Trail Intro: C4 Fabrication Front Bumpers for the 5th Gen 4Runner

C4 Fab Hybrid Vs. Overland Series Front Bumpers for the 5th Gen 4Runner: What’s the difference?

It’s not very often that a new armor product comes on the market for the 5th Gen 4Runner. I was excited when I heard a few months ago that off-road fabrication heavyweight C4 Fabrication was designing their own front bumper for the 4Runner.

As photos were slowly leaked out by them during the design process, my excitement intensified as they revealed not one, but two designs of their front bumper.

Centered around a shared middle section, they developed both a plate and a tube-style front bumper for two unique looks. Let’s take a look at what makes them the same, and different.

Hybrid Series (Tube Bumper):

Overland Series (Pate Bumper):

LoPro (Low Profile):

    The Center Section

    Both the tubular Hybrid Series and Overland Series bumpers share the same center structure that bolts to the front of the 4Runner’s frame using 1/4” mounting plates.

    Fabricated using 3/16” laser cut P&O steel, the center section is built for strength and utility as it features two 3/4” thick recovery tabs, an optional cut out for a 30” light bar, and a parking space for an 8,000 to 12,000 pound winch.

    There is clear access for winch controls through the two cutouts on either side of the recessed fairlead opening.

    Off-road, the approach angle is improved over stock thanks to the angle of the leading plate edge and the radiator is well protected from objects due to the steel plating out front.

    This closer to the frame design does mean that you’ll have to install a provided power steering cooler line hose that allows for additional clearance in front of the radiator over the OEM steel lines. It is an easy and documented modification that anyone who is installing the bumper should be able to handle.

    With this stout center section, both styles of the bumper are ready for everything you can throw at your 4Runner.

    The Overland Series Bumper

    C4’s entry into the plate bumper category builds on the beefy center section with the addition of 3/16” laser cut P&O steel wings that form a flat cutoff through the existing front clip.

    This means that you will need to cut your existing front plastic bumper, but it does help to seamlessly blend the new plate bumper with the existing OEM styling.

    The sides of the plate bumper allow for an increased approach angle at the tire, and better clearance for larger tires. They also protect the front corners of the vehicle from impacts with rocks, trees or road crossing animals.

    They flare slightly outside the fender line to keep it safe from damage on the road or the trail.

    With options for pocket light cutouts, lights and wiring harnesses, the wings are well prepped for auxiliary lighting.

    For additional coverage and protection, the Overland Series bumper offers a skid plate for the venerable washer reservoir to shield it from debris and obstacles. A small, but important detail that many bumper manufacturers choose to ignore.

    The bumper can also be configured with .120 wall, 1-3/4″ diameter HREW upper tubing in three different “bull bar” designs to protect the upper grille and headlights from impacts and provide a mount for a number of accessories.

    Overland Series, No Bull Bar

    Overland Series, Low Profile Bull Bar

    Overland Series, High Profile Bull Bar with Gussets

    Overland Series, High Profile Bull Bar with Headlight Hoops

    The Overland Series Bumper starts at $1,299.00, comes shipped in raw steel, with weights ranging from 135 to 155 pounds depending on selected options (not including winch and lighting).

    The Hybrid Series Bumper

    C4’s self-titled “lightweight” bumper is their take on a Baja style hybrid tube bumper. But don’t be fooled, this bumper isn’t built lightweight. It features the same center section as the plate bumper and uses .120 wall 1-3/4″ diameter HREW tubing for the outer wings.

    The wings are designed to give a “lighter” look to the 4Runner’s front end, but engineered to provide a lot of strength and protection to the outermost edges where it is needed most on the trail.

    Like the Overland Series bumper, they add additional clearance for larger tires, and dramatically increase the approach angle at the tire. Similarly, the Hybrid Series bumper will require cutting of the OEM front clip for proper fit and styling.

    With the open design of the outer tubes, there are a ton of options for auxiliary lighting not limited to fog or cornering lights. A set of spots, wide-angle and outward-facing lights all tucked into the tubes would provide a full range of forward lighting in a compact and clean package.

    This bumper also features the optional washer reservoir skid plate, and a couple of versions of the upper bull bar made from the same HREW tubing. The Hybrid bumper does not have an option for headlight hoops, but aesthetically it’s better without them.

    Hybrid Series, No Bull Bar

    Hybrid Series, Low Profile Bull Bar

    Hybrid Series, High Profile Bull Bar with Gussets

    The Hybrid Series Bumper starts at $1,199.00, comes shipped in raw steel, with weights ranging from 120 to 135 points depending on selected options (not including winch and lighting).

    We’re excited for the introduction of these bumpers into the 5th Gen 4Runner market. Visit the C4 Fabrication website for more information on these bumpers, and the rest of their 4Runner product line-up.

    What do you think of the new C4 bumpers?

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    Jim Briwn
    Jim Briwn
    3 years ago

    Love their products but make sure you inventory everything on delivery and before the truck leaves. We had asshole truck driver trying to deliver it by dropping off the pallet quickly and leaving. Had to get my truck and four guys to help move it from the truck to my truck bed. After installing the lift, tires and doing some other mods, it came time to put on the bumper and parts were missing. Things we paid for and they wanted us to pay again…because we didn’t take the pallet apart on site and inventory. They wanted to charge us for the missing parts…that were already paid for. We were going to get a front bumper and some other items from them. I won’t buy anything from them again. Who is their quality control to ensure the entire order is shipped. They blame us instead. Customer service is everything to me. Very disappointed in C4.

    Brenan Greene
    3 years ago
    Reply to  Jim Briwn

    Jim, wow man. That’s the first I have heard that. They are known for great customer service in the industry. Sounds odd you experienced anything short of their high standards.

    Sean .
    Sean .
    4 years ago

    What skid plates can you run with the bumpers?

    4 years ago

    While I’m waiting for a 2020…I’m soaking up all the knowledge I can get…LOVE this website/blog/community!

    So… I wonder what C4 and the rest of the aftermarket fab folks have planned for Toyota’s Safety Sense on the 2020’s… looks like that radar in the grill might not play nice🙄.


    4 years ago

    Do you know if C4 is going to run a Labor Day sale? Just wanted to know before purchasing 🤙🏾

    4 years ago

    I ordered my hybrid with full bull bar the week it came out should show up to my home October 1. Can’t wait to add it to my 5th gen.

    4 years ago

    I just got some C4 rock sliders for a 5th gen 4Runner and they are solid. I got way more than I expected for my money. I totally understand why they are so busy now.

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