Finn Fab Cargo MOLLE Panels & Shelf Review

Finn Fab Cargo MOLLE Panels & Shelf For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Manufacturer: Finn Fab MSRP: $725.00
Average Score
  • Build Quality 9.0
  • Fitment 8.5
  • Customer Support 6.5
  • Ease of Install & Instructions 7.5
  • Value - Is it worth it? 8.5
Dial Your Rear Cargo Storage System To Meet Your Needs

In the quest to optimize the cargo capacity and organization of my 4Runner, MOLLE systems are the perfect solution. By incorporating these versatile and customizable panels, I was able to transform the space into a highly efficient and organized storage hub. They allow me to seamlessly attach compatible bags, mounts, and more to perfectly suit my needs.

The Finn Fab MOLLE Panel System truly optimizes my setup by keeping everything secure, organized, and easy to access. They also have the bonus of running a 12V electrical system in the cargo area. To further expand on the storage possibilities, Fin Fab incorporated a full-width shelf, which attaches to the side panels to make for an organizer’s dream.

Why You Want MOLLE Panels

Finn Fab Cargo Rear Window MOLLE Panels For 5th Gen 4Runner

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) shelf panels are valuable additions to the cargo space of a 4Runner for several reasons:

  • Enhanced Organization: They provide a structured and adaptable platform for organizing and securing various tools, gear, and accessories. This also makes everything easier to access.
  • Customizable Storage: You can personalize the layout of your cargo space by attaching compatible bags and mounts to the panels.
  • Maximum Utility: You can easily mount items such as paper towel holders and emergency bags, so you’ll be prepared for anything.

The Cargo Shelf

Finn Fab Cargo MOLLE Shelf For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Paired with the side panels, the cargo shelf becomes a transformative addition, elevating the overall functionality and organization of the vehicle’s storage space. It creates a comprehensive and customizable storage system that optimizes every inch of available space.

The MOLLE panel shelf features a one-piece design and uses stainless steel hardware that ensures structural integrity and durability. This design allows for an increased load-bearing capacity.

The shelf’s adjustable height enables users to customize the storage configuration based on their needs for maximum flexibility and adaptability.

Specs & Features

Finn Fab Cargo MOLLE Panel Mounts

Finn Fab MOLLE panels are proudly manufactured in the USA, adhering to high-quality production standards and ensuring superior craftsmanship and reliability. They’re also made from 1/8″ steel that’s powered coated for exceptional strength and sturdiness to accommodate various cargo loads and travel demands.

A unique feature of Finn Fab panels is the ability to use Rivnuts without any adapters or mounts. This provides you with flexible mounting options for a variety of accessories, equipment, and tools.

The Power Grid side panels are compatible with the Blue Seas Accessory Panel for seamless integration of 12V power to charge all of your devices such as a portable fridge.

My Setup

Toyota 4Runner Rear Trunk Space With Finn Fab MOLLE Cargo System

The possibilities for configuring and organizing gear seem endless with this system. As I continue to acquaint myself with the setup, I find myself continuously adapting and discovering new ways to arrange my gear. I’ve utilized the side panels for hanging a large MOLLE bag, a first aid kit, and air-up/down tools. I also plan to incorporate a paper towel holder and some more bags for additional storage on the passenger side.

The center shelf serves as the perfect spot for my camping chairs, tool kit, tripod, and jerry can spout. I’ve also managed to mount an axe beneath the shelf with the use of Quick Fists. While my current setup is straightforward and functional, it’s always evolving as my adventures grow. The customizability of the Fin Fab MOLLE Panels allows my organization to grow with my gear arsenal.

Final Thoughts

Finn Fab Rear Cargo MOLLE Shelf for Toyota 4Runner

I am stoked about the complete cargo MOLLE system from Finn Fab. It has significantly minimized the clutter that used to accumulate in my cargo space after every camping or off-roading trip. Now, every piece of gear has a designated spot, eliminating the hassle of searching through disorganized piles.

I am thrilled about this addition and eager to experiment with different configurations. I’m particularly looking forward to integrating the Blue Sea Systems 12V panel into the Power Grid Side Panels, which will allow me to seamlessly power my accessories.

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