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Using CARISTA to enable the 4Runner’s Hidden Features

Carista Electronic Customization 4Runner

Personalize the behavior of your 4Runner with CARISTA

One of the huge selling points that drew me to the 4Runner was its ability to have a rear window that rolls down. With the twist of a key, I can open and close the rear window from outside the vehicle. I just wish the other windows had the same ability.

After checking the manual, I found that they can!

The Toyota 4Runner Manual lists a variety of customizable features that you can change, however says, “Programming these preferences requires specialized equipment and may be performed by your Toyota dealer.”

Sounds easier said than done, sometimes it’s hard to find time with a busy schedule to visit the dealer, and wait for them adjust a few personal settings.

Toyota 4Runner Customizations

During a warranty-covered oil change, I asked if they could adjust a few features while it was there. I was told I would have to book a separate time because the only one tech that performs these tasks was unavailable.

Some Toyota 4Runner owners mentioned that some dealerships charged a labor fee for adjusting these customizations, while some were able to get theirs done for free.

All of this research led me to this amazing little product, Carista, that not only lets me change those features around my own schedule, but does so much more.

The Carista app also has the ability to run diagnostic tests on your vehicle, allowing you to find out which fault codes are trigging a “Check Engine” light, as well as their meanings. Though the app you can reset, clear codes, and perform dealer-level electronic diagnostics of all modules in the vehicle.

The Carista OBD2 Module also supports third-party apps such as OBD Fusion, Dash Command, or Torque.

Apps like these provide an advanced display for engine and sensor data (e.g. transmission temps, MAF, battery voltage)



Download Carista on the app on the App Store (Apple) or get it on Google Play (Android)


Carista works by plugging in the module into the vehicle’s OBD2 connector port, usually located in the driver’s footwell area. Locate the port, and plug your adaptor in.


Connect to your device via your phone’s bluetooth


The app should prompt you, that if you would like unlock the apps full capabilities, you will need to pay for their subscription. To redeem the Free 1-Month Trial you will be presented with a purchase option. Select the one with the Free Trial to unlock all the functions of the app. (During the 1-Month Trial, or after making your customizations, you can cancel your subscription)


The CARISTA home screen gives you three service options to choose from, tap ‘CUSTOMIZE’ to begin changing the personal preferences of your vehicle.

Example: From here on the vast customizable preferences are yours. One main feature I wanted to add to my vehicle was the option to roll all my windows down, from just the click of my remote. Making the adjustment was as simple as scrolling through the list of features, selecting ‘Open windows and sunroof via long-press on remote – OFF’ and toggling it from OFF to ON. Click ‘SAVE’ and you’re done!

4Runner Customizable features

Below is a list of all the Customizable features for the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner (defaults)

  • Doors / Windows / Remote
  • Wireless Door Locking – Enabled
  • Blink Turn Signals When Locking/Unlocking with Remote – YES
  • Beep When Locking/Unlocking with Remote – Yes
  • The volume of Beep When Locking/Unlocking with Remote – MAX
  • Beep when Opening/Closing Windows with Remote – YES
  • Warn (Beep) When Door Can’t Be Locked Because It’s Still Open – YES
  • Panic Function on Remote – ENABLED
  • Re-Lock doors automatically if you unlock, but don’t open a door – YES
  • Re-lock doors automatically if you unlock, but don’t open a door within… – 60 Seconds
  • Auto-lock doors when moving – OFF
  • Lock doors when shifting into gear – ON
  • Unlock doors when shifting into park (P) – ON
  • Unlock all doors when driver’s door is opened – OFF
  • Close rear hatch window by turning and holding key in door lock – YES
  • Open rear hatch window by turning and holding key in door lock – YES
  • Open windows and sunroof by turning and holding key in door lock – OFF
  • Close windows and sunroof by turning and holding key in door lock – OFF
  • Open windows and sunroof via long-press on remote – OFF
  • Close passenger’s window using a single button press -YES
  • Rear-left window single-touch-close – YES
  • Rear-right window single-touch-close – YES
  • Passenger window single-touch-close from driver’s switch -YES
  • Rear-left window single-touch-close from driver’s switch – YES
  • Rear-right window single-touch-close from driver’s switch – YES
  • Rear hatch window auto-close – YES
  • Rear hatch window auto-open – YES
  • Rear hatch window open/close delay – 0.8 SECONDS

Instrument Display / Dings

  • Seat belt warning ding (driver) – ENABLED
  • Seat belt warning ding (front passenger) -ENABLED
  • ECO Drive indicator zone – ON

Interior/ Exterior Lights

  • Coming-home lights duration – 30 SECONDS
  • Auto headlights activation threshold – NORMAL
  • Instrument lights dimming sensitivity – NORMAL
  • Instruments restoring sensitivity – NORMAL
  • Dim interior lights after… – 15 SECONDS
  • Turn on interior lights when you shut off engine – YES
  • Turn on interior lights when you unlock doors – YES
  • Interior footlight (brighten doors open, dim when driving) – YES
  • Turn on interior door-handle & center console lights dimly (flood lights) when ignition is on and shifter is not in park (P) – YES
  • Turn on exterior footlight (on side mirror) when doors unlocked via remote – YES
  • Turn on extra foot light (on side mirror) when doors unlocked via interior switch – YES
  • Turn on exterior footlight (on side mirror) for… – 15 SECONDS
  • Interior light control – ENABLED

Other Features

  • Run rear wiper automatically after rear window washer use -ON
  • Additional ‘tear’ wipe after rear window use – ON
  • Rear wiper intermittent run time interval – 3 SECONDS
  • Rear wiper retract time – 3 SECONDS

Final Thoughts

Carista has given me the ability to change all the extra customizable features to my liking, and more. I found the device very affordable, and gave me the freedom of customizing the features I wanted, without booking an appointment at the dealership.

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James Roark
James Roark

So glad you posted this! Was told I had to return to my dealer where I purchased to customize the remote settings and beep volume. Just ordered one!


Is there a way to unlock all doors with single push of the unlock button?


Thank you for this! Fixed so many of the little things I had wished I could change easily. Windows down with key fob and increasing the rear window wiper intermittent time made my day. Plus I already had a WiFi OBDII device and the Carista app worked with it. No need to buy the Carista OBDII device.


For whatever reason my 2016 4Runner Trail would not let me turn off the Eco light even though there was an option and I opted to turn it off. Tried toggling multiple time but no luck. Unfortunately that was the one thing I really wanted to turn off.


Coming-home lights duration – 30 SECONDS… is this when you disarm via remote? If not is there an option to do this. I’d like the courtesy lights to be on for my wife when she goes to the runner at night


Ah I see. I guess I’ll have to dig a little deeper on how to keep them on until starting up the car


I was looking at that but I’m trying to stay away from adding more lights hahah. I’ll keep digging. Thank you


Super slick. Super easy. Took 2 seconds to download and activate app on iPhone. Super easy to use and modify dealer features. Awesome buy!

Mike Z
Mike Z

Question: Are the customized settings retained if the vehicle’s battery is disconnected and reconnected? I’d like to just have to program my configuration once and not every time my battery is disconnected.

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