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iPhone and Desktop Background Pictures (4Runner, Tacoma & Tundra)

Recently, someone in our club told me to do an iPhone wallpaper graphic for him because he couldn’t find any. He said he searched around for awhile looking for TRD iPhone Backgrounds and TRD PRO iPhone Backgrounds and came up short. Well, here it is…

If you can’t get enough of the TRD max performance, bring TRD’s high-octane performance enhancements to your iPhone and Desktop. Your T4R or Taco inspires you, but you don’t spend all your time in your Yota. So, bring your car to your phone or computer with these TRD iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds, and you’ll never be more than a finger swipe away from inspiration and max performance.

If you need a higher resolution image, just send us an email and we will send you whatever size you want.

Toyota 4Runner Front-End Friday Desktop Wallpaper

4Runner Grill Wallpaper Background - iPhone

T4R Front-End Friday iPhone

Toyota 4Runner Ellipse Logo Desktop Wallpaper

4Runner Wallpaper Ellipse Logo Background

T4R Ellipse Logo iPhone

4Runner Wallpaper Ellipse Logo Background - iPhone

TRD Grunge Desktop Wallpaper

TRD Grunge iPhone

Trail 4Runner Keep It Wild

TRD PRO Wallpaper Background - Keep It Wild

Keep It Wild iPhone

TRD PRO Wallpaper Background for iPhone

Toyota TRD Pro 4Runner, Tacoma and Tundra Wallpapers

At work, our desktop backgrounds remind us of why we work, and what we’re looking forward to when the day is over. That’s your Toyota. When you get off work, you get to sit in your Toyota, turn it on, and listen to your engine purr (Hopefully with a TRD Exhaust). The investment you have put into your car pays off every time you put your foot on the gas and feel that amazing response. And with every detail that you touch and look at in your Toyota, your pride in it increases. Bring that pride and adrenaline into your workday with a Toyota TRD background wallpaper to remind you of your amazing Toyota.

If we spend a solid third of our lives at work, most of us spend even more time with our phones in hand. From lock screens to backgrounds, our phones remind us of what is most important every time we open them up. Do you love your Toyota? Do you get energized at the thought of maximizing your vehicle’s performance and creating the best ride of your life? Show it on your phone! With TRD iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds, you can select images that are inspiring and that fuel your brain. You might be stuck at work or anywhere else, but with a swipe of your finger you can imagine yourself in your car, enjoying the custom performance that you’ve created with TRD accessories.

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