N2 Remote Start Module For The 5th Gen 4Runner: Install & Review

Using N2 Remote Start Module For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Runnin 4 Taco’s N2 Remote Start (Push To Start) With Smart Phone Module Add-On For The 5th Gen 4Runner: Plug & Play Install

How many times have you gotten in your 4Runner and the interior feels like an inferno? Or, how about everything is freezing and heating up takes forever? What if you forget where you parked your car?

For those of us who don’t have the upgraded sound system in our 4Runner, Runnin 4 Tacos (R4T) has the solution with the N2 Designs Remote Start and optional Smart Phone Add-On (with unlimited range)!

Note: Only TRD-Pro and Limited trims come with remote start standard. 

4Runners come with a lot of reliability and capability to perform on pretty much any terrain. Additional features, however, will always be desired. Some features such as keyless entry, heated seats, etc. do exist on select models. To get them though, you are going to have to pay more upfront for the vehicle.

For me, the SR5 Premium is everything I needed and after cost analysis, it’s working out as planned. I would have had to cough up $10k more for a Limited model to get the remote start. Instead, I went to R4T with my SR5P and got quick, excellent service to ensure I had my remote start ready for the winter season!

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Who Is R4T?

Runnin 4 Tacos Logo

Runnin 4 Tacos (R4T) is a company based out of Denver, Colorado that started out with a love for Toyota trucks and building them with high-quality parts.

Since then, they have built relationships with notable companies that would take an entire thread to cover! R4T’s goal is to bring you the best brands and parts all in one place. In other words, if you plan on ordering several parts from several companies you can virtually get them all at once through one order.

In my case, I needed two items and I was able to buy-once-ship-once versus placing multiple orders. R4T has done all of the hard, dirty work on true testing the products they carry. From remote starts, armor, drivetrain, the list goes on. They even say that if they can’t find something they are looking for they make it themselves. I look forward to adding their brilliant MolleMounts.

Runnin 4 Tacos is a very reputable company with a review rating of nearly 5 stars. A very reputable company working with very reputable brands is a win-win. If you dig deep enough into their reviews you will notice the number of comments about how each experience was great from R4T not hoping to make a sale but to make sure you are inquiring about the best product for your needs. This company puts customer service and experience first and it shows!

R4T also has their own rewards program that I highly recommend taking advantage of. Imagine building your rig completely through R4T and after it’s all said and done, you have some rewards cash to buy extra gear or any additional equipment needed for your setup.

On top of that, you are more than likely going to get to take advantage of their 10% off coupon that is always hovering on their website. But wait, there’s more! R4T’s refer-a-friend program. You are going to receive a coupon for every friend you refer to the company that purchases something from their website. There are some major savings to be had.

N2 Remote Start With Unlimited Range Smart Phone Module

N2 Remote Start Module For The 5th Gen 4Runner

The N2 Remote Start is by far one of my better additions to the rig. This specific model makes installation a breeze and functionality simple. The best part: this product will work with several Toyota models!

Installation took me about 1.5 hours but that was with documenting everything for this post. I would safely say this installation is under an hour, close to 30 minutes even.

The functionality allows you to continue to use your current key fob; no need to hold extra key fobs for different functions on the remote start like R4T’s N2 Designs’ competitors! This specific model does not need any dealer activation in order to start using, however, does need the push to start. If you do not have that, you can find the N2 remote start for your model here.

For most models, specifically, models that have an SOS button on the upper console, this is going to be 100% a plug-and-play product. If you do not have an SOS button, this installation will require some wire trimming. I did not have to do this step, but you can watch the installation tutorial if needed.

Wire trimming will still keep your installation under an hour due to R4T’s ability to provide everything needed to keep the installation a breeze.

In addition, I chose to add the Smart Phone Module that comes with an unlimited range.

I can start and turn off my car, unlock, lock, and much more all from my smartphone from anywhere with service or WiFi! Your first year of subscription is free, and after that, it can be purchased for $39/year or $100 for 3 years.

When you compare the subscription fee to your possible insurance savings, it may pay for itself! Adding the Smart Phone Module comes with these additional features:

  • Apple Watch (Android coming soon) controls
  • Set a timer for your remote start
  • Lock and unlock doors – the app shows if your doors are locked or unlocked
  • If you have an electronic trunk release, you can add the ability to pop it open
  • If the feature is on, you can roll down windows (may need dealer activation)
  • Real-time GPS Location – check with your insurance agent for additional discounts!
  • Battery voltage display
  • The app can be installed on multiple phones and devices
  • 4G/LTE cellular coverage (backward compatible with 3G if needed)
  • Works in entire North America – Including Mexico and Canada!


Remote Start Installation Tools

Before you start your installation process, be sure to have your key fob on your driver’s seat for the entire process. It needs to be close to the ignition!!

Installation, as stated before, is going to take you less than 30 minutes, the most difficult part is going to be removing everything and the most patient part is going to occur when waiting for the N2 remote start and smartphone module to program.

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 10mm socket wrench
  • Trim removal tool

Step 1. Remove Door Sill

Remove 4Runner Door Sill

Pull the inside, where fingers are placed in the photo above, towards you. You will then take your trim removal and pop the four tabs beneath my thumb in the above photo. It will come right off!

Step 2. Remove Kick Panel

Remove 4Runner Kicker Panel

There is a screw under the e-brake to the left of your foot pad. Hand screw that off. It is in an awkward position, if your hands are as big as mine, it will take a few readjusting of your hand(s).

How To Remove 4Runner Kicker Panel

Then grab the kick panel and pull it towards the front passenger seat. I had to use a trim removal to get it started. Once it pops, you can pull it out toward you.

Step 3. Remove Panels Around the Steering Wheel

Remove 4Runner Steering Wheel Panels

Turn your car on and turn the steering wheel left to reveal a screw, shown above. Take a Phillips screwdriver and remove it. Turn your steering wheel to the right, and remove the same screw on that side. Once complete, turn the steering wheel straight and turn your car off.

5th Gen 4Runner Steering Wheel Panel

You are going to then pop the two pieces behind the steering wheel apart. They come apart fairly easily. The bottom part will be removed and the top piece (depending on the model) will stay, it is attached by a blanket.

Step 4. Remove Lower Trim Piece Below Steering Wheel

Remove 4Runner Lower Driver Trim Panel

Start by using a trim removal to pop open the little window above your gas pedal. Then use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the bolt.

How To Remove 4Runner Driver Lower Trim Panel

Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the same bolt on the left of the lower trim under your hood release. Shown above. Once you remove both bolts, the trim will hang down and does not need to be removed.

4Runner Factory Switch Panel

(Optional) Remove any attachments you have behind the control panel left of the steering wheel. This is optional, but will definitely help with maneuvering around behind the panel!

Step 5. Additional Step If You Don’t Have The SOS Button

4Runner SOS Button

I do not cover this step, and if you have an SOS Button on your upper console you MAY be able to skip this step.

If you do not have the SOS Button you are required to do the snip and there are detailed instructions from N2 Designs here. Fast forward to 5:20 in the video.

It is a 99% chance that you do not need to snip any wires if you have an SOS Button. The only way to know is to finish all of this install guide and then do the test at the end of the installation. We will get to that in our final step.

Step 6. Connect Your T-Harnessing To Ignition & Car Computer

N2 Remote Start Module Wire Harness

Start by peeling off the B sticker on the BCM. Then, proceed to the car’s computer.

Connect N2 Remote Start Wire Harness

Take out the male connector on the top. Connect it to the female on your T-Harnessing and click it in. Proceed to connect the male from the provided BCM back into the car’s computer, you should also hear a click.

If your door chime kicks on, that is normal. Mine was on for nearly the entire installation.

Now run the provided cable in their final resting place behind all factory cables under the trim. Bring them back out under the steering wheel. Do not tug or yank, take your time as this should be a simple maneuver of wires.

Connecting The N2 Remote Start Module Wire Harness

Locate your ignition under the right side of your steering wheel and unplug it.

4Runner Ignition Wire Harness

Plug the ignition into the provided female on the T-Harness we have been working with.

My male and female for this T-Harness are white, some may come as black.

Connect 4Runner Ignition Wire Harness To N2 Remote Start

Proceed to plug in the male of your T-Harness into the ignition. Now, we are ready for programming!

Step 7. Programming Your N2 Remote Start Module

N2 Remote Start Module

You are going to hold the programming button on your Remote Start Module.

N2 Remote Start Data Pins

Then, plug in the provided 4-pin black data link connector without the tab, and do not let go. One has a tab, and one does not, as shown above.

Once the 4-pin data link connector is plugged in, keep holding the programming button until the solid blue light comes on for a second time. Once it does, let go. If you miss it or don’t get it it is ok; unplug and start at Step 7 again.

Plug in your remaining connectors in no particular order: there is a big white, little white, and a little red connector. You should hear an audible click. The white 2-pin female on your Remote Start Module is never going to get used.

N2 Remote Start Module For 4Runner

Your Remote Start Module should look like the above photo.

Push your ignition button twice and wait for flashing lights on your Remote Start Module. This could take up to 1 minute. When the lights are flashing the Remote Start Module has been taught, press your ignition button one time.

To make sure it is working press your unlock button on the key fob you left on your driver seat once. If you see the blue light flash that means successful!

Step 8. Test Remote Start From Key Fob

Testing N2 Remote Start For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Shut all doors. You may need to shut your hood, it will probably have popped open during installation, which is normal.

Push your lock button 3 consistent times, not too slow not too fast. Your ignition should start, takes 5-6 seconds be patient!

Remember, if you have the SOS Button on your upper console this is where we will find out if we need to snip the wire in Step 5 or not. You have to cycle through the start/stop feature 6 successful times.

After the car turns on, push the lock button 3 times again to turn off the ignition. That completes 1 cycle. Do this 6 times. If all 6 times are successful you do not need to cut any wires!! If it stops working during those 6 cycles, proceed back to step 5.

Step 9. Smart Phone Module Installation – N2-EA

N2 Remote Start Module Smart Phone Adapter

Figure out which Smart Phone Module you have purchased. N2-EA (pictured above) or the N2-EO. You can confirm which module you have on your receipt provided in the shipped box. The installations are different, this is for the N2-EA.

Smart Phone Remote Start For 5th Gen 4Runner

Plug in the flat connector. Grab your Remote Start Module and unplug the 4-pin black connector, we will never use this connector again.

Installing Smart Phone Remote Start 4Runner

Now plug in the 4-pin black connector with a tab into the black female next to the blue-to-blue connectors. There is going to be a red light and a green light, both flickering. Red is GPS and green is Data. When they are flickering, that means they are hunting for a signal.

4Runner Smart Phone Remote Start

While it is hunting for a signal, place the module on the dash over the left A/C vent for a better signal.

Smart Phone Remote Start

Wait for the green and red flashing lights to turn solid.

Step 10. Program Smart Phone Module

Program Smart Phone Remote Start Module

Locate and grab the LLRS adapter (pictured above) off of the very end of the Smart Module Harness. It is identical to the 4-pin tab that we took out earlier.

Program Smart Phone Remote Start Module 5th Gen 4Runner

Hold the programming button on your Remote Start Module and plug in the LLRS adapter. Don’t let go. Let the colors cycle through, once it gets to red and blue (pictured above) let go. Now, press and hold the programming button again, and the red and blue lights are going to “wink” (turn off then back on). Let go of the programming button when they come back on.

How To Program Smart Phone Remote Start Module

Keep your eye on the Remote Start Module and press the ignition twice, not too fast not too slow. A yellow light will appear.

4Runner Program Smart Phone Remote Start Module

Press the ignition a third time. The lights will flicker and then all over turn off. You have now successfully programmed your Smart Phone Module!

4Runner Smart Phone Remote Start Door Sticker

Take the time now to place the provided sticker (there are two you only need one) on the inside of your door jam. In any chance you need to troubleshoot or call R4T/N2 Designs about your modules, this is a quick reference rather than taking apart your car again.

Step 11. Downloading & Using The App

Linkr LT Remote Start App

Download Linkr LT on your smartphone. Then, sign up and make sure that your remote start function works. If you are expecting all of your preexisting features like windows roll down, power lift gate, etc. to perform, make sure all of those work as well. Select your car on the app and click Release Vehicle. You have to perform this step because when starting this process, the app and remote start will assume that you are a dealer setting up for a customer.

Then, download CarLink; I think the actual app in the app store is called CL6. This is the same app needed if you want to use your iWatch. Sign up on this app and reclaim your vehicle with the code provided on the sticker. Set your protocol to ADS. Under Auxiliaries, you will be able to add/remove features that you can control through your smartphone. You can also customize your vehicle with the provided images.

After you start tucking everything away, place your Smart Phone Module behind the kicker panel next to the driver’s ankle. You want the orientation to have the connected cable sitting on or near the floorboard for a better signal. Once placed, replace all of the trim back and you are good to go!

Remote Start Car Link App

In the app, you will tap the near-full-circle arrow without the ‘X’ going through it. When in function, the arrow will turn blue, then green, then red and return to white all while making ping sounds. When the arrow turns back to white, wait a few seconds and your car will turn start.

Take note: When you open your door to get in, your car will turn off. This is a safety feature from Toyota to prevent theft. Also, note that opening your lift gate will NOT turn off the ignition.

Final Thoughts

Remote Start App For 4Runner

This is by far one of my favorite additions to my rig! With the installation being under an hour it is even more favorable!

Upon completing this, Oklahoma hit its first below-freezing weather and I can’t wait to leave work to an already heated 4Runner. When we come down from the slopes of the mountains I will be able to, with this Smart Phone Add On, turn my car on before we get to the village.

We grill out in the parking lot for lunch every day at the slopes in the back of the 4Runner and do you know how many times someone without the key gets to the car first? Now I can unlock the vehicle from wherever on the mountain!

This add-on to your car is undeniably a fan favorite. One thing I was really curious about the most was how to program multiple key fobs. I only had one of our two key fobs in the car during installation and programming, however, our spare fob functions the remote start as well!! I am stoked that R4T has both the Remote Start Module and provides an optional Smart Phone Module to increase your 15 feet range to unlimited.

Again, R4T’s customer service and ability to ship in-stock items as quickly as they did is a bonus for a consumer like me.

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Susan Davenport
Susan Davenport
6 months ago

The ap is linked up with the vehicle, but does complete the command – Ap shows the vehicle and when tapped, shows status but then does not lock .. or start. even though the lights change from blue to green, to red, then white again. Shows current status of vehicle, battery life, temp, etc..

Joey B.
Joey B.
1 year ago

This is definitely a nice to have like you mentioned when you are far away from the vehicle. One thing I have not been able to find an answer to yet on a few install videos and reviews of this product is, with the remote start will it cut the engine when you open the door or unlock the vehicle? Or will it only cut off at the 15 minutes or the break pedal is pressed? Thanks for the detailed install and review.

Michael C.
Michael C.
1 year ago
Reply to  Joey B.

You will find the answer to your question just before the paragraph on “Final Thoughts”. Great article.

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