4Runner Club/Meet in Sacramento & Northern California

4Runner Club/Meet in Sacramento & Northern California 

Off-Road 4Runner Club and Meet-Up in Sacramento and Northern California

Whats up Northern California T4R Nation, welcome to Trail 4Runner!

Trail 4Runner is a local Meet-Up and 4Runner Club in Sacramento, CA. We are not biased to the Sacramento area, we go anywhere or wherever the wind takes us in Northern California. Eventually, if we can get enough people together, we would love to take trips to Southern California, the Desert, Colorado, Southern Arizona, etc.

Don’t Have a 4Runner or Tacoma? That’s Ok, we won’t yell at you if you don’t have a Toyota. Get in touch with our group and see what adventure lies down the road.

What is the Trail 4Runner Meet-Up Group in Sacramento?

Trail 4Runner, the 4Runner/ Tacoma Meet-Up group and Club (located in Sacramento) is a local group of guys and gals that love T4R’s and Tacos. We get pretty excited about where the paved road ends and the adventure starts.

If you, your friends or your family embrace the outdoors in your 4Runner’s or Tacoma’s, reach out and see where the wind will take you!

How difficult are the Trails we visit?

The trails in Northern California range from super easy to extremely difficult. There are some trails that stock rigs can adventure on and some others like the Rubicon are a little bit more advanced and will require some serious gear. Regardless of your rig, your experience and what your expectations are, reach out and find out where we are heading next.

Where does the Trail 4Runner Club Meet?

Depending on the event or location of the trail in Northern California will depend on where we meet. We meet anywhere from West Sacramento to Santa Rosa over to Roseville and up highway 50 near El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville and South Lake Tahoe.

Does Trail 4Runner Cost any Money?

Nope! Just fuel up your 4Runner, bring some water, air down your tires, eat a good breakfast and let’s head out. There shouldn’t be fees for meeting other people with bad ass 4Runners so we will never go that route. At times, you may be asked to give someone a helping hand on the trail but that’s about it.

Fill out the form below and let’s Meet Up!

If you want to take your 4Runner off the pavement, fill out the form below and let’s get together.