Best Interior LED Light Kits For 5th Gen 4Runner

VLEDS Interior Light Bulbs

Factory Output Sucks! 6 Options From Affordable To Premium

Upgrading the interior lighting of your 5th Gen 4Runner can make a significant difference in both style and functionality. In this guide, we’ll explore some popular LED brands that owners turn to for all of their lighting needs.

Whether you want increased brightness or to switch up the color for either aesthetic or functional purposes (more on that later), there’s an option for you. Swapping out your factory halogen bulbs for LEDs is also one of the simplest and most affordable mods that you can do!

Note: These brands are not listed in any order.

Why Upgrade?

VLEDS Map & Vanity Lights

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your 4Runner, interior lighting provides the best bang for your buck. There are many benefits to this upgrade, so let’s take a look!


The factory interior bulbs can leave a lot to be desired in terms of brightness. Upgrading to LED lights provides significantly more illumination.

Energy Efficiency

They are known for their energy efficiency. They consume considerably less power compared to the factory halogen bulbs, decreasing the electrical load.


They have a substantially longer lifespan. If you purchase them from a reputable brand, you’ll rarely need to replace them, saving you time and money in the long run.


These lights come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to personalize your vehicle’s interior. Whether you prefer a clean, modern white light or red to preserve night vision and detract bugs, there’s something for everyone.


VLEDS 4Runner Interior Light Full Kit For 4Runner

Find it Online:

VLEDS is a very popular brand for interior LED lighting, offering a comprehensive range of products. They use high-quality LED chips that provide bright and crisp illumination and a wide array of brightness and color options. As far as bulb replacements go, they seem to be the gold standard.

You can choose from 5 different colors…

  • 5000k Natural White
  • 5500k Pure White
  • 6000k Cool White
  • Red
  • Blue

Their kit comes with 11 bulbs to upgrade your Map, Dome, Vanity, Cargo, and Door Courtesy lights.

They use the highest quality LEDs for maximum output and lifespan and is 3-5 times brighter than standard bulbs. You can easily swap out your factory bulbs in a matter of minutes with their simple plug-and-play installation.

2. MESO Customs

MESO Customs V2 Dome Light and Map Light for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Find it Online:

When it comes to interior lighting solutions, MESO Customs offers a choice of rad products: the V2 Ultimate Dome Light and Ultimate Map Lights (Dual Color). It’s important to note that these lights are not just bulbs but rather, a complete unit replacement. This means that the installation process is a bit more involved than a straightforward bulb replacement.

The V2 Ultimate Dome Light (Dual Color) incorporates a low-profile button in the center, enabling users to switch between red (center) and white (outer) LEDs. There’s also a white LED-only version with dual brightness settings. These custom-made dome lights are designed with plug-and-play installation, eliminating any guesswork.

The Ultimate Map Lights is a 3-piece kit designed to replace the clear lens in your overhead console. They have an impressive light output and retain the convenient push-on/off toggle feature of the factory lights. These also have a dual-color feature where you can easily switch between red and white LEDs.

    3. Cali Raised

    Cali Raised LED Interior Light Kit

    Find It Online:

    This kit delivers a substantial lighting upgrade, providing a significant 300% increase in brightness compared to your original halogen bulbs. What distinguishes it is its use of built-in Constant Current IC technology, ensuring a great lifespan. This kit comes standard with cool white bulbs.

    Cali Raised LED prioritizes user-friendliness and their kit is completely plug-and-play. They also include a trim removal tool and placement guide.

    This kit comes with a total of 16 bulbs to replace all your OEM lights including Map, Dome, Vanity Mirror, Door, Glove Box, Trunk/Cargo, License Plate, and Side Mirror Puddle Lights. With this package, you’ll transform your entire interior.

    4. Diode Dynamics

    Diode Dynamics Interior Lights Kit

    Find It Online:

    Diode Dynamics is another reputable brand known for its lighting. Their kit for the 5th Gen offers a range of color options, including red, blue, cool white, and warm white, allowing users to customize their lighting. With plug-and-play installation, it doesn’t get much simpler.

    Their kit includes 11 bulbs for your Map, Vanity, Dome, Door, and Trunk lights that range between 92 and 130 lumens in brightness.

    Diode Dynamics’ interior LED lighting solutions are a direct replacement for factory bulbs, guaranteeing perfect fitment and increased light output.

    5. Autogine (Amazon)

    Autogine Interior Light Kit

    Find It Online:

    Autogine is an affordable brand that you can purchase from Amazon. Their kit includes a Map, Dome, Vanity, Door, Glove Box, Trunk/Cargo, License Plate, and Side Mirror Puddle Lights (16 in total), ensuring that your entire interior is covered.

    Similar to Cali Raised, this kit delivers an increase in brightness compared to your original halogen bulbs and has a built-in Constant Current IC for better lifespan.

    Each bulb has a plug-and-play installation and they include a trim removal tool and placement guide for added convenience. Furthermore, there is a 2-year warranty.

    6. YotaVerse

    Yota Verse Interior Light Kit

    Find It Online:

    YotaVerse’s LEDs also have a built-in Constant Current IC for a substantial increase in brightness and long service life. Like the others, their kit is also plug-and-play and affordable.

    Final Thoughts

    4Runner PRP Seat Covers Illuminated By VLEDS Interior LED Kit

    Upgrading your 5th Gen 4Runner’s is a practical way to enhance visibility and add a touch of style. In general, LEDs are pretty ubiquitous. However, not all brands use high-quality chips, which can result in them failing prematurely. For that reason, we recommend that you only stick with reputable brands rather than whichever is cheapest.

    Whether your priorities lie in customization or functionality, upgrading is a no-brainer mod. They’re relatively inexpensive and put less strain on your vehicle’s battery, which is especially important for those of you who run a ton of auxiliary off-road lighting.

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    1 month ago

    Swapped out all of my lights with VLED’s. Zero regrets. The interior lights were so underpowered that if I needed to count out some change at a drive thru at night, I still couldn’t make out the change. Headlights swapped for Lasfit high and low. Sometimes I get flashed with the low beams on, but a brief flash back with the highs puts a stop to that.

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