TRD PRO 4Runner Engine Performance Parts

CAI (Cold Air Intake) 5th Gen 4Runner

Toyota TRD 4Runner Engine Performance Parts & Accessories (5th Gen/ Generation Toyota 4Runner Aftermarket and Factory Engine Parts)

If you want to optimize your Trail 4Runner, TRD 4Runner or SR5 4Runner, the engine is the first place to start. You can have the fanciest aftermarket TRD 4Runner accessories money can buy, but ultimately the engine and performance is the thing that makes your TRD 4Runner a beast.

With engine upgrades from TRD (Toyota Racing Development), you can optimize your vehicle’s performance and achieve true Toyota performance. From TRD 4Runner Cold Air Intakes (CAI) and new head gaskets to TRD Air Filters and TRD Pro 4Runner Exhaust systems, TRD has the engine parts you need to blow everyone else on the road out of the water.

When you need to upgrade your engine or enhance your existing 4Runner engine, can help you pick the parts you need to get your engine working exactly the way you want it to.

There are many ways to upgrade your 4Runner and maximize performance. The engine is probably the most important place to start, since it is what makes 4Runner roll in the first place. Lets face it, we all know that 4Runners are not built for 0-60 or the quarter mile. In fact, stock TRD 4Runners, SR5 4Runners and Trail 4Runners are not fast AT ALL. 

With TRD engine parts for your 4Runner, you can get everything you need to get your Toyota running to its maximum potential and peak performance. For every way that you can increase your Toyota vehicle’s performance, TRD has the gadgets and upgrades to make it happen for you.

Upgraded TRD Pro 4Runner Clutches

The standard clutch that comes in your 4Runners’ manual transmission car already performs worlds better than an automatic transmission. There’s a reason why, when people switch from automatic to stick shift, they don’t ever want to go back. But for the difference in performance that you get from going from automatic to standard, there are even greater levels of performance you can get just from upgrading your clutch.

With one of the top quality TRD clutches that are on the market, you can get much higher torque capacity, meaning that you get faster results, less slippage and more responsiveness when you are driving. Shifting is much faster and more accurate. You get smooth street-cable actuation. This helps you get instant results from your clutch without damaging your gears.

TRD high performance clutch kits are direct replacements for the stock clutch that your car came with. Just bolt it in, connect it, and you’re ready to go. With the wide variety of TRD 4Runners, SR5 4Runners and Trail 4Runners and yes even limited 4Runners on the market, the manual transmission is pretty rare. With this being said, there are going to be few and far of you who choose to upgrade your clutch but if you do, you will see intense results. 

TRD Differentials for 4Runners

You might think that when a car is going, all the wheels are rotating at the same speed. This is actually not true. When you turn a corner, the wheels on the outside of the curve are rotating faster than the wheels on the inside of the curve. Otherwise you would have a huge turning radius and if you tried to turn at any decent speed, you’d lose traction and your car would skid.

The differential is the thing that makes it possible for the wheels of your car to turn at different speeds. The better the differential, the greater the traction you will have on your 4Runner. Whether you are running a TRD 4Runner, SR5 4Runner, Trail 4Runners or limited 4Runner, it is a great idea to invest in a TRD differential or at least an aftermarket differential.

The more traction you have, the better your driving experience is so having a better differential means more safety, more traction on and off road and better stability when you are on black ice or in wet conditions. 

With TRD differentials for your 4Runner, the torque from the transmission is distributed to the appropriate wheels in an instant, so that whether you are driving on sharp corners or slippery surfaces (or taking sharp corners when the surfaces are slippery), you have the grip you need to stay in total control of your car.

If you are doing some serious wheeling, differentials are even more important. From aftermarket 4×4 CV shafts to CV joints, lockers, upgraded drive shafts and aftermarket mechanical lockers, the serious 4×4 enthusiast will upgrade his differential. 

Difference Between 4Runner Differentials

There is a big difference between Limited-Slip Differentials, Locking Differentials and Open Differentials.

  • Limited-Slip Differentials: Sometimes called posi’s or positraction differentials allow your tires to spin at different speeds.
  • Open Differentials: Standard on most 4Runners. Allowing both wheels to travel at different speeds is great when cornering but the problem is when you hit a wet surface. When one tire of your 4Runner is on a slippery surface and the other is not, the slippery surface tire will spin while the other does nothing. Sucks Right! This is why when you are looking to 4X4, Open Differentials are NOT THE WAY TO GO!
  • Locking Differentials: Lock up both differentials to engage both tires to spin at the same time, all the time… when locked. There are manual locking differentials and automatic locking differentials. Either way, locking differentials are AWESOME.

Quick Guide on TRD 4Runner Packages (5th Generation): 

*All models will come with A-TRAC

  • TRD Pro 4×4 4Runner Off Road Package – Standard Rear Locking Differential
  • Limited 4×4 4unner – Full time 4wd with a lockable center diff
  • Trail Edition 4×4 4Runner – KDSS (Kenitic Dynamic Suspension System) and Standard Rear Locking Differential (Electronic)
  • SR5 4Runner – Rear Locking Differential Not Available (Upgrade TRD Differential)

Toyota TRD Pro 4Runner Head Gaskets

When the cylinders of your engine fire, the amount of power you get totally depends on the pressure and heat that is created and how much of that pressure and heat the head gaskets keep in. Lost pressure is lost energy, and a truly efficient machine is designed to lose as little energy as possible. With TRD 4Runner head gaskets, you get maximum efficiency and extra power for your Toyota. You also get a part that is easy to install, since it is simply a direct replacement for the head gasket that came in your 4Runner as part of the stock equipment.

Toyota 4Runner Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement

Replacing a Head Gasket in a 5th Generation Toyota is pretty basic. It is about the same as replacing a head gasket on any other engine or any other Toyota for that matter. When you replace your head gasket there are a couple steps. This something you will rarely do  and will only need to happen if you have a low compression situation. There are many reason for low compression but the main reason is typically from a bad/ blown gasket but it could be a crack in the Cylinder Head, crack in the block, warp in the block, etc.

Just keep in mind that there should be a reason for replacing a head gasket on your 4Runner and not “I just wanted a TRD Metal Head Gasket because they are cool.

Toyota TRD Pro 4Runner Quickshifters

For those of you manual transmission 4Runner folk, which is rare these days. First off, you would need to do a transmission swap. Considering you have done a transmission swap and are on this website, keep reading. 

Personally, I would only throw a quickshift on a Toyota 4Runner with a TRD supercharger. If you do not have an aftermarket supercharger or a TRD/ TRD Pro supercharger, then you might be wasting you time. Also, this might be something you only want to throw on your Toyota 4Runner or Tacoma if you are racing though the Baja 500. If you are racing through the desert, you do have a supercharger, and you have done a transmission swap on your 5th Gen, then yes, go for it, throw on a TRD quickshift. 

But, if in the case, you do have a TRD supercharger, keep reading.

  •  What if you could take time off of your shifting?
  • What if you didn’t have to move your gear lever as far when you did shift?
  • What if the feel of your gear shifter was stronger and more solid?

TRD quickshifters make your shifting faster and more stable. With the repositioned pivot points, your shift throw is up to 20% shorter. And with the steel construction and the performance-oriented leverage ratio, the feel of your car is solid, and more like a racecar than any 4Runner or Tacoma straight off the lot.

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