5th Gen 4Runner Rock Sliders & Nerf Bars

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5th Gen 4Runner Rock Sliders, Nerf Bars & Steps

Trail 4Runner N-Fab Hooped Nerf Bars - 5th Gen

Aftermarket 5th Gen 4Runner Rock Sliders, and 4Runner Nerf Bars

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When it comes to the stock running boards on your 5th Gen, they gotta go. Even if you are running around with a couple of kids to the grocery store every day, the stock running boards are pretty weak. Don’t get me wrong, they work great but they are just so boring.

There are so many options when it comes to aftermarket steps, running boards, rock sliders and nerf bars for the 5th Gen 4Runner. Why not step your game up with an aftermarket pair of rock sliders or nerf bars?

What Options Are There for Aftermarket Steps? 

  • Running Board
  • Rock Sliders
  • Nerf Bars
  • Hoop Steps

Aftermarket Nerf Bars and Rock Sliders for 5th Gen 4Runner?

  • 5th Gen 4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bar $340
  • C4 Fabrication Rock Sliders $639 – $800
  • Shrockworks (Two/Three Tube Options & Tread Plate Options) $500-$800
  • CBI Rock Sliders with ($599) & without ($639) Kick Outs
  • White Knuckle Off Road (Super clean and simple) $500-$700
  • Pelfrey Bilt Bolt on Sliders (With Plates and No Plates – Clean and Simple – Its Pelfrey, so you know it’s bad ass!) $595.00 – $915.00
  • Hefty Fabworks Sliders with Steps $540-$640
  • Bud Built 5th Gen Sliders (Diamond Plate Steps) $500-$800
  • OutPost Off-Road Sliders (Inline very clean) $500-$700
  • 4×4 Labs Rock Sliders for 5th Gen – $1197!!!??? Even if DOM tubing, still way too much in my opinion.

So, why aftermarket nerf bars or rock sliders for your 5th Gen?

Signal Peak 4x4 Trail

When it comes to a 5th Gen 4Runner, nerf bars and rock sliders are most common among owners. Thre are plenty of options for aftermarket running boards but let’s be honest, sliders and nerf bars are the top picks, right? Let’s look into the difference of nerf bars and rock sliders and go from there.

Nerf Bars

Trail 4Runner N-Fab Hooped Nerf Bars - 5th Gen

Aftermarket nerf bars make your 4Runner stand out more. Also, aftermarket nerf bars are much more durable than the stock running boards that come with your 4Runner. Nerf bars are a hybrid of running boards and rock sliders. In some cases, nerf bars double as rock sliders and running board steps.

Nerf bars are a very popular choice as you can use them as steps and they also benefit you off-road. Nerf bars are a great option if you are looking to keep a step but remove the OEM running boards that come on your 5th Gen 4Runner.

Rock Sliders

Rock sliders and high-quality nerf bars provide more clearance and are much more durable than steps and running boards. With rock sliders, the under edge will take the brute beating from underneath instead of the body of your 4Runner. If you are in heavy rocky terrain or even the occasional terrain with rocks, you run the risk of tearing up your running boards.

By removing your running boards and throwing on a set of rock sliders, the underside of your 4Runner will withstand much more abuse. Rock sliders also help you slide off of obstacles you may be stuck on as where nerf bars with steps and running boards may get hung up.

Straight rock sliders can also offer no step. With straight rock sliders, you will get a straight DOM tubing or some type of tubing that rails along the side of your 4Runner. If you are looking into rock sliders with no step, they will look great and function quite well off-road. But, if you opt for straight rock sliders instead of rock sliders with steps or nerf bars, then you are sacrificing your step. Just something to consider.

Rock Sliders or Nerf Bars for your 4Runner?

With rock sliders and nerf bars, it’s all about your style and needs. Most of the aftermarket rock sliders and nerf bars for the 5th Gen 4Runner look very similar. They are also produced in a similar fashion. So choosing a style look looks and functions the way you need it to is how you should choose.

We Bought the C4 Fab Rock Sliders for 5th Gen 4Runner

Why did we choose the C4 Fab Rock Sliders for our 2016 SR5 5th Gen 4Runner?

There were a handful of reasons why we went with the C4 Fab Rock Sliders over many of the other rock sliders, nerf bar and step options. For starters, the C4 Fab rock sliders just look bad ass.

Below are a few other features of the C4 Fab Sliders for 5th Gen 4Runner.

c4 Fab Slider Features

  • Sliders that double as steps
  • Custom Trail, TRD stamp options
  • Bolt on System (No Drilling or Welding)
  • Thick Plates and Gussets
  • Slider legs sit at 45-degree angle for enhanced off-road performance
  • Dimple Step Plates (Foot Traction)
  • Removable Step Plates (Cleaning and option to leave off & Coating Options)
  • DOM Steel Tube (Drawn Over Mandrel – Super Strong)

c4 Fab Slider Drawbacks

  • No powder coat options available (You need to take it in somewhere local)
  • 4-8 week production timeline (Who likes waiting?)

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