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Introducing Nomad Kitchen – A Slide-Out Kitchen System for the 5th Gen 4Runner

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A Slide-Out Kitchen System for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Utilize Full Kitchen Convenience Anywhere with This Slide-Out Camp Kitchen Including a Stove, Sink, Cutting Board, Drying Rack and more!

Nomad Kitchen Co. is launching its first vehicle-based camp kitchen on Indiegogo March 17th.

What is the Nomad Kitchen?

The Nomad Kitchen is an exciting addition to the mobile accessory market for 4Runners. The compact slide-out kitchen secures in your trunk for a quick-access kitchen anywhere you go.

When you’re finding the best camping spot off the beaten path and putting your vehicle through the gauntlet on rough roads, this upgraded chuck box will keep everything contained and organized. Once you’ve found the dream spot you can easily set up to eat a well-deserved meal. Plus, it makes clean up and breakdown a breeze.

Beyond off-road exploration, the Nomad Kitchen’s uses extend to tailgating, festivals, and emergency preparedness. Whether you’re an avid overlander or just want a highly functional modular slide-out kitchen system in the cargo area of the 4Runner, the Nomad Kitchen has you covered.

Pre-Order Starting March 17th!

Although the product is not currently available, you can pre-order from Indiegogo starting March 17th. Find more info from Nomad Kitchen on their website.

What’s Included with the Kitchen?

Overland Slide-Out Kitchen System

The self-contained box pulls out in two sections on heavy-duty slides.

The system is rated for up to 200 pounds and extends out of the trunk to provide an additional four feet of food prep, cooking, and clean up space. The first section hosts a stainless-steel washbasin and a sunken drying rack topped with a custom-fit bamboo cutting board, both double as space to store cookware. The second drawer section leaves room for a two-burner stove unit and is compatible with many popular options.

The system also provides four hooks to hang accessories and the top surface of the frame supports water tanks with a spigot.


  • Stainless steel washbasin
  • Bamboo cutting board (Birch cutting board shown)
  • Drying rack
  • Drawer for your favorite two-burner stove (stove sold separately)
  • Strap to attach a fuel canister
  • Hangers for trash bags, utensils, spice rack, and other gear
  • Enough space to store up to 14-gallons of water (water tanks sold separately) 4-gallon tank shown
  • Plenty of storage space to keep your gear organized
  • Designed and Assembled in California, USA
  • Rugged enough to handle whatever overlanding and offroading throw at it
  • Built to support up to 200 lbs

Two-Burner Stove & Water Tank Add-Ons

Overland Slide-Out Kitchen System

The kitchen comes in two finishes, natural and black, the first complimenting light vehicle interiors nicely and the latter being a great fit for those who want all black everything. The base unit does not include a stove or water jug allowing you to use your existing equipment.

However, for those that need it, Nomad Kitchen Co. offers a highly rated two-burner stove and a hard-sided water tank as add-ons.

What are the specs?

Overland Slide-Out Kitchen System

The kitchen weighs 70 lbs empty, not including the stove or accessories. When closed, the Nomad Kitchen is 25.5 inches deep, 14 inches tall, and 22 inches wide (including ratchets and locking drawer tabs). When deployed, the drawer extends to provide 4 feet of kitchen space and can support up to 200 lbs.

The stove drawer fits any stove with dimensions up to 13″ deep, 23.75″ wide, and 4.5″ high or smaller.

It is designed to fit any of the following stoves, amongst others:

  • Camp Chef: Everest, Rainier, Teton, and Summit
  • Coleman: Triton Compact and Triton InstaStart
  • Eureka: Ignite and Ignite Plus
  • GSI: Glacier, Selkirk 460, and Selkirk 540
  • Primus: Profile

How do you install it?

Overland Slide-Out Kitchen System with Straps

The vehicle-mounted kitchen is the perfect addition to any overland or adventure-mobile build. With a custom adjustable strap system, it is as simple to install as hooking in a few ratchet straps and requires no tools or permanent modifications to your vehicle.

We’ve found the adaptability of the straps allows it to work in all 4Runner models as well as other trucks and even compact SUVs. The unit comes with the straps attached to the box.

After selecting to place the box on the driver side or passenger side and lifting the box into your trunk you just need to open and loosen the ratchet straps, clip the front strap hooks to the cargo tie-down anchor, and ratchet them until they are snug.

For the back straps, you just flip one of your rear seats down, pull the two back straps loose from the bottom loops and hook them both to one of the rear tie-down anchors (see image below) and ratchet them until they are snug.

After that, it’s as easy as unlocking the drawers and sliding them open.

Introducing the Nomad Kitchen – An Camp Kitchen Off-Road Gear Essential for Any 4Runner Enthusiast: How do you install it?

Important Note:

If installing in a vehicle other than a 5th Gen 4Runner, you can check fit yourself. Make sure that you confirm your cargo space will fit a box 25.5 inches deep, 14 inches tall, and 22 inches wide (with the trunk closed).

If your trunk floor is recessed you will need to place your Nomad Kitchen on a riser high enough so the drawer can clear the lip when opening.

Why buy, not build?

Introducing the Nomad Kitchen – An Camp Kitchen Off-Road Gear Essential for Any 4Runner Enthusiast: Why buy, not build?

For those looking for a ready-built, good-looking solution to install a kitchen system in their build this is a great option.

This kitchen is built super sturdy with extensive R&D has gone into the design and a specialty machined frame. All the parts are heavy-duty and the high-quality design is built to withstand the wear and tear of off-roading. The installation system was engineered to ensure a secure fit and the straps are custom made just for this purpose. Nomad Kitchens are assembled in the USA and backed by a limited warranty.

The kitchen is a sleek and compact system that keeps your kitchenware organized in your trunk while retaining a lot of cargo space. It’s also durable and can withstand the rigors of an overland expedition.

How Much Is It & How Do I Get One?

Introducing the Nomad Kitchen – An Camp Kitchen Off-Road Gear Essential for Any 4Runner Enthusiast: Why buy, not build?

The Nomad Kitchen (without a stove or water jug) will be sold for $1099 with limited quantities available at a discount during their Indiegogo preorder campaign which launches March 17th.

Be sure to visit their website at www.nomadkitchenco.com for more info and to take advantage of early-bird discounts of up to $400 off.

Comments or Questions? Leave them below!

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This is really cool! Does this work with the slide tray on the 4Runner? Exactly where would this mount to on the tray only?

Brenan - @Trail4R
Active Member
Brenan - @Trail4R

For the slide tray, it would work. Whether the slide tray slides with the Kitchen is a different question. If you want the slide tray to slide out with the Nomad Kitchen you would likely be able to strap the front down to the handle on the tray and then to a point underneath the slide tray (where the bolts mount to the slide rails). Although you would either have to run without covers or drill holes through those covers. If you want the system stationary meaning only the Nomad Kitchen slides out and not the cargo tray, you can… Read more »

Eric K
Eric K

What water tank is that? I really like that design.

Eric Ellis - @57HotrodVW
Eric Ellis - @57HotrodVW

Eric K, I wrote an article about a slightly different water tank, that is also from Reliance. It works really well, and is stackable too — https://trail4runner.com/2019/05/11/aqua-tainer-4-gallon-stackable-water-container-review/


Any issues with the heat/smoke from the stove as it appears that the stove doesn’t extend past the rear cargo hatch?


When you pack the whole system down, where do you put the propane and other kitchen utensils, in the sink? At first glance, it looks like there is enough room in the sink for a propane tank (maybe placed on a towel so noise is kept to a minimum)? Do you think there is enough room in the box to throw a chefs knife roll with camp utensils? Sorry for all the questions, I am just curious to see what else the box is capable of carrying. Great idea you guys. Well done.


The only problem with pull out kitchens like this, is that it requires your rig be left wide open, and all of the cooking smells and smoke enters your vehicle. Over time, this has the potential to cause the interior to smell really smoky and unpleasant.

Brenan - @Trail4R
Active Member
Brenan - @Trail4R

Thanks Matt! Just curious – what kitchen setups have you run in your 4Runner? Any more details on the model/slide-out kitchen or even make/model SUV?


I pulled the trigger, number 42. Can’t wait to get my hands on the finished product. Thanks for putting this write up on here, I never would have seen it otherwise. I will be playing with it to see how the sliding tray can be incorporated into the overall picture. The lack of tied downs on the tray itself has always been a bit of an issue. Combined with my Slumberjack tarp this will make an amazing kitchen setup.

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