Gobi Ladder for 5th Gen 4Runner

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Gobi Ladder for 5th Gen 4Runner

gobi Ladder - 5th Gen 4runner

Check out this sweet rig here (@blue_ox_offroad)

Gobi Ladder for 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner – Do We all have one of these Yet?

Let me start off by saying that we avoided all things Gobi for one reason, EVERYONE HAS ONE. With that being said, they are still a bad ass company that manufactures and fabricates bad ass products. The Gobi Stealth Roof Rack is a seriously impressive, sexy rack. It was super tempting to go with Gobi Rack (on a side note, we ordered one and then canceled the order about a week in, due to a change of heart). The Gobi Rack for the 5t Gen 4Runner and many other generations is probably one of the most installed 4Runner roof racks ever, next to the 4Runner Baja Rack and the Front Runner.

The Gobi Ladder – 5th Gen

But, today we are talking about the Gobi Ladder for the 5th Gen. The Gobi Ladder for the 5th Gen is even more abused and overused than the actual rack itself. We wanted to go with a shrockworks ladder because that shit is straight up mean.

But, you have to have the Shrockworks bumper to mount it. And, we were not quite ready to pull the trigger on a rear bumper. The Expedition One bumper is the bumper we are looking at for our 5th Gen so the Shrockworks ladder didn’t pass the equation.

What Roof Rack are you Going to Buy (What we bought)? 

In the future, we will be grabbing the 3/4 Front Runner Rack. We really did just buy the Rhino-Rack because no one had one. And yeah, it does kick ass. It works great and mounts flawlessly to the stock OE roof rails on the 4Runner. We will be throwing the Rhino-Rack on my girls 4Runner and the Trail4R runner will be going with the  Front Runner Rack.

Is the Front Runner 3/4 In our Future?

But, the Front Runner Roof Rack is the same price and looks just a little better than the Rhino-Rack. Also, my girl is not a huge camp in the woods kind of girl so an RTT (Roof Top Tent) is useless to use. I would love one, but I would not justify buying a Roof Top Tent for my 4Runner as I just camp solo or with homies and RTT’s are a pain in the ass, clunky and just get in the way. It is much easier to throw a tiny tent in the back and just hit trails.

Gobi Ladder for 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

Gobi 4Runner Ladder Installation Steps

(What Gobi Says’ after you place an order – this is Classic Gobi)

Your order has been added to our production queue.

  • Please review your order for accuracy and see attached invoice for complete details.
  • If anything is incorrect with your order please email us as soon as possible.
  • If all order information is correct please reply: – ORDER INFO APPROVED
  • You will be notified – via email – when your order is ready to ship.

PLEASE NOTE – We do not provide tracking numbers on GOBI Roof Rack shipments because
the freight company will have to contact you personally to schedule a delivery date and time.


  • GOBI roof rack production lead times may vary depending on the build and customization of each order.
  • Usually, there is a MINIMUM 12-16 weeks production lead time.
  • Please allow a minimum of 8-10 weeks before requesting status updates.
  • Because we make each rack to order, we need any corrections or inaccurate information changed ASAP.


  • Accessory production lead time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Please confirm with a GOBI representative on current lead-times when placing order. (Lead times may vary*)
  • Because our accessories are made specifically to fit each type of GOBI rack please verify that all information is correct on your order.
  • All GOBI Accessories are shipped FEDEX ground when ready.

Please contact us at 720.479.9372 or respond directly to this email if you have any questions or corrections to your confirmation. (Gobi Contact Info: 720.479.9372 and www.gobiracks.com).


Any claims against this invoice regarding incorrect quantities, defective merchandise, or any other discrepancy must be made in writing within 5 days after receipt of the merchandise. If we are able to honor a cancellation request a 50% charge of the order will apply. Failure to do so will relieve Intelligent Designs 2000 Corporation Home of GOBI Racks USA of any responsibility for credit or replacement of the same. Accounts requiring legal collection or disputes will be liable for all applicable attorney/collection fees and all applicable interest fees.


Gobi Roof Rack 5th Gen 4Runner

Due to lack of control in regards to the installation, usage, removal, adjustment or reinstallation of rack/ladder/lights/accessories, Intelligent Designs 2000 Corporation Home of GOBI RACKS USA will not warranty or be liable for the rack/ladder/lights/accessories failure or separation from the vehicle. The customer assumes all responsibility for ensuring the rack/ladder/lights/accessories are properly secured to the vehicle at all times and must check the rack/ladder/lights/accessories periodically (prior to each use) for any loose or defective parts.

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I just added the Rhino Pioneer Rack, with Full Rails, on the new Backbone system to my 17 4Runner. Backbone system rocks! Would be happy to share a pic. Would like to add a rear ladder as well. Hopefully no compatibility issues. So will look forward to reading about your Gobi ladder install & it’s clearance compatibility with Rhino racks. Thank you

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