Canvasback Console Cover For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Canvasback Center Console Cover For 5th Gen 4Runner

The Canvasback Center Console Cover: Protect Your Vehicle From Wear & Tear

If you have a dog, chances are they’ve stepped on your center console before, either while getting into the vehicle or as they try to get closer to you as you drive. If you don’t have a dog, I’m sure that you rest your elbows often on the center console. Regardless of the scenario, chances are that your center console sees a lot of use and abuse.

Canvasback yet again steps up with a product perfect for these scenarios. The console cover protects from those pesky dog nails, as well as dirt and grime. This product protects your vehicle and can make adventuring more enjoyable, especially when paired with other Canvasback products.

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Canvasback Vs. Other Options?

4Runner Center Console Cover

Prior to this console cover, I used a buff stretched over the console. Although this worked well, it doesn’t provide the durability that Canvasback provides. Additionally, because the buff is a fabric material, it absorbs moisture, dirt, and dust, making it something you should probably wash on a regular basis.

4Runner Center Console Cover Protection

Additionally, the Buff covers the inside lid “pocket” of the center console. This limits some of the usability of the storage space and also tends to bunch up at the hinges of the console and interfere with it opening/closing.

Install & Initial Impressions

Canvasback Center Console Cover 5th Gen 4Runner

The console cover is a simple solution to protect your console lid; it’s straightforward and the execution is well done. The material and craftsmanship blend well with the 4Runner aesthetics and don’t look like an afterthought.

Custom Center Console Cover 5th Gen 4Runner

The console cover attaches with a Velcro strip (provided) on the front. This assures that the cover will stay in place whenever you open or close the lid.

Canvasback Center Console Cover For The 5th Gen 4Runner

The back is a snug fit, and there is an elastic band that runs along the underside keeping it in place. This band allows for unobstructed access to the tissue holder, while also creating a secure connection for the cover.

Final Thoughts

Center Console Protector 4Runner

If you have animals making their way into the front seat and resting their paws on the console cover, it will see a lot of abuse. I am glad that I now have this high-quality Canvasback console cover protecting the console and can trust that it will do a great job maintaining the integrity of the interior for the life of the vehicle.

So far, it has performed well and withstood my 80 lb. lab and his nails as he inevitably becomes my co-pilot (despite the best efforts of the front seat barrier).

Another major benefit can be felt on hot days. The 4Runner center consoles are covered in leather and are prime absorbers of heat (especially in direct sunlight). Without a doubt, that heat will quickly transfer to your elbow/arm and give a nice surface burn. The Canvasback console cover provides protection here as well.

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