JAGMTE Jerry Can Overland Accessories for Scepter Jerry Cans

JAGMTE Jerry Can Overland Accessories for 5th Gen 4Runner

Military-Style Jerry Cans Accessories from JAGMTE for the Scepter Line of Jerry Cans

If you own any of the military-style Jerry Cans on the market, specifically the Scepter, then you likely haven’t heard of JAGMTE who makes some amazing products to help take your Scepter’s and Scepter-like cans to the next level. If you are going on a trip or plan to in the near future, you are going to want some of these accessories that will make life a lot easier!

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Who is JAGMTE?

MFC Cap Wrench Fuel Cap for Jerry Cans

JAGMTE is a small business out of Florida that specializes in making custom products and parts for the Scepter fuel and water cans to help make overloading trips easier and more practical.


The main reason I went with JAGMTE is that they are the only ones on the market who make these products for the Scepter cans. They, without a doubt, make life easier on the trail, but also more practical depending on what you are doing on your trips.


JAGMTE Wrench for Fuel and Water Cans

JAGMTE offers two wrenches for your Scepter cans. These are extremely convenient for when your caps become stuck. This can happen for various reasons but normally is due to pressure changes when off-roading. If you happen to off-road in areas where the elevation constantly changes or goes from drastic lows to highs, then you’ll absolutely want these for your cans.

In Death Valley, I experienced this for the first time. Going from Big Pine into Eureka Valley, and then back down into the Panamint Valley and up, the water can become extremely tight. Whether I could have got it off over time of constantly gripping and twisting is questionable, but it would have left me with a pretty sore hand.

With the JAGMTE water can wrench I simply attached it to the grooves and twisted it off. It took quite a bit of force, but it worked without any issues.

You could obviously also use these wrenches to tighten down the caps if necessary, but it’s recommended not to over-tighten too much as you can cause issues with threads.

Flange and Gasket Upgrade

Scepter Fuel Can Flange and Gasket Upgrade

This upgrade to the Scepter Fuel Can is one that is top-notch and is without a doubt JAGMTE’s best product. The standard flange that comes with the Scepter is made of plastic, and while it does work and is thick, over time it wears down and cracks. Something you obviously don’t want with fuel.

Because the Scepters were designed to be used with diesel, it’s highly recommended to upgrade to the aluminum flange as it is capable of dealing with gasoline better. You can also optionally upgrade to the gasket that JAGMTE designed to work with the aluminum flange, but it’s not necessary. However, if you plan on upgrading, odds are your gasket, unless replaced recently, is probably on its way out anyway.

There is also a thicker stainless steel option for those who may end up running E85 and or higher octanes.

JAGMTE offers an install tool to install the new flange to the cap and I 1000% recommend it. The amount of pressure needed to snap the cap back onto the flange is ridiculous. You may think you can do it with other options, like a large socket (I thought of this), but realistically you risk breaking the cap that way. Unless you have something that can 100% give even pressure, spend the money on the install tool.

Fun fact, after using the tool for install, I now use it as a way to wrap my fairy lights for camp to keep them organized. If you’ve ever used fairy lights you probably know how stubborn they can be when it comes to getting tangled.

Pouring Straps

Jerry Can Pouring Grab Straps

If you’ve ever tried to empty out a water scepter or fuel can, you likely know how heavy it can be, and with nothing on the bottom to hold on to, pouring can be a bit tricky. If you happen to be someone like me whose back likes to get irritated by odd angles of holding heavier things, this can be a problem.

JAGMTE came up with a unique pour strap for both the water and fuel cans, which makes life extremely easy with them. While they can’t take away from how much the cans weigh, they can make holding them much easier. This helps with the awkward angles without it, but also the ease of pouring, especially if you are dealing with gasoline fuel; something you don’t want to spill in the wild.

They also have a sling strap made for the water can which can be extremely beneficial depending on where you are and what you are using your water can for. For instance, if you are using the water on the back of a pickup bed, you can leave the can at an angle, but still strap it up so it doesn’t slide off, allowing for water to flow more easily.

Pressurized Water

Pressurized Water Storage for Camping

While the fuel flange is definitely their best product, this comes in nearly above it. One thing I absolutely hate while camping is not being able to have some water pressure. Not for showers (though you definitely could use it for that if you wanted), but more for cleaning off things.

When camping the water pressure makes cleaning off dirty dishes a breeze. I simply pour a little soap in, spray some water, use a sponge, then blast it again. 100% clean just like it would have been if you were in your kitchen.

It’s not just about dishes though. If you’re at the beach and have sandy feet, the last thing you want to do is put your socks on and have the sandy socks and sand between your toes. Now you can get it all off before putting it back on your footwear.

It’s important to note that the Scepter water cans were not tested to be pressurized and you can risk cracking them if adding too much air. However, at 15 PSI I found you get sufficient enough water pressure, without risking any abnormal wear on the can. You will notice they can bulge out, but so far I haven’t had any issues with cracks or breaks.

The nipple on the cap is your typical valve stem like you would find on a vehicle so all your air systems on the market should be able to connect with no issues.

One important thing to note with the pressure system is that you want no air leaks from the cap. I typically like to hand tighten the cap, and then go about a quarter turn. Anything more can risk damage to the O Ring and even knock it loose. I found that out the hard way, but thankfully the O ring wasn’t damaged. It is however a bit tricky to get back into place.
You will need to buy a hose and nozzle separately.

Self Venting Spigot

Self Venting Spigot for Water in Jerry Can

If the water pressure isn’t your thing, or perhaps you are worried about cracking your can, JAGMTE has a secondary solution for water flow, and that’s with their self-venting spigot. This is another genius option from them and allows for easy flow of water.

Just like the pressurized system, you screw on the cap they supply, tighten it enough to where there are no leaks, and open up the valve. It will take a couple of seconds for the system to vent properly, and after that, you have a nice smooth water flow.

You can do dishes with this setup, as well as clean your feet and everything else. The only thing you don’t have is the pressure, but not everybody needs it nor wants it.

I tend to use this option when doing things in the backyard, or if I plan on filling up a pot with water for cooking. This helps make less of a mess but also helps you save as much water as possible from spills. When you’re on the road camping, especially in the desert where water is scarce, you don’t want to lose any water if possible.

Fuel Spout

5th Gen 4Runner Fuel Fill Up with Jerry Can

While JAGMTE doesn’t produce these, they carry them on their website and normally have them in stock. These are a must-have for any off-roader who are on dirt for long periods of time where needing to refuel is a must.

While 5 gallons may not seem like a lot of fuel, for my it gives me close to 1/4 of a tank (roughly 70 miles), and that can be the difference between being able to fill back up and being stranded.

There are two options. One is a 19mm 3/4” hose, made for gasoline vehicles, and the 28mm 1-1/8” hose is made for diesel vehicles. While I have the 19mm 3/4” hose made for gas, I have heard of some using the 28mm for their vehicles. The only difference, besides thickness, is that the 28mm is also a high flow hose. This means it can fill up twice as fast. Keep in mind though that this may not work in your vehicle, where the 19mm will.

Though I didn’t need it in Death Valley, it did help me get back to the city of Lone Pine where gas was nearly $2 cheaper a gallon. However, if I were on the trail and needing to refuel, I 100% would count on the JAGMTE supplied fuel spout.

Final Thoughts

JAGMTE Jerry Can Gas Cap Cover

Whether you are looking for ways to make your camping experience a little more home-like or ways to improve the longevity of your Scepter cans, JAGMTE has the answer for you. They also have a ton of replaceable parts if you happen to have some go bad.

The products by JAGMTE are thought out and quality made. There’s no doubt their quality control is always in check, and that their products can live up to just about any test you put them through.

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Peter Hsieh
Peter Hsieh
3 years ago

Just a warning about the pressurized water solution, simply put it does not work well. I field tested it multiple times and you will end up having to “recharge” the pressure almost constantly for it to work. If you are looking for a good pressurized water solution check out Waterports (Which I also have). For me I ended up buying an $8 electric water pump that is integrated into the Sceptre can and works like a charm

3 years ago

Thanks for the article. I ordered the wrench, lifting strap and pressurised cap for my MWC. They state on the site that newer Specter Cans 2017+ have a different cap and that their cap won’t line up so the pouring spout is at the bottom of the cap. Not and issues with the pressurised application but if you use the pouring spout, you might have issues getting all the water from the can. Details are on the product pages when you order.

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