Magma Cookware Review – Compact Overlanding Camp Pots

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Magma Cookware Review: Camping Gear For Gourmet Cooking Off the Beaten Path

Magma Cookware Review: Camping Pots and Pans For Gourmet Cooking Off the Beaten Path

If you’re like me, there is nothing better than a meal cooked in the outdoors after a day of adventure.

It seems, no matter what you eat, even a can of beans, it always just tastes better. I’ve had my share of “mess” kits with beaten up pots and pans, often blackened from use cooking over an open fire.

I still have a set that accompanies me on canoe trips when the lighter, aluminum set comes into its own.

But when we purchased a Teardrop trailer, all of a sudden, we had a galley kitchen and the ability to “up” the cooking game. It was time for new cookware.

An ad in the “For Sale” section on Expedition Portal for a set of Magma nesting cookware had me intrigued.

While the seller offered this used set at a great price, US dollar exchange and shipping meant it was cheaper for me to source a new set from a Canadian company.

Compact Nesting Design

Magma Cookware Review: Camping Gear For Gourmet Cooking Off the Beaten Path: Compact Nesting Design

After visiting the Magma website, I was sold.

These pots are very popular with the marine community due to their stacking properties, a boon for small sea-fairing vessels. All the pots nest into one another and a bungee around the outside handles hold everything together.

After a bit of research, I settled on the 10-piece set.

It includes three saucepans (1.5 qt, 2 qt, and 3 qt) with a multi-use lid that fits all three, a 5 qt stockpot, a 10” diameter skillet/frying pan, a lid for the stockpot/skillet, 2 removable handles, and a non-skid pot protector set.

Find it on Amazon:

  • Magma Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set: Check Price

Here’s an overview of features…

Removable Pot Handles

Magma Cookware Review: Camping Gear For Gourmet Cooking Off the Beaten Path: Removable Pot Handles

This set features removable pot handles that use a thumb release trigger easily detaches with just one hand

The Magma cookware features “Ceramica” non-stick coating and with 18-10 mirror polished stainless steel, along with a ferromagnetic stainless steel base, these pots can be used on induction cooking systems.

Multi-size Pot Lid

Magma Cookware Review: Camping Gear For Gourmet Cooking Off the Beaten Path: Multi-size Pot Lid

Magma includes multi-size pot lids that can be used with any size saucepans from the set. Additional lids can be ordered from Magma, too.

A multi-use lid allows it to be used with all three saucepans. The set takes up less than half a cubic foot of space.

The pots offer encapsulated tri-clad bottoms (stainless steel, aluminum, and magnetic stainless steel) for perfect heat distribution. These bases are extremely solid and flat, conducting heat beautifully.

The pots are also scratch-resistant and oven safe, up to 500 degrees F (without handles attached).

Protector Set Keeps Pots from Rubbing

Magma Cookware Review: Camping Gear For Gourmet Cooking Off the Beaten Path: Protector Set Keeps Pots from Rubbing

The non-skid pot protectors nicely cushion the pots and keep them from touching or damaging each other while traveling.

The pots can be used on gas, electric, induction, halogen, and glass-ceramic but for our use, they work perfectly on the Partner Steel Cook Partner propane stove.

Stainless Steel Colander

Magma Cookware Review: Camping Gear For Gourmet Cooking Off the Beaten Path: Stainless Steel Colander

Magma products make a couple of additional accessories for these pot sets:

  • Non-stick nesting omelet/sauté pan (“Ceramica” Non-Stick Coating)
  • Stainless Steel Colander

We went with the colander.

The unit has a collapsible handle and nests inside the cookware set. It is designed to be used with the 5 qt stock pot and the best feature is it can be left in the pot when cooking.

This makes it very easy to strain the water out of pasta, steamed veggies, etc., as you lift the colander out and the water stays in the pot. Extremely helpful when cooking.

Find these products on Amazon:

Magma Padded Storage / Carry Case

Magma Cookware Review: Camping Gear For Gourmet Cooking Off the Beaten Path: Magma Padded Storage / Carry Case

While we keep our pot set in a protected container in the galley, those without this type of storage might want to consider the Magma padded, storage/carry nesting cookware case.

The unit holds the entire pot set, both additional accessories and has corner compartments for the removable handles.

It even has vented side panels to keep moisture from building up inside the case. I may even purchase one of these in the future just for the added security.

Find it on Amazon:

The Complete Stacking Package

Magma Cookware Review: Camping Gear For Gourmet Cooking Off the Beaten Path: The Complete Stacking Package

We’ve been using the Magma Products cookware for two years now and absolutely love how great they function.

The heavy bottoms conduct heat efficiently and we find that anything being cooked and/or steamed seems to be ready faster than our cookware at home.

The two supplied handles are typically enough as we use a two-burner Partner Steel stove and even if we need to juggle the pots, the handles “one thumb” click to attach and detach makes it easy.

Another nice feature is Magma Products sells all the individual cookware set parts individually so if something gets damaged, it is easily replaceable. Just some additional peace of mind.

Find Cookware Replacement Parts:

  • Magma Nesting Cookware 10-Piece Set Parts: Check Price

While these might not be the cheapest option for camp cooking while on the trail, for me, I feel they are one of the best products out there and have stood up to any abuse so far.

And, the food cooked in them just tastes great!

Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

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