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Looking to increase your performance with a TRD Air Intake or a TRD Performance Exhaust, look no further. Looking to accessorize your 4Runner with TRD aftermarket parts for your interior or exterior, browse the categories below. Here at Trail 4Runner, we have done hours and hours of research in finding the best aftermarket parts for the 5th Gen 4Runner. From TRD Exhaust alternatives like the MagnaFlow and Borla Exhaust to aftermarket 5th Gen 4Runner wheel alternatives, we have researched something for everyone and in all budget ranges. With the growing popularity of Toyota’s early 4Runner Trail and Trail Premium to the current 4Runner TRD and TRD Pro, many people are looking to upgrade their current rigs with TRD Parts and Accessories. Check out the links on this page, we break down just about anything and everything when it comes to aftermarket parts and TRD part alternatives. Shoot us an email and let us know if you have any questions, we will point you in the right direction. 

TRD 4Runner Wheels

TRD 4 Runner wheels give you max performance, with excellent heat transfer, lightweight construction, and state of the art design. Whether you’re getting steel or alloy wheels, you can count on getting max performance with TRD accessories.

Toyota 4Runner TRD Brakes

When it comes to Toyota  TRD Brakes there is one thing you can be sure of, it was made for your 4Runner.  Going the Toyota Genuine TRD part route will ensure the longest life, improve the braking performance and complement 4Runner Performance.

TRD 4Runner CAI (Cold Air Intake)

Air comes in and exhaust comes out. These things are actually really important for making your car run well. Optimize your engine’s performance with TRD intake upgrades. The Toyota 4Runner TRD CAI (Cold Air Intake) is designed extremely well. 

TRD 4Runner Exhaust

Exhaust has to come out somewhere. Airflow is extremely important for your 4Runner’s performance and the life of the vehicle. Whether you are going all out with a performance TRD exhaust system from TRD USA or you choose to install an aftermarket brand, you will not be disappointed.

TRD 4Runner Air Filters

With everyday driving, a lot of debris gets into your air intake, and from there it can go straight to your engine. That debris slows down your car and makes everything inefficient. Keep your air intake clean with TRD air filters.

TRD 4Runner Aftermarket Accessories

It’s not just about the performance. Sometimes it’s about the look and feel of the car, just as much as how it runs. With TRD aftermarket accessories, you will love every minute you spend in your car.

TRD 4Runner Engine Parts

Clutches, gaskets, differentials, and quick shifters: there are so many ways to improve the performance of your engine with TRD engine parts. Upgrade your differentials and see improved efficiency you get when you upgrade your gaskets.

TRD 4Runner Performance Accessories

With TRD accessories, you can get the unique look you want on your 4Runner. You can also gradually replace parts with accessories as the stock parts need to be replaced. Most TRD accessories are designed to be an easy swap.

Trust Trail4Runner for the best recommendations on 5th Gen TRD Parts and Accessories

Whatever you are looking for when it comes to TRD 4Runner Parts and Accessories, you are going to be spending a little bit of money and for good reason. The TRD 4runner parts will make your 4runner stand out from the crowd, big time. From TRD 4Runner superchargers to TRD 4Runner exhaust systems, there are many accessories you can add to your 4Runner to get the TRD 4Runner look. When it comes to TRD 4Runner parts and accessories, Toyota has put a lot of time into making these parts special, detailed and extremely precise. The TRD 4Runner line and the TRD 4Runner line of accessories is something special and here at, we have all the details you need on TRD 4Runner Parts and Accessories.

Toyota Racing Development Highly Awarded Parts and Accessories

Toyota Racing Development is committed to providing you with top quality, high-performance accessories for your Toyota car or truck. At, you will find the best TRD accessories to maximize your performance and get you the awesome driving experience you crave. Whether you’re on a racetrack or off road, you need the right equipment to keep your vehicle going at top performance. TRD accessories give you the top performance you deserve from your Toyota vehicle.

TRD Parts and Aftermarket Parts at

From wheels to brakes and air intakes to exhausts, TRD offers everything you need to maximize your 4Runner, Tacoma or Tundra’s performance. If you’re looking for max performance, you have come to the right place at Trail4Runner and TRD Accessories.

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