Canvasback Back Seat Floor Liner For 5th Gen 4Runner

Canvasback Complete Back Seat Covers & Floor Liner Review

Canvasback Rear/Back Seat Floor Liner For The 5th Gen 4Runner: Protection From Kids & Pets – Install, Review & Overview

If you have kids or pets, one of the first accessories you buy for your new 4Runner is probably rear seat covers. While those do an excellent job protecting against seat damage and debris, they’re not full-proof. The thing about crumbs and pet fur is that they will always find their way under the seats and onto the floor. It doesn’t matter how much coverage your seat covers provide, it’s just inevitable. Not to mention, most seat covers are universal and rarely provide full interior protection.

Combine that with the factory carpeting, and you get a debris-embedded mess that will take you forever to vacuum. This is where the Canvasback floor liner comes into play. Once you install them, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t gotten them sooner.

Note: The floor liner is only compatible with 2-row seating 4Runner models currently. 

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Floor Liner Vs. All-Weather Mats

Canvasback Floor Liner 5th Gen 4Runner

The Canvasback floor liner is a great option for floor protection. If you aren’t a fan of bulky all-weather mats, these are a great, low-profile alternative, that still protects your factory carpeting. You could even pair the floor liner with all-weather mats for ultimate protection as the liner will catch anything that your mats don’t.

Canvasback Floor Liner

Where all-weather mats fall short is under-seat protection. Even the top name-brand options that are custom fit for the 4Runner don’t cover that area. Don’t get me wrong, they do a great job of catching all of the debris from your feet, but what about hands?

Kids and snacks are a lethal combination that will result in countless crumbs, spilled drinks, and everything else you can imagine. Whatever your seat back covers don’t catch, the floor inevitably will. I once had soy sauce spilled down the seat and the smell didn’t come out for years… years!

Canvasback Interior Protection - Made In USA

The Canvasback floor liner is made out of the same durable canvas material that all of their products use. It’s highly abrasion and water-resistant and made in the USA. You can also choose from several solid colors or patterns. They even offer a pink-camo pattern… if that’s your jam…

Easy Installation

Canvasback Custom Rear Passenger's Seat Floor Liner

This floor liner is custom-made for the 5th Gen 4Runner and fits perfectly. The set comes in two pieces: one for under the seats and one for the footwell. These two pieces attach to your floor with Velcro for a seamless look.

Canvasback Floor Liner Installation

All you need to do is line up the edges of the floor liner with your carpeting, press down, and you’re done; it’s that easy!

Custom Fit Floor Liner For Toyota 4Runner

The fitment of the floor liner is excellent; I literally can’t see any exposed carpeting. The floor lines sports hole cut-outs for everything from the seat latches to their attachment points. If you opt for the black color, most people probably couldn’t even tell that there’s a floor liner installed.

Easy To Clean

Under Seat Covers

The most significant benefit of the Canvasback floor liner has to be how easy it is to clean up debris. Have you ever lifted up the couch cushion to find a mountain of crumbs, and a little pocket change? It’s easy to vacuum those crumbs up on the couch, but the same can’t be said about under your seats.

Pet hair, crumbs, and dirt become ingrained into the fibers of your carpeted floors. There are tools to help loosen them for easier vacuuming, but it’s an added step and often, a time-consuming one.

Canvasback Interior Protection For 4Runner

With the Canvasback floor liner, you get a smooth surface that debris will sit on top of instead of becoming embedded in. That makes cleaning up exponentially easier and quicker. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to aggressively agitate the carpet with my vacuum back and forth to get that stubborn pet fur out. Eventually, you wear out the carpet and while it may be free of debris, it looks worn out.

Final Thoughts

Canvasback Back Seat Floor Liner For 5th Gen 4Runner

I had never thought about protecting the carpet under my seats, let alone realizing that someone made a product for that. When I came across this floor liner, its use case made complete sense. Why had I been wasting my time trying to vacuum everything out of the carpet? Time is money. What used to take much too long to vacuum now takes a fraction of the time.

I still have my all-weather floor mats but plan to use them in tandem with the floor liner for added protection. Plus, the all-weather mats still don’t cover directly underneath the seats. With the Canvasback floor liner, I no longer have to dread folding up the rear seats and spending more time than I should vacuuming. If you have pets or kids, I would highly recommend these!

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1 year ago

Just take out your back seats and put down laminate tile…problem solved 😏

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