TRD Lift Kit & 5th Gen 4Runner Suspension Systems

TRD Pro Suspension 5th Gen 4Runner

TRD Coil Overs, and Aftermarket Suspension Lift Kits for 4Runners (5th Generation)

Your car’s chassis takes the brunt of all the stress you put on your car, and it’s often the area of the car that people think about the least when it comes to improving it or giving it support. The torsion that the chassis experiences every time you turn a corner or go over a bump is enormous.

Your 5th Gen 4Runner deserves the extra support that chassis components and suspension upgrades will give. By upgrading your suspension with a lift or leveling kit, you will have a smoother ride and reduce the strain and stress on your car’s underbody.

By installing a leveling kit, you can raise your body, give your 4Runner more flexibility and enhance the look of your 4Runner. There is nothing wrong with a 5th Gen Leveling Kit. Almost 50% of 4Runners out there are running some type of leveling kit.  And, dealerships install leveling kits on some SR5’s before they are even sold. So if you are choosing between a leveling kit or suspension lift kit, keep reading to find out what we really think. There are many things to keep in mind when lifting your 5th Gen 4Runner.

TRD has the PRO Bilstein Shocks w/ TRD-Tuned Red Front Springs

Yeah, TRD Makes an aftermarket suspension system but is it worth it? 

Parts included in the This TRD Pro Suspension:

  • Front Bilstein Coilovers (Shocks & Struts)
  • Rear Coils
  • RearBilstein Shocks with Remote Reservoir
  • Upper Control Arms (UCA’s)
  • Lower-End Links
  • Upper-End Links
  • Rear Spring Seats

Those pretty red shocks may look tempting but you might want to think twice about buying this suspension. 

TRD PRO Bilstein Shocks w/ TRD-tuned Front Springs cost about $1500. These shocks help to give you a smooth ride, going over bumps either on and off-road. The other thing the TRD Bilstein Shocks give you is better handling. The understeering of your car determines how sharply it can handle curves, how much the back swings out when you turn, and how much control you have when driving. We all know 4Runners have quite a bit of body roll, and any aftermarket suspension system will help to limit this. 

With the TRD PRO Bilstein Shocks & tuned front spring suspension, you can take corners faster and you have a tighter turning radius. This is great for driving a little more aggressive, and it’s also really important for safety. The more control you have over your car, the less likely you are to get into a wreck.

Whether your car has independent or rigid suspension, TRD has the PRO Bilstein Shocks w/ TRD-tuned Front Spring suspension options to upgrade your 5th Gen 4Runner and make your car handle much better. There are also a wide variety of aftermarket 5th Gen 4Runner Lift Kits available to further increase the performance and durability.

The only drawback to the TRD Bilstein Shocks w/ TRD-Tuned Red Front Springs for the 4Runner is that they do not offer a variety of height options. The TRD Bilstein Coil Overs are not adjustable like other Bilstein shocks.

Bilstein 5100 Adjustable Shocks 0-3″ Lift Options

Some of the Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks offer 0-3″ lift options while most are 0-2.5″. While Bilstein offers quite a few options for adjustable front shocks, rear shocks, they are by no means the best. But, Bilstein shocks also have a reputation for being one of the most dependable and reliable suspension systems on the market. Just like a 4Runner, Bilstein’s will last a while and they have a lifetime warranty.

If you are looking for a middle of the road suspension system, look no further than Bilsteins. Also, they have great support and hundreds of 4Runner owners are running them. So, if you ever have any questions, just hop in the forum or give support a call. You have hundreds of people standing by with a world of knowledge.

Bilstein Lift Kit and Suspension Options for 5th Gen 4Runner

Other Suspension Options for our 5th Gen 4Runners

Icon Stage 2 Suspension Lift Kit - 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

There are a handful of different options out there for aftermarket suspension lift kit options.

    • Icon Vehicle Dynamics
    • King Suspension Systems
    • FOX Suspension Systems
    • Radflo Suspension Systems
    • Shop Here:

These companies above, to name a few, have some pretty amazing suspension lift kit options for our 5th Gen 4Runners.

These are some of the higher end options when looking into 5th Gen suspension systems. Some of these systems can range from $2000-$10000 for a complete suspension with adjustable coil overs, rebuildable coil overs, tuned front struts, advanced rear shocks, remote shock reservoirs, advanced billet upper control arms and much more.

If you are going this route, be prepared to spend some serious money. These suspension systems are no joke in terms of performance and ride quality.

Suspension Lift Guide to 5th Gen 4Runners

You have three main options when it comes to suspension lifts on your 5th Gen 4Runner.

  1. Spacer Lift Kits (not really a suspension lift)
  2. Non-Rebuildable Coilovers & Shocks (Adjustable & Non-Adjustable)
  3. Rebuildable Coilovers & Shocks

#1 – Spacer Lift Kits (Not Really a Suspension Lift)

Spacer Lift Level Kits 5th Gen 4Runners

Spacer kits, like the Pro Comp spacer kit we installed, and the Toytec 2.5 Level Kit are not really in the suspension lift kit category. But, the spacer kits are still technically a “lift”. The difference between a lift kit and leveling kit being that a leveling kit only levels out the front and does nothing to the rear.

Spacer lift kits add spacers between the front shocks/struts as well as the rear springs and sit on top of the spring seat. In the photo above, you can see two images on the left (front spacers) and one on the right (rear spacers).

Spacer Lift kits offer an extremely cheap introduction to getting your 4Runner off the ground. If you have never installed any aftermarket suspension parts, I would recommend getting started with a spacer lift kit. That way, you can get familiar with the undercarriage of your 4Runner.

Then, if you still aren’t happy or want to go a little further with a suspension kit, you can always adjust. The benefit of installing a spacer kit before a full suspension lift (for a beginner) is that you will have a much better idea of the parts you need and how to better work on your 4Runner. Experience goes a long way when installing a full suspension system on your 5th Gen.

#2 – Non-Rebuildable Coilovers & Shocks (Adjustable & Non-Adjustable – Suspension Lift)

Bilstein 4Runner Rear Shocks 5100

Non-Rebuildable Coilovers & Shocks make up a complete suspension lift. This is what most off-road equipped 5th Gen 4Runners want to install. Non-Rebuildable Coilovers & Shock systems (suspension lifts) are among the most popular suspension lifts because they are relatively inexpensive compared to a rebuildable suspension lift.

The average cost of a quality suspension lift is about $800-$1200 compared to a high-quality rebuildable suspension lift at $3000-$8000. With a quality suspension lift, you can achieve most of the same functionality as a rebuildable suspension system all while saving quite a bit of money.

With a suspension lift, you will often want the following parts: 

  • Front Coilovers (Shocks & Struts)
  • Front Upper Control Arms
  • Rear Shocks
  • Rear Springs (Although, not needed)

Most Popular Choice 2010+ Toyota 4Runner (Bilstein B8 6112’s)

Here is the set-up we just bought for our 2016 SR5.

With this initial set of suspension parts, you can get started with modding out your 5th Gen. From there, you can add parts accordingly. It is not uncommon for 5th Gen 4Runner owners to rebuild or add to their set-ups. Sometimes, 5th Gen owners take off previous suspension systems and start from scratch with other suspension manufacturers.

When adding to your suspension, you can add items that increase flexibility, stability, and articulation.

Some of those parts may include the following (Applies to Buildable & Rebuildable):

  • Remote Shock Reservoirs
  • Lower Control Arms
  • Lower Control Arm Skids
  • Cam Tab Gussets
  • Diff Drop Kits
  • Urethane Bushing Kits
  • Sway Bar Relocation Blocks
  • Upper Coil Bucket Tower Gussets
  • HD Coils
  • Extended Rear Brake Lines
  • Lower and Upper-End links
  • Rear Shin Guards
  • U-Bolt Kit
  • Bump Stop Drop
  • Rear Adjustable Track Bars (Pan Hard Bar)

#3 – Rebuildable Coilovers & Shocks (Rebuildable Suspension Lift)

  • Do you plan on serious desert racing?
  • Do you care if the shocks are rebuildable?
  • On-Road/ Off-Road 50/50?

If yes, consider some rebuildable CO’s (Coilovers)

Rebuildable Coilovers & Shocks (Rebuildable Suspension Lift Kits) are among the least common because they are so damn expensive. If money is not an issue, go this route!! Icon Vehicle Dynamics, King Suspension Systems, FOX Suspension Systems, and Radflo Suspension Systems all have rebuildable options. There are many others, but these seem to be the most popular in 5th Gen 4Runner world at this level of install.

In most cases, your average aftermarket suspension system will do great for 90% of 5th Gen 4Runner owners. Going the rebuildable route is for serious, very serious, extremely modded out 4Runners with lots of weight.

By weight, we mean aftermarket 5th Gen 4Runner front and rear bumpers. 

  • Steel Front Bumper: 150-200lbs
  • Winch System: 80lbs
  • Roof Rack: 70-100lbs
  • Backend drawer system: 100-200lbs
  • Steel Rear Bumper: 150-200lbs
  • Rear Bumper Swing Out + More?

If you are running aftermarket accessories like this, you may want to look into a rebuildable system. Even if you plan on eventually getting to this point, it is a good idea to invest early and make sure your 4Runner is prepared to handle an extra 500+ pounds of weight.

The Importance of 4Runner Suspension

The chassis of your car is what holds it all together. It is the metal underbody of the car. You might think that it doesn’t do much beyond giving a basic shape to your car, but the chassis actually performs the essential function of creating the “ride” of your car and determining how well all the wheels work together.

Your car’s suspension controls how the axles work. In turn, this controls how well each wheel stays on the road at any given time, no matter what the other wheels are doing. Depending on your car’s suspension, you could have a super smooth ride or a really bumpy ride. Aftermarket suspension will absolutely increase the ride quality on your 4Runner. The higher stages of suspension lift kits you go up, the more comfortable the ride will be.

There is a big difference between a $200 coil over and a $500 coil over. Rear shocks and front struts play a huge role in the comfort of your 4Runners ride quality. It is important to get a quality TRD suspension or any other high-quality aftermarket suspension lift system.

TRD also makes TRD Sway Bars

TRD sway bars for a more stable driving performance. But, in the situation of 4Runner world, not too many people want aftermarket sway bars. When you have sway bars on-road, you have more stability and control. Sway bars off-road will restrict your flexibility and articulation. The stock sway bar does just fine in both situations. In some cases, there are 4Runners who remove the sway bar when going off-road to increase flex.

Different Types of Suspension

Independent and Rigid Suspension

  • Independent suspension means that one wheel can hit a bump and none of the other wheels are affected by it at all. For independent suspension cars, there are many different components that can affect the ride of the car and the way the car handles. The spring rates, the amount of shock absorption and damping, the configuration of the stabilizer bar, the geometry of the suspension, and the rigidity of the chassis are all components that come into play with suspension.
  • Rigid suspension means that the left and right wheels are connected by a rigid axle, so that a bump on one wheel causes a reaction in the other wheel as well. Rigid suspension means a bumpier ride. So why would anyone want rigid suspension? The upside to it is that it is very strong. Therefore trucks often use rigid suspension because of the heavy loads they might be carrying.

Types of 4Runner Suspension

  • Stock or Shocks and Springs: You have a coil-spring, independent double-wishbone front suspension with stabilizer bar in the front. For the rear, you have a coil-spring 4 link with lateral rod rear suspension with stabilizer bar in the rear. (Comes on most SR5 4Runners)
  • X-REAS Independent Counterpart Shocks: (Connects the Passenger Rear right to Driver Front Left and Vice Versa). X-REAS helps lessen body sway, pitch, and roll on the 4Runner.
  • K.D.S.S. Great for On and Off Road:
  • K.D.S.S. OFF-ROAD: Hydraulic Oil flows in loops from the front and rear cylinder which means the cylinder is not locked.
  • K.D.S.S. ON-ROAD: Hydraulic Oil flow against each other from the front and rear cylinder which means the cylinder is locked. (Comes on Trail and TRD Pro 4Runners).

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