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If there’s any one part of your Toyota that has the ability to save your life, it’s your brakes. You can skimp on every other aftermarket 4Runner Accessories (though why would you, you have a 4Runner!?) but brakes are non-negotiable. A 4Runner that won’t mob on trails is sad and useless. A 4Runner that won’t stop is lethal. The TRD Big Break Kit let you stop faster and hold up even with rough handling. When you need to slam on your brakes to keep from wrecking, count on the TRD Big Brake Kit to keep you safe.

Thinking about Upgrading your Stock 4Runner Brakes?

With upgraded 4Runner brakes, you get increased performance through increased cooling, maximum corrosion protection, maximum caliper stiffness, and balanced torque to give you better braking even during panic stops. Replacement brake pads are universally available in a wide variety of brands, so you never have to worry about it when making repairs to your brakes. Aftermarket 4Runner Brakes with TRD 4Runner Wheels and set a Nitto’s, Coopers or BF Goodrich KO2’s will have your rig set for an Off-Road 4×4 machine. But, do you really need a set of Aftermarket or TRD brakes?

Brakes are an essential part of driving, but do you need TRD Brakes?

Brakes are the one thing you absolutely do not want to mess around with. The single biggest key to keeping yourself alive when you drive is making sure your car stops when you tell it to. Everything else may be negotiable, but it is a lot easier to stay alive when you can cease your forward motion than when you can’t.

That’s why, if you are looking to increase 4Runner’s performance, one of the first questions is whether or not to invest in a set of TRD aftermarket brakes. 

Performance in a 4Runner. Said no one ever. If you are looking to mod out your 4Runner with another 100+ HP (Horse Power), you need a 5th Gen 4Runner Supercharger (which doesn’t exist yet – 2017). With this being said, do you really need a 4Runner TRD Big Brake Kit?

5th Gen 4Runner TRD Big Brake Kit

TRD aftermarket brakes don’t just use better materials to give you better and more reliable braking. They also use a better design. For example, the patented internal rotor design is created to give you more air flow. This, in turn, maximizes cooling and keeps your brakes from overheating.

Corrosion protection keeps the brakes from corroding and needing to be replaced. The calipers are designed to have maximum stiffness so that when you press the brake the car responds instantly. And the brake pads are universally available, so you don’t have to worry about whether you will be able to get TRD brake pads when it does come time to replace the brake pads you can be confident that you will be able to find the parts.

TRD aftermarket brakes are tested over and over again to make sure that they will perform perfectly when you need them most. The heavy duty brake pads are pre-conditioned using a bedding in process, which ensures that they will perform perfectly from the first installation.

Stock 4Runner Brakes Vs. TRD Big Brake Kit

The TRD big brake kit is created to give you the extra braking power to accommodate the extra power of the other aftermarket improvements you put on your car. If you’re looking at making 4Runner stop faster, you should probably ask yourself why. 

4Runners are not built for speed but rather built for off-road performance and a lifetime of dependability. You can’t put extra power in your 4Runner engine unless you install an aftermarket 4Runner Catback exhaust combined with a TRD cold air intake and even then, you aren’t really putting much extra power into your 5th Gen.

If you are going to rely on your stock brakes to keep you safe, you will be just fine. 

The stock 5th Gen 4Runner brakes (Power-assisted 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes with Multi-Terrain ABS on 4Runner Trail) are paired very nicely with the body on frame vehicle you are driving. Also, considering the TRD Big Brake Kit for the 4Runner is around $2000.00 per axle, you should be thinking twice. For around $4000 you can look at 4Runner Lift Mods or 4Runner Grill Mods or a wide variety of other 5th Gen 4Runner Mods.

If you are looking for aftermarket 4Runner brakes because your’s are worn out, there are many other alternatives as opposed to the TRD Big Brake Kit. Also, compared to some high-end luxury SUV’s like the Range Rover, the 4Runner is pretty close in comparison in terms of 60-0 braking.

5th Gen 4Runner Aftermarket Brake Alternatives

The best and most affordable options for 5th Gen 4Runner Brake Pads and Rotors.

  • Brembo
  • OEM Pads (Stock are just fine)
  • Akebono pads
  • hawk HPS pads
  • EBC Pads
  • DBA Pads
  • Power Stop Rotors
  • Centric Rotors
  • ACDelco Rotors
  • Wagner Rotors
  • Bendix Rotors

This list above is a great place to start for 5th Gen 4Runner brake alternatives. It all depends on your situtaion. You may need to replace your pads only or both. Some say it is best to install both at once but many people run new pads with 50% life rotors and are just fine.

In any case, call your local Toyta Service Center and see what they say after you bring it in.

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