Leitner Designs ACS Roof Platform Rack Review

ACS Roof Rack Platform On 5th Gen 4Runner

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Established Bed Rack Company Designed Their First Roof System

We all know adding a roof rack provides versatility and virtually unlimited storage potential. If you’re in the market, you’ll find a plethora to choose from with size, material, weight, and intended use all being factors to consider when making your choice. Leitner Designs has dramatically entered the playground with its platform-style.

This rack was developed using in-house lessons learned from their ACS line of bed racks over the last 10 years. With their cutting-edge and well-thought-out design, you will immediately notice the attention to detail. It’s not only sleek and streamlined, but functional beyond all expectations.

Highlighted Features

  • Made in the USA (Corona, CA)
  • Aluminum construction
  • No-Drill installation
  • Infinitely adjustable load bars
  • Wider crossbars
  • T-nut mounting hardware
  • Specifically designed accessories

Installation Overview

ACS Roof Rack Cross Bars

Installation was a pretty simple process. The instructions and guides included with the rack are easy to follow and very clear. The instructions call for a 2-3 hour install time and a list of tools required to complete the task.

The rack uses a no-drill installation, meaning it mounts to the roof using the existing mount plates on your 4Runner’s roof. There’s no need to drill holes for bolts or riv-nut applications.

Laying the parts out before assembly will give you an idea of what parts are included and speed up the assembly time. The rack uses a compression mounting method for the load bars. This is a departure in design from most racks on the market today that utilize two bolts in the ends of the load bars through the side rails.

If a solid, full-length platform is your ideal setup, you can purchase additional load bars. The load bars can also be infinitely adjusted from front to rear. There are hex screws on the top of each load bar that activates the compression mount. Loosen the hex screws, adjust the bar to the desired position, and tighten the hex screws to lock it into place.

Initial Impressions

Leitner Designs Roof Rack 4Runner

The smooth lines and low-profile design of this roof rack will surely impress. The easily adjustable load bars make using it extremely intuitive.

The one thing that caught my attention was the wiring channels built into the rails on the perimeter of the rack. Say goodbye to running wires down the length of the rack for rear chase lights or side scene lights and using zip ties to secure them. This feature is probably the most over-the-top advancement for this design. It eliminates all of that extra work of wire organization for a clean and professional look.


ACS Roof Rack 4Runner With Gear Pod

Functionality and intended use should always be top of mind when choosing a roof rack.

Below are some of the accessories available…

  • GearPOD ROOF Storage Box (Pictured above)
  • Roof Top Tent mounting brackets
  • Baja Designs and Rigid light brackets
  • Awning brackets
  • RotopaX mounts
  • Maxtrax mounts

ACS GearPODs On Roof Rack

Most accessories are straightforward and serve the same purpose on many roof racks. The most interesting and game-changing accessory offered for the platform rack is the ACS GearPOD roof storage box.

Their side-opening design is a first in the rooftop storage market and is more user-friendly than most flip-top boxes. The proprietary Leitner-Designed struts are positioned on each side of the access door, supporting it while open. You can easily see and access the entire contents without having to stand on your rock sliders or tires.

The GearPOD not only fits seamlessly on the ACS Platform rack but it will also mount to other racks with the universal bolt pattern on the mounting plates. Top it off with an internal mounting system and lockable 1/4 turn handles and you’ll have the security you deserve.

Final Thoughts

Side Opening Cargo Box

I believe the Leitner Designs’ ACS Roof Platform Rack is a great option for the hardcore off-roader or weekend warrior looking for form and function in their first, or next, roof rack.

The aluminum construction will ensure a lifetime of use with little to no maintenance and the infinitely adjustable load bars are a sweet surprise for anyone looking to fully utilize their roof. Load up a rooftop tent or a set of paddle boards – it will handle whatever you can throw at it.

This rack will effortlessly support extended expeditions and weekend adventures for many years to come with its versatility.

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7 days ago

Nice Technology, wished that we could have the Roof Rack as a Full Roof Rack. I liked the cases, they are a game changer indeed.

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