What Lights to Buy?

The only thing I don’t like about the Rigid Industries Dually D2s is that they do not have the flush bezel like the BDs have.

If you go with the Rigid Industries Dually D2s, you will have a gap in between your fog plastics and the actual lights.

With the BD fog pocket kit, the light housing will sit flush.

Amber Fog Lights

Amber/yellow Squadron-R Sports Wide Cornering Lens Pictured Above. 

Amber fog lights are great for night vision on a trail. Amber lights are soft on the eyes and will add superior performance to your off-road and off-road night experience.

Also, amber fog lights are great for all-weather situations.

Amber fog lights will cut through the fog, rain, snow and other distracting road conditions all while giving you much better and much more clear vision.

Ambers are commonly installed in the fog housing for our 4Runners.

Amber Fog Light Filters

Lamin-X Fog Light Filters Factory Low Beams (H11)

If you are running bright white LEDs on your 4Runner, you may want to look into amber Lamin-X filters. Amber fog light filters are small sticky sheets that stick onto your fog lights that throw off an amber hue. Amber fog filters are very affordable (around $15) in getting that yellow look and the yellow light.

If you frequently drive through conditions where visibility is poor, why not throw some on.

The only downside is serious weather conditions can cause peeling on the amber filters.

But, for the most part, these filters are incredibly strong.

Amber Fog Lights Vs. White Fog Lights

Pictured above is a white fog light on the driver side (Squadron Pro – Driving/Combo Lens) and a yellow light on the passenger side (H16 – Xenon Depot Xtreme LED). This setup is also running a Xenon Depot HID H11 bulb for the low beams.

You can see the Baja Squadron Pros are very powerful compared to the H16 bulb, almost too powerful.

The downside to bright white fogs is visibility in thick fog. The white squadron pros do not cut through the fog or thick flurries of snow. They reflect light and can cause a blinding effect rather than increasing visibility.

I have run white fog lights for over a year and they have been great for me through spring, summer, and fall. Once winter hits, I like to switch to a yellow/amber light.

What Fog Light should you buy?

With all of the options out there, it is hard to decide on any one light.

In a perfect world, I would like to have both a yellow/amber light for the winter months and a bright white fog for the spring, summer and fall months. Check out a few additional photos of the Baja Squadrons in Pro and Sport comparison.

er Lens with Pocket Light Kit for 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

Squadron-R Pros Yellow/Amber Wide Cornering

Squadron-R Pros Yellow/Amber Wide Cornering

Squadron-R Sports Yellow/Amber Wide Cornering

Squadron-R Sports White Driving/Combo Lens

Squadron-R Sports White Driving/Combo Lens

Squadron-R Pros White Driving/Combo Lens

Squadron-R Pros White Driving/Combo Lens

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6 years ago


I am interested in installing the BajaPros on my 2017 T4R SR5. Is there an installation that fits into the OEM reflectors? On the Baja website they have two models but do not explain the difference. This website offers a few different Squadron Pros. They are pretty confusing. I really just want a proper fit and as Sean mentioned a kit that would replace and use existing fog light controls. Thanks.

Sean P
Sean P
6 years ago

Is there a kit for the 4R Limited Fogs?

5 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Did you find a kit for the limited models?

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