TRD 4Runner Aftermarket Filters

5th Gen 4Runner Performance Air Filter - K&NTRD Pro Factory 4Runner Filters and TRD 4Runner Aftermarket Filter Alternatives

You can get maximum performance out of your Toyota with TRD 4Runner aftermarket filters and a TRD 4Runner Exhaust System. You need filters for two things on your car: the air intake and the oil. TRD air filters give your engine great air flow to ensure maximum fuel economy and excellent power. But, TRD air filters are pretty pricey. You might want to go with the K&N Performance Air Filter as it is cheaper and likely the same, if not better quality.  

4Runner Air Filter Options

At the same time, TRD filters are super effective at removing all small and large particles so as to protect against any possible damage to your motor. TRD oil filters are also important for your car, since the cleaner the oil is, the better your engine will run. The perforated steel inner core of TRD oil filters helps to ensure your vehicle runs reliably even in a worst-case scenario.

Filters are a must-have so make them quality

Filters are something that most people don’t think much about until they become clogged, and then they’re a nuisance. Most of us can’t remember to change the filters on our heaters or air conditioners unless we write it down on the calendar.

Many car owners, unfortunately, are actually surprised to discover that their cars have filters which they’re supposed to keep clean. It might be a total surprise to you that you need to change your car’s filters, or you might be wondering how anyone could miss the fact that they need to change their filters. Either way, TRD filters are for you.

TRD Air Filters

TRD Air Filter 5th Gen 4Runner

TRD air filters are designed to maximize airflow to your engine while filtering out particles, both large and small. The cleaner the air that reaches the engine, the better the engine performs. At the same time, you don’t want a dense filter that slows down the air flow. 

4Runner Air Filter & Intake Options

TRD air filters reduce the amount of damaging road debris that makes its way into your engine while also increasing air flow to your engine. You can also increase the Airflow by adding a 4Runner Cold Air Intake which will give you superior performance when the two aftermarket parts are combined.

This improves your fuel economy and gives you greater power, and at the same time, it protects your engine from damage. In addition, TRD air filters do not disturb the calibration of the mass airflow sensor. This means that the air intake is smoother and easier.

Performance is better overall, and you don’t have to worry about negative side effects. Of course, if you want even more power then you would opt to install an Aftermarket TRD 4Runner Supercharger. Ok, we know we are getting ahead of ourselves but they are BAD ASS!!!

TRD Oil Filters

TRD oil filters also help your car run more smoothly and efficiently. You change your oil frequently to keep it clean and make sure that gunk isn’t building up in your engine. But in between oil changes, your oil filter works hard to keep your engine clean and protected against particles, dirt, and all the gunk that gets into a car engine. With TRD high-performance oil filters, you can protect your engine from wear and tear, and keep it working perfectly for much longer than other cars on the road. Your Toyota 4Runner Engine Performance will run smoother and your oil will stay cleaner for longer.

TRD oil filters have a perforated steel inner core to prevent the filter from collapsing, even under strenuous circumstances. You will be able to count on your vehicle and on your TRD oil filter, even in a worst case scenario.

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