Get Paid for Your Install, DIY or Product Review

Now more than ever, 4Runner owners need a place where other owners consistently share step by step installs and DIY mod projects. Sure, many 4Runner forums are out there but a fair amount of those write-ups and articles have dead images and dead links, which doesn’t help anyone.

If you are a victim of this, you know what I am talking about. HELP THE COMMUNITY! And, get paid while you do it.

Get paid $100 for photos and a write-up?

Getting hooked up with $100 for submitting a few pictures and a write-up is just an added bonus.

Helping the community grow around you is the end-goal. We provide a consistent resource of mods, guides, step by step installs and product overviews for the 4Runner owner.

If you want to be a part of this growing community that consistently pushes out quality content, then let us know. If this website has helped you in any way, please take the time to submit a quality article and overview that will help someone else.

Submitting a 4Runner Install Guide or Product Overview


PLEASE SHOOT IMAGES HORIZONTAL – NOT VERTICAL. When you are taking pictures of your install, please take them horizontally and even. Please do not send verticle layout shots. These are not user-friendly at all. Hold your phone or camera horizontally, and then take a picture. This is the best format for a blog post.

Wordcount for Articles & Step by Step Installs:

  • Wordcount is usually preferred at 1000+ words for $100.
  • Text/ Copy must be 100% unique.
  • This means that your install needs to be uniquely written and not posted anywhere else, like a forum.

Step by Step Images & a Description of Each Step

  • Provide an image for each step of the install process. Even if the step seems to basic to share, it may not be.
  • Provide a description of each image or step.

How To Send Photos

Please send photos as attachments in an email, through DropBox or a Google Drive. Please do not send photos as an embedded image on your phone.

Email if you have any questions!

We feature anything from $20 installs to $2000+ installs. Or, you can review one of your current mods and share it with the 4Runner community. Let us know if you would like to share an install, write a step by step DIY project overview or a 4Runner product review. Thanks!

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